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5 Reasons to Become a Physician Assistant

Physician's assistants (PAs) are in high demand everywhere across the country right now. This fast-growing sector of the medical field is versatile and provides a challenging and rewarding atmosphere for qualified workers.

Physician’s assistants (PAs) are in high demand everywhere across the country right now. This fast-growing sector of the medical field is versatile and provides a challenging and rewarding atmosphere for qualified workers. 

This sector of the medical field is one of the fastest-growing jobs across all markets, and that means a wide variety of benefits and options. There are many reasons to become a physician’s assistant, and these are five of the main reasons most people consider a top benefit of this career choice. 

Help Provide Solutions for Healthcare Needs

People who want to work in the medical field because they want to help people and be a part of the relief plan for America’s healthcare needs can find great satisfaction working as a physician’s assistant. 

People need skilled and caring medical professionals to help them now more than ever. You can be a part of the solution for many across the country who turn to PAs for various services and assistance. 

Flexibility and Versatility

Entering the career field as a PA means you have many options or specialties to choose from today. Most physicians need a highly trained PA, and there is a steady demand for more. They can find work in just about every field of medicine. 

Some PAs who begin working in specialized fields can have a higher salary and many more benefits than others. If you plan to enter a specialized field, you can shop around for the best offers from across the country to ensure you get the most satisfaction out of your career. 

This career is perfect for anyone concerned with making time for their family or who has loved ones who depend on them on their off days. Along the way, you have the option to change your career to center around a specialty that interests you. 


The median salary for a PA is $105,000 per year. It has steadily increased over the last six-year to approximately a 15% change. This makes it one of the most attractive job markets for education versus the income ratio today. 

Depending on the area you’re located in, the salary for a trained PA can be upwards of $155,000 per year. The lowest average salary was approximately $74,000. 

The salary for this position is one of the highest for non-physicians and proves to be a lucrative choice. It provides the ideal situation for those looking for stability and benefits for themselves and their families for life. 

Job Opportunities 

When it comes to job opportunities in the medical field, a PA has many options in most locations across the country. There’s always a demand for highly skilled PAs in various medical settings, from clinics to hospitals. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the PA job market is growing faster than any other sector of the medical field, meaning more job opportunities across the country in more areas. It also means that the pay is also very competitive, especially in urban areas. 

Better Work/Life Balance

Compared to other specialized medical careers, being a physician’s assistant allows you to have more free time to spend doing the things you love and spending more time with the people you care about most.

  •  Most PAs aren’t on call around the clock and have a set schedule to plan activities. 
  • Rather than having an erratic schedule with emergencies at any time, a PA can still have a lucrative income that doesn’t provide as much stress and demands as other careers such as doctors and family providers. 

For some, the ideal work/life balance is the deciding factor when entering this profession. 

Choosing to Work as a Physician’s Assistant

This particular career is desirable to individuals who may already work in the medical field or planned to do so in the future. The pay is excellent compared to other professions in the medical field and offers fantastic benefits and perks. 

The time it takes to become certified and get the training necessary is approximately 24-48 months. It’s a relatively short amount of time, considering some medical professionals need seven or more years of training and may not make the same pay rate or enjoy the excellent benefits and work/life balance.

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