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Account Executive Cover Letter Examples & Writing Tips

Use these Account Executive cover letter examples and writing tips to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

Account executives sell a company’s products or services to a range of customers, from individuals to large corporations. They must demonstrate a clear understanding of their product and how it can benefit customers.

To make a great first impression, write a stellar cover letter that shows you’re the right person for the job.

Follow these examples and tips to learn how to write an account executive cover letter that will make hiring managers take notice.

Account Executive Cover Letter Example 1

I have a very strong interest in becoming a part of your team. I understand that your origination is currently in need of an experienced professional and feel that I may be an excellent candidate to meet your company’s need. I have over a decade of professional experience to contribute towards your company’s success. I have a solid background in the areas of customer service, sales and vender relationships and have worked as an account manager, senior collections advisor, department trainer, and specialty programs director.

I have established a history of meeting and exceeding departmental sales and collections goals. I am experienced, well-rounded and confident in my ability to contribute towards a productive and profitable workplace atmosphere. Throughout my career I have received multiple accolades as a result of my leadership and account management success. I am a flexible and skilled negotiator with the ability to build and maintain business and customer relationships. As an account executive I have successfully resolved conflict and promoted positive resolutions that are creative and mutually beneficial to all parties. I believe in team collaboration, providing positive support to others and that proactive involvement leads to the success of any projects success. I am very confident in my ability to lead and contribute towards your team’s success and towards exceeding your corporate goals.

Thank you for considering my employment proposal. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my search for a new position with you in person. To that end, please contact me to schedule a mutually convenient time for us to meet.

Account Executive Cover Letter Example 2

This is in response to your advertisement on your company’s website for an account executive position. As a result-oriented professional with a proven track record, I would like to apply for this position. With seven years of experience in sales and a master’s degree in business administration, I believe I have the ability to broaden your customer base and improve sales while following the highest ethical business standards.

For the past three years I have been a key part of Shoewares Sales Team in Chicago. In my current capacity as an Account Executive, I have been able to effect twenty percent improvement in sales of all accounts under my charge. At present, I am part of the company’s top five account executives, an achievement that is as much a testimony to my business acumen as it is to my hard work, professionalism, and never-say-die attitude.

With my in-depth knowledge of various aspects of sales and marketing and how to win new clients and retain old ones, I am confident that I have a lot to contribute to your company’s success.

Here are some of my job-related qualities I believe would be useful at this job:

  • Skilled at formulating, presenting, initiating, and monitoring sales plans which increase sales
  • Adept in building relationships with key accounts
  • A successful track record of achieving/surpassing targets, monthly, quarterly, an annually, by generating qualifying leads
  • Vast experience of training sales representatives about product and brand knowledge
  • Well versed with domestic and international markets and a proven record of successfully leading a sales team 

For more details about my skills, work experience, professional achievements, and qualifications, please check my resume, attached with this application. I would welcome an opportunity to talk further which would give me a chance to understand your requirements better and discuss my suitability for the listed position.

Account Executive Cover Letter Example 3

As a current Account Executive, I’ve not only gained experience in client relations; I’ve excelled in my field. I am personally ranked in the top five for account executives in the state. I’ve also achieved a close, yet professional relationship with my clients. I understand how important that is in your business, especially in your particular industry.

I understand how an account executive works when it comes to business development and managing client expectations. I think you would find I would manage those relationships with ease. I’m also experienced in prospecting for new business and have no problem “asking for the sale.” I think that I would directly benefit your company as I would be able to grow existing accounts.

Lastly, I’m a numbers guy. That means I would manage budgets accurately and keep campaigns on track through the experience and knowledge gained over my professional sales career. I am attaching my resume and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Account Executive Cover Letter Example 4

An Account Executive is above all else a relationship specialist. Whether it be identifying and developing new relationships, strengthening existing ones or revitalizing lapsed ones, I am a business relationship expert with a proven ability to grow and maintain complex client portfolios. If you are seeking the utmost dedication to meaningful client relations management along with a demonstrated commitment to closing the sale, I am the Account Executive for your sales and marketing team.

With the education, experience and expertise to successfully prospect for and follow up on leads, I have significantly grown the client base at past companies and increased sales by noteworthy margins. My outgoing, fast-paced approach to client management has made me the go-to Executive for lapsed or trouble accounts and earning me several sales distinctions.

I am competent with a large array of Customer Relations Management tools and programs, including industry-leading enterprise systems. My written and verbal skills have been noted to project a friendly professionalism, and my attention to detail has received favorable reviews from both employers and clients.

Always seeking to keep at the top of the team, I stay at the forefront of sales and marketing trends by reading industry journals and attending conferences. I would welcome the opportunity to work with your company which demonstrates such clear values on ongoing employee education and professional development.

While comfortable working alone or as part of a team, I also have experience managing small sales teams. I have always led by example, and believe goal setting, positive feedback and accountability are the keys to meeting departmental goals. My teams have always met sales goals in every quarter.

I have always enjoyed sales because my success is closely aligned with my company’s success. With a track record of meeting and exceeding goals consistently, developing new strategies and going the extra mile, I am certain I could help your company achieve great things this year. I would love the chance to speak with you about how we could help each other succeed.

Account Executive Cover Letter Writing Tips

Tell your story

When applying for a job as an account executive, you need to show how you’ve successfully managed client relationships in the past. You’ll be managing clients on a regular basis, so it’s important that you demonstrate this skill to the hiring manager in the cover letter.

To do this, talk about how well you communicate with people from all walks of life. The more examples of each type of communication (written and verbal) that you can provide in your cover letter the better!

Emphasize Your Accomplishments

Your cover letter should do the heavy lifting in explaining why you’re a good fit for the job. Don’t worry about describing every little detail about your past accomplishments, just highlight the top three or four. You can provide more details in your resume.

Show your leadership qualities

When applying for a job as an account executive, you need to show how well you work with people. You’ll be managing client relationships, dealing with internal teams and pitching ideas. So it’s important that you show your strong leadership skills to the hiring manager in the cover letter.

To do this, talk about how effective you are at problem solving and developing plans of action. The more examples of each type of leadership (problem solving and development) that you can provide in your cover letter the better.

Check for Errors

Employers look for strong communication skills in an account executive. Ensure your cover letter is error-free and features excellent grammar by taking the time to read it aloud and check it against a style guide or reputable website such as English Proficiency Tests Online.

If you’re worried about errors, it may be worth investing in an editing service to review your work before submitting. Or, you can request a one-on-one coaching session with a professional who specializes in this area of expertise to identify any errors you may have missed on your own.


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