Amazon Flex Resume Example & Writing Guide

Use this Amazon Flex resume example and guide to improve your career and write a powerful resume that will separate you from the competition.

As an Amazon Flex driver, you’ll be delivering packages for Amazon through an on-demand delivery service. This is a great opportunity for anyone who enjoys meeting new people and being on the move!

Because you’ll be working with packages, you’ll need to be comfortable carrying heavy loads and following guidelines for safe lifting practices. And because you’ll be interacting with customers throughout your shifts, you’ll need to be friendly and personable.

Here are some tips and an example resume to help you write yours.

Jennifer Thomas
Los Angeles, CA | (123) 456-7891 | [email protected]

Seasoned driver with over 10 years of experience in the transportation industry. Proven success in meeting or exceeding delivery goals and providing excellent customer service. Seeking a long-term driving opportunity with a reliable company.

Abraham Lincoln High School Jun '08
High School Diploma
Company A, Amazon Flex Jan '17 – Current
  • Delivered packages in a timely manner using the provided vehicle and followed all safety procedures while on route.
  • Maintained cleanliness of the delivery vehicle at all times, including keeping it organized and stocked with supplies as needed.
  • Communicated effectively with customers to ensure complete understanding of any special instructions or requirements for each delivery.
  • Followed all applicable regulations regarding personal appearance, behavior, driving practices, etc., as outlined by Amazon Flex policies and procedures.
  • Completed required training courses within the first 30 days of employment and completed additional training when new features are added to the app such as drop off locations, package types, etc..
Company B, Amazon Flex Jan '12 – Dec '16
  • Operated forklift safely and efficiently, adhering to all safety regulations while completing assigned tasks in timely manner
  • Maintained cleanliness of warehouse by sweeping and cleaning up debris as needed; reported any hazardous conditions to management
  • Assisted with inventory sorting and stocking duties when necessary, ensuring that items were placed correctly on shelves
  • Followed all company policies regarding customer service, including maintaining a positive attitude at all times
  • Ensured that merchandise was properly packaged for shipment using appropriate materials (e.g., bubble wrap)
Company C, Delivery Driver Jan '09 – Dec '11
  • Delivered food and other items to customers in a timely manner while maintaining the highest level of customer service.
  • Drove company vehicle, maintained cleanliness inside and outside of car at all times.
  • Maintained knowledge of current delivery area including streets, landmarks, and locations of restaurants/customers.

Industry Knowledge: Customer Service, Route Planning, Delivery, Inventory Management, Customer Satisfaction, Data Entry
Technical Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Google Maps, Excel, Word, Salesforce, Slack, iOS
Soft Skills: Communication, Time Management, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Leadership

How to Write an Amazon Flex Resume

Here’s how to write an amazon flex resume of your own.

Write Compelling Bullet Points

Bullet points are the most common way to write resume bullet points, but they’re not the only way. You can also use numbers to quantify your experience and accomplishments. For example, rather than saying you “managed inventory for large e-commerce retailer,” you could say you “managed inventory for large e-commerce retailer, reducing inventory by 15% in first six months.”

The second bullet point is much stronger because it provides specific details about what you did and the results of your work.

Identify and Include Relevant Keywords

When you apply for a job on Amazon’s ATS, your resume is likely to be scanned by an applicant tracking system (ATS) for certain keywords related to the job you’ve applied to. If your resume doesn’t include enough of the right keywords, your application might not make it past the initial screening process.

To increase your chances of getting an interview, use this list of common Amazon Flex keywords as a starting point and strategically place them throughout your resume:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • Linux
  • C#
  • HTML
  • Java
  • Git
  • Node.js
  • C++
  • Python (Programming Language)
  • Docker Products
  • React.js
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • AWS Lambda
  • Computer Hardware
  • C (Programming Language)
  • AngularJS
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • MySQL
  • Web Development
  • Linux System Administration
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • Linux System Administration
  • HTML5
  • Troubleshooting
  • DevOps
  • Teamwork
  • Sales
  • Operating Systems

Showcase Your Technical Skills

As an Amazon Flex driver, you use a variety of technologies in order to complete your deliveries. In order to be successful, you should be familiar with the following programs and systems:

-GPS and navigation systems -Smartphones and mobile devices -Carrier networks (UPS, FedEx, USPS) -Package tracking software -Online mapping software (Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps) -Delivery management software (Amazon Flex, Postmates, DoorDash)

Remember The Basics

As you draft your resume, you’ll want to keep a few basic guidelines in mind.

Create Scannable Sections

There are a few things you can do to your resume to make it easier to read and understand quickly. Aligning everything to the left, using a standard font type and size, and keeping bullets under 2 lines will help make your resume more skimmable. You should also try to leave some white space on the page to help the recruiter easily scan through your information.

Be Concise

Ideally, a resume should only be one page long. However, if you have a lot of experience to include, you can make a two-page resume. When trimming down a resume, be selective with the information included and remove any irrelevant details.

Check Your Work

Proofreading your resume is important to making sure it looks its best. Spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, and grammatical mistakes can all be easily corrected with a careful eye. Having someone else proofread your resume is also helpful, as they may catch mistakes that you missed.

Use a Summary

If you’re looking for a way to make your resume more concise and easier to read, a resume summary statement can be a great way to do just that. A well-written summary can help to highlight your most relevant skills and experiences, and can make it easier for potential employers to see how you might be a good fit for the role they’re trying to fill. When putting together your own summary, be sure to focus on your strongest skills and experiences, and make it clear what you’re hoping to do next in your career.


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