20 American Greetings Interview Questions and Answers

Prepare for the types of questions you are likely to be asked when interviewing for a position at American Greetings.

When you go to an interview, you can expect to be asked questions about your qualifications and experience. But what about questions specific to the company you’re interviewing with?

An interviewer might ask you about your thoughts on American Greetings’ products or how you would handle a customer service issue. These questions are designed to gauge your fit for the company and the job.

To help you prepare, we’ve compiled a list of sample American Greetings interview questions and answers.

American Greetings Interview Process

The interview process at American Greetings can vary depending on the position you are applying for. However, most positions will require at least one phone interview and one in-person interview. The interviews are generally fairly straightforward, with questions focused on your skills and experience. However, some positions may require a more technical interview, such as for a software engineering position. Overall, the interview process is relatively quick and efficient.

1. What do you know about American Greetings?

This question is a great way to test your knowledge of the company and its products. It also allows you to show that you have researched the company before applying for the job. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention one or two things about American Greetings that you know.

Example: “I know that American Greetings has been around since 1966. I also know that they are known for their unique greeting cards. They offer many different types of cards including birthday cards, thank-you cards and more.”

2. Why did you decide to apply for this job?

This question can help the interviewer learn more about your interest in working for American Greetings. You should answer this question by explaining what attracted you to this job and how it fits into your career goals.

Example: “I applied for this position because I am passionate about greeting cards, especially those that are funny or sentimental. I have always enjoyed writing and creating things, so I think this would be a great opportunity to combine my love of writing with my passion for greeting cards. This job also seems like a good fit for me because I enjoy working as part of a team and helping others.”

3. How would you handle a coworker who was not performing at the same level as yourself?

This question can help interviewers understand how you work with others and your ability to manage a team. When answering, it can be helpful to mention a specific situation where you helped a coworker improve their performance or skills.

Example: “In my last position as an administrative assistant, I had a coworker who was new to the company. She struggled with her time management skills and often missed deadlines. I offered to help her learn our systems and processes so she could complete tasks more efficiently. After working together for several weeks, she became much more comfortable with her job and improved her performance.”

4. Tell me about a time when you had to make an important business decision without consulting your manager, how did you handle it?

American Greetings wants to know that you can make independent decisions and solve problems on your own. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your problem-solving skills, communication abilities and leadership qualities.

Example: “When I was working as an administrative assistant at my previous job, the CEO asked me to find a new vendor for our company’s stationary supplies. He wanted me to find a vendor who could offer us discounts while still maintaining quality products. I researched several vendors and found one that met all of our needs. The CEO was impressed with my work and offered me a promotion.”

5. Describe a time where you exceeded expectations on a project.

This question is a great way to show your potential employer that you are capable of handling more responsibility and can exceed expectations. When answering this question, it’s important to highlight the skills you used to complete the project successfully.

Example: “In my previous role as an administrative assistant, I was tasked with organizing all of our company’s social media accounts. This included creating new posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I also had to respond to comments and direct messages in a timely manner. After researching how other companies managed their social media accounts, I created a system where I could manage multiple accounts at once. By using this system, I was able to post daily content for each account while still responding to comments and direct messages within 24 hours.”

6. How well do you work with others in a team environment?

American Greetings is a company that values teamwork and collaboration. Your answer to this question should show the interviewer you are willing to work with others in order to achieve common goals.

Example: “I have always been someone who enjoys working as part of a team. I find it more rewarding than working alone, especially when we can all celebrate our successes together. In my previous role, I was part of a marketing team where we worked on campaigns for different brands. We would meet regularly to discuss ideas and strategies, and then each member of the team would take on their own tasks. This allowed us to complete projects faster and ensured everyone had an opportunity to contribute.”

7. What is your experience working with greeting cards?

American Greetings is a greeting card company, so it’s important that the candidate has experience working with cards. This question allows you to see how much experience they have and what their process was for creating them.

Example: “I’ve worked with American Greetings before, but I usually work on smaller projects like birthday cards or thank-you cards. I find that these are easier to manage than larger ones because there are fewer details to worry about. However, if given the opportunity, I would love to create a large-scale project.”

8. Can you show us examples of store displays that you set up?

American Greetings is looking for candidates who can create visually appealing displays that attract customers. When answering this question, you should describe a time when you created an effective display and the results of your work.

Example: “At my previous job, I was responsible for creating seasonal displays in our store windows. One season, we had a theme of ‘fall fun’ with pumpkins, scarecrows and other fall-themed decorations. The result was increased sales by 20% over the previous year. Customers loved the window displays so much that they would come into the store just to see them.”

9. Have you ever worked with a difficult client before? If so, how did you deal with the situation?

American Greetings wants to know that you can handle difficult situations with clients. This is because the company has a large customer base and some of them may be challenging to work with. Your answer should show that you have experience working with difficult people and how you handled it.

Example: “I once worked for an online greeting card website where I was responsible for answering questions from customers. One day, a customer asked me why they couldn’t find a specific type of card on our site. I explained to them that we didn’t carry that particular card but offered similar cards instead. The customer became upset and said that they wanted the exact card they were looking for. I remained calm and told them that we could not offer that card. They eventually left the conversation without buying anything.”

10. Do you enjoy working with customers?

American Greetings is a customer-facing company, so it’s important that you enjoy working with customers. Employers ask this question to make sure you’re going to be happy in their role and also to see if you have any experience working with customers. If you don’t have much experience, they may want to know what steps you would take to gain some before starting the job.

Example: “I love working with customers! I find it very rewarding when I can help someone find exactly what they’re looking for or solve an issue they’re having. In my last position, I was often the first point of contact for customers who called into the company. I always made sure to greet them warmly and listen carefully to understand their needs.”

11. Tell me about a time when you were understaffed and had to take on more than your share of the workload, how did you manage it?

American Greetings is a company that values teamwork and collaboration. This question allows you to show the interviewer how well you work with others, your ability to take on more than your share of the workload and your willingness to help out when needed.

Example: “In my last position as an administrative assistant at a law firm, I was responsible for managing all incoming calls, scheduling appointments, filing paperwork and answering emails. One day, one of our attorneys called in sick, leaving me alone to manage the entire office. I had to reschedule several meetings and answer many questions from clients, but I managed to get everything done by the end of the day.”

12. Give an example of a time when you went above and beyond for a customer.

American Greetings is a company that values customer service, so it’s important to show the interviewer you can provide excellent service. When answering this question, think of a time when you went above and beyond for a customer and helped them solve their problem or issue.

Example: “When I worked at my previous job, we had a customer who was having trouble with his account. He couldn’t figure out how to change the font on one of his cards, so he called us multiple times about it. After several calls, I decided to call him back and help him figure out how to change the font. It took me longer than it would have if I hadn’t been helping him, but I wanted to make sure he was happy with our service.”

13. How would you ensure that our products are placed appropriately in stores?

American Greetings is looking for a candidate who can ensure their products are displayed in stores properly. This question allows you to show your organizational skills and attention to detail.

Example: “I would first make sure that the product information was accurate, including pricing and availability. I would then check with each store manager to see if they have any questions or concerns about displaying our products. If there are no issues, I will place the order and send it to the distribution center.”

14. Are you comfortable working both independently and within a team environment?

American Greetings is a company that values teamwork and collaboration. Your answer should show the interviewer you are willing to work with others to achieve goals and complete projects on time.

Example: “I am very comfortable working both independently and within a team environment. In my last role, I worked as part of a small marketing team where we all had different roles but collaborated daily to create content for our clients. We also met weekly to discuss our progress and any challenges we faced. This helped us learn from each other and develop new strategies to overcome obstacles.”

15. We want our employees to be self-motivated. What motivates you?

American Greetings wants to know that you’re motivated by your own success and not just the company’s. This is a great opportunity to show how you can be successful in this role, but also how you’ll contribute to the overall success of American Greetings.

Example: “I am highly motivated by my own success. I want to make sure that every customer has an amazing experience with American Greetings, so I’m always looking for ways to improve their experience. I also love working on projects where I get to use my creativity. I think it’s important to have fun at work, so I try to find opportunities to do that as well.”

16. What makes a good store display?

American Greetings is a company that sells greeting cards and other products. The interviewer may ask this question to learn more about your display design skills. Use examples from previous jobs where you created displays that helped sell products or encouraged customers to buy.

Example: “I think the most important thing when creating a store display is making sure it’s eye-catching. I’ve worked on many projects where we had to create displays for specific holidays, so I always make sure my designs are colorful and fun. Another important factor in designing a good display is making sure it fits the space available. For example, if I’m working with a small table top display, I’ll use smaller props and fewer items.”

17. When have you used creativity to solve a problem?

American Greetings is looking for employees who can use their creativity to solve problems. This question helps employers understand how you approach a problem and your ability to think outside the box.

Example: “At my last job, I was tasked with creating an online greeting card that would appeal to millennials. At first, I thought it would be difficult because I didn’t know much about this age group. However, I decided to do some research on what makes millennials unique. I found out they are more likely to send funny cards than other generations. So, I created a series of humorous cards that were well-received by millennials.”

18. How do you keep track of multiple projects at once?

American Greetings is a company that requires employees to multitask and manage multiple projects at once. Your answer should show the interviewer you have the ability to work on several tasks simultaneously, prioritize your time and meet deadlines.

Example: “I use my calendar to keep track of all my assignments and due dates. I find it helpful to color-code each project so I can easily see which ones are urgent or need immediate attention. This helps me stay organized and ensures I don’t forget any important deadlines.”

19. What is your process for planning out your day?

American Greetings is a fast-paced environment, and the interviewer wants to make sure you have the ability to plan your day effectively. This shows that you can prioritize tasks and manage your time well.

Example: “I start my day by reviewing my calendar for the week ahead. I then create a list of all the things I need to accomplish each day. I try to get as much done in the morning as possible so I don’t feel rushed later in the day. If something comes up during the day that needs immediate attention, I will stop what I’m doing and address it right away.”

20. What do you think are the most important qualities for a merchandiser?

This question is an opportunity to show your knowledge of the industry and how you can apply it to this role. You should discuss qualities that are important for any merchandising position, such as attention to detail, communication skills and creativity.

Example: “I think one of the most important qualities for a merchandiser is attention to detail. When I was working at my previous job, I had to make sure all products were in stock before they went on sale. If there was a mistake with the inventory, it would have been my responsibility to fix it. Another quality I think is important is creativity. Merchandisers need to be able to come up with new ideas for products and promotions.”


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