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Artist Cover Letter Examples & Writing Tips

Use these Artist cover letter examples and writing tips to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

Artists are creative professionals who work in a variety of fields. From painters and sculptors to graphic designers and animators, they all share a love of creating art.

But what sets artists apart from other creative professionals is their passion for producing original work. That’s why hiring managers want to see artists’ unique style in their cover letters.

Use these examples and tips to craft a letter that proves you’re the right person for the job.

Artist Cover Letter Example 1

This cover letter serves as my letter of interest in the artist position at your gallery. I have been drawn to the arts my entire life. I am one of the fortunate few people who has had the opportunity to make my passion my occupation.

Since my first painting and drawing experiences, I knew that art was something that lived in my being. Growing up, I had a hard time choosing a discipline, seeing that I loved art as a whole and found it difficult to compartmentalize it. I decided to become a jack of all trades so to speak but found that I was after all a master of one, painting.

My skills as a painter were sharpened at university where I majored in art history. However, I continued to experiment with pencil, charcoal, pastel and also digital art. On a professional level, my experience is limited and my art has been showcased at various minor art exhibitions in Illinois. I have also lent my skills to a branding company and have developed many commercial pieces as well.

However, after seeing your post, my passion for expressing myself on a deeper level was once again rekindled. As an artist, there aren’t many things that come close to the feeling of satisfaction when you experience a client’s expression of gratitude for the work you have done.

I have always felt that every piece of art that I create tells a story and that I am able to impart a little bit of myself in each piece. Being able to share that gift is priceless.

I am confident that the skills and passion that I have for art makes me an ideal candidate for the available position. I know that there is still much that I can learn and look forward to the possibility to be working with like-minded individuals.

Artist Cover Letter Example 2

My experience as an artist has taught me very important values that have had a positive impact on my career. Some of these values include being persistent and not being afraid to take risks. Being persistent is the reason why I’ve been able to finish every piece that I’ve ever started personally or been tasked with. Persistence is also what has made me good at what I do and it’s also why I’m always looking for ways to further perfect my craft. Taking risks is an integral part of our work as artists; you can never guarantee how your next work will be received. With experience though, I’ve come to embrace the need to calculate every risk that I take and that has made me grow as an artist.

Another value that I’ve gained from experience is patience. Patience taught me the value of treating life as a journey and this shows in my work. Art is unpredictable and you may make mistakes. With patience, however, I’ve learned how to use these mistakes to my advantage or as lessons. This is what keeps my works unique and original. This is also what has made me win the hearts of many art fans.

Taking into account my experience, skills, and values I’m confident that I’ll be able to create works that will meet and surpass your expectations consistently. Also, I would welcome the opportunity to meet you personally so we can discuss how my expertise and experience will be of benefit to your company. Lastly, I would love to answer any questions that you may have for me.

Thanks for taking your time and considering me for this position. I look forward to hearing from you at the earliest opportunity that you may have.

Artist Cover Letter Example 3

I recently learned about an open temporary vacancy for an artist on your project, and I am interested in filling it. I have been drawing since I was little and started working as an artist in my early teens. Over the years, I have had numerous working opportunities that have widely expanded my skill set and creativity.

My years of working have exposed me to many varying projects, all unique in their own way. I have had the opportunities to work on portraits, greeting cards, on advertising campaigns, on packaging campaigns and lots more. While some projects have requested my solo efforts, most of my prior work has required to me to work as part of a team, a feat that has exposed me to the dynamics of teamwork and how to make it work efficiently.

My inspiration comes from the power art has to make life better, and the fact that art can actually change someone’s life. I have found my core strength in understanding client needs, and I have honed that strength since I discovered its importance in the creative business.

As an artist, I have grown to embrace challenges, so much that I consider each opportunity judging by the challenges it offers me. Suffice to say, I find that your project promises the exact kind of processes that would challenge me, and I’d love to take it on. I am always learning, and this would be another wonderful opportunity to add to my skill set. Because art speaks to me, I have found that I take every concept and every process seriously, in hope for excellent results. This, plus my willingness to learn should help me fit in quickly with your team and help achieve desired goals easily.

I hope you consider my application positively. I am always available should you have additional questions.

Artist Cover Letter Writing Tips

Showcase Your Work

Artists can sometimes struggle to find the best way to showcase their work in a cover letter. One of the best ways is to provide examples of your work and explain how it relates to the job for which you’re applying.

Another option, if you don’t have any samples of your art, is to mention contests or exhibitions that you’ve entered and won. This shows employers that you’re passionate about your craft. And, it might also be an opportunity for them to check out your work!

Showcase your artistic skills

As an artist, you already know that your portfolio is the most important factor in a potential employer’s decision to hire you. However, your cover letter should still include some information about yourself and why you’d be a good fit for the job.

Incorporate these tips into your cover letter by highlighting:

  • Your artistic achievements and how they relate to the job (for example, if there are any pieces of artwork that reflect similar design concepts as those needed for this position).
  • Any relevant work experience such as an internship or volunteer work that has helped develop your artistic skills. If applicable, explain how working on a certain project improved specific skills used in this job
Show your passion for art in your cover letter

If you’re applying to a creative field, show off your passion for the industry by sharing a personal anecdote about how you discovered and fell in love with art.

Proofread your cover letter

Artists must make every effort to present themselves in the best light possible. When they send out cover letters, it’s important that these artists proofread their work for spelling and grammatical errors. While artistic expression is essential to job success, presentation skills are just as vital.

Proofreading your cover letter will show hiring managers you take pride in your work and care about making a good impression on prospective employers. Remember to check all areas of your cover letter before submission, including contact information and the message itself. This extra time invested will pay off with an interview call or employment offer down the road!


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