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16 Auctioneer Skills for Your Career and Resume

Learn about the most important Auctioneer skills, how you can utilize them in the workplace, and what to list on your resume.

Auctioneers are professionals who conduct auctions and sell items to the highest bidder. Auctioneers use their skills to sell a wide variety of items, including antiques, cars, real estate and more. If you’re interested in becoming an auctioneer, it’s important to understand the skills that are necessary for success in this career.


Auctions are a form of persuasion, as auctioneers convince buyers to bid higher and higher. They also persuade sellers to accept lower bids than they might have otherwise received. Persuasion is an important skill for auctioneers because it allows them to close deals that benefit both parties. It’s also necessary when convincing bidders to raise their bids or buy items at all.


Bidding is the act of offering a price for an item at auction. Auctions are competitive, so it’s important that auctioneers know how to bid on items and encourage others to do the same. They may also need to change their bids as the bidding process continues. For example, if someone else offers $100 for an item, they might offer $101 or more to ensure they win the item.

Generating Leads

Generating leads is the process of finding potential customers for an organization. Auctioneers use this skill to find people who might be interested in buying items at auction. They can do this by networking with other professionals, advertising their services and researching trends in their industry.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a skill that auctioneers use to communicate with their audience and encourage them to bid on items. Auctioneers often give speeches about the history of an item, its value or how they obtained it. They also speak during auctions to explain the rules and encourage bidders to raise their bids. Public speaking can help auctioneers build trust with their audience and increase their sales.


Prospecting is the process of finding potential buyers for an item. Auctioneers use this skill to find people who are interested in bidding on items they’re selling. They can do this by networking with other professionals, advertising their services and reaching out to potential clients through email or phone calls. Prospecting also includes researching what types of items may be popular at auctions so auctioneers can plan accordingly.

Product Knowledge

A thorough knowledge of the products you sell is essential to your success as an auctioneer. You need to know how much each item is worth, what makes it unique and any other information that could help you persuade bidders to pay higher amounts for certain items. This skill also helps you answer questions from potential buyers about the merchandise they’re considering purchasing.


Auctions are a form of sales, so auctioneers need to be able to sell items. They can use their selling skills when they’re working with clients and bidders to convince them to buy an item at a certain price or bid on it. Auctioneers also use their selling skills when they’re preparing for an auction by researching the value of each item and determining which ones will bring in the most money.


Upselling is the process of suggesting an item or service that complements a customer’s original purchase. For example, if a customer buys a car, you might suggest they also buy insurance to protect their investment. This can help increase your commissions and encourage customers to spend more money. You can also use upselling to convince customers to bid higher on items they’re interested in buying.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are the abilities to communicate with others and understand their emotions. Auctioneers often work in teams, so these skills can help them collaborate effectively. They also use interpersonal skills when they interact with customers who may be nervous about buying an item or selling one.

Auctioneers should be friendly and welcoming to everyone who enters the room. They should also be able to read people’s body language and know how to calm someone down if they get upset.

Telephone Etiquette

A strong telephone etiquette is important for an auctioneer to have because they often communicate with clients over the phone. They need to be able to answer questions, take orders and provide information in a professional manner. It’s also important for them to know how to handle any customer service issues that may arise.

Closing Sales

Closing sales is the process of convincing a customer to buy an item. Auctioneers use this skill when they want to sell items quickly and efficiently. They can also use closing sales to convince customers to bid higher on certain items, which helps them earn more money for their charity or company.

Building Relationships

Auctions are a service industry, and like any other service provider, auctioneers rely on their relationships with clients to maintain their livelihood. Building strong relationships is important for ensuring repeat business and attracting new customers. Auctioneers can use their relationship-building skills in many aspects of their careers, including when meeting potential clients, negotiating contracts and developing marketing strategies.

Quick Thinking

Quick thinking is the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively. Auctioneers often need quick thinking skills because they may have to react to unexpected situations, such as a bidder who doesn’t follow auction rules or someone who bids too much for an item. Quick thinking can also help auctioneers think of creative solutions when challenges arise during auctions.


Confidence is an important skill for auctioneers to have because it can help them sell items and encourage bidders to bid higher. Auctioneers who are confident in their abilities may be more likely to perform well at work, which can lead to promotions or other opportunities within the industry. Confidence also allows auctioneers to feel comfortable interacting with customers and encouraging them to buy products.


Enthusiasm is a key skill for auctioneers to have, as it can help them maintain their energy throughout auctions. Auctions can be long and tiring, so having the ability to stay positive and excited about the items they’re selling can help auctioneers keep up with their fast-paced work environment. Enthusism can also make an auctioneer more likable, which can encourage bidders to bid higher amounts on items.

Customer Service

Customer service is the ability to provide a positive experience for your customers. This includes greeting them, answering their questions and fulfilling their needs. Customer service can help you build trust with your audience and encourage repeat business. You can practice customer service skills by providing excellent service at work or in other situations where you interact with people.

How Can I Learn These Auctioneer Skills?

There are a few ways that you can learn the necessary skills to become an auctioneer. Firstly, many auctioneers start out working as interns or assistants in order to learn the ropes and get a feel for the job. Secondly, there are many auctioneer schools which teach the necessary skills, such as public speaking, product knowledge, and persuasion. Finally, many auctioneers learn through on-the-job training, starting out in lower-level positions and working their way up.


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