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15 Communications Consultant Skills for Your Career and Resume

Learn about the most important Communications Consultant skills, how you can utilize them in the workplace, and what to list on your resume.

Communications consultants are professionals who help organizations improve their communication strategies. They work with clients to assess needs and develop plans to improve communication within the organization. Communications consultants need a variety of skills to be successful in their role, including writing, public speaking and project management.


Marketing skills are important for communications consultants because they can use them to help clients develop effective marketing strategies. This involves creating content, such as blog posts and social media posts, that will attract potential customers. It also involves analyzing the success of a company’s current marketing efforts so you can make suggestions on how to improve them.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the ability to create and implement plans that help you achieve your goals. As a communications consultant, strategic planning can be an important skill because it allows you to develop strategies for companies that improve their overall communication efforts. Strategic planners are also able to identify potential challenges before they occur so they can prepare solutions in advance.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is the ability to see how your actions can affect a company’s goals. As a communications consultant, you may work with clients to develop strategies for increasing brand awareness or improving customer satisfaction. Strategic thinking allows you to create plans that help companies achieve their objectives and grow their businesses.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is the ability to speak in front of a large audience. This skill can be useful for communications consultants because they often present their findings and recommendations to clients, managers or other stakeholders. Public speaking skills are also important when presenting at conferences or seminars, as these presentations may have an audience larger than one person.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are the abilities to connect with others and build relationships. This is an important aspect of a communications consultant’s job because they often work directly with clients, so interpersonal skills can help them communicate effectively and build trust with their clients. Having strong interpersonal skills can also be beneficial in any type of customer service role.

Project Management

Project management skills are important for communications consultants because they often work on projects with clients. This means that you might need to manage the process of creating a new website, social media strategy or other project. Project management skills include time-management skills and organizational skills, which can help you meet deadlines and keep track of files related to your projects.


Flexibility is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. As a communications consultant, you may be asked to provide guidance on various topics and formats. For example, if your client needs to create a presentation for an audience of investors, they may need help with creating visual aids or other aspects of the presentation. You can flexibly adjust your approach to meet their needs.

Written and Verbal Communication

Written and verbal communication skills are essential for a communications consultant. You may need to communicate with clients through email, phone calls or in-person meetings. Your written communication should be professional and easy to understand. Verbal communication is also important because you might present ideas verbally to your client’s employees.


Creativity is the ability to think of new ideas and solutions. As a communications consultant, you may need to come up with creative ways to solve problems or encourage people to take action. For example, if your client wants to increase sales, you might suggest creating an advertising campaign that’s more effective than their current one. You can also use creativity when brainstorming how to improve internal processes at your client’s company.

Social Media

Social media is a tool that many companies use to connect with their audience. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow you to share information about your clients’ products or services, answer customer questions and promote special offers. Having strong social media skills can help you develop an online presence for your clients and increase brand awareness.

Event Planning

Event planning is a skill that can help communications consultants when they work with clients to plan company events. These professionals may be responsible for creating and executing event strategies, which often includes developing budgets, finding venues, hiring vendors and coordinating the details of an event.

Writing & Editing

Writing and editing are two skills that can be used in almost any job. As a communications consultant, you may need to write reports or proposals for clients, so it’s important to have strong writing skills. You also might edit the work of other employees who aren’t as familiar with proper grammar and punctuation.

Crisis Communications

A crisis communications consultant is someone who helps companies navigate through a crisis. They are skilled at communicating with the public and other stakeholders during an emergency situation. This requires them to have excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as the ability to remain calm under pressure. A crisis communications consultant also needs to be knowledgeable about various protocols for handling emergencies so they can advise their clients accordingly.


Branding is the process of creating a recognizable image for an organization. Branding can include developing a logo, slogan and other visual elements that represent a company or product. A communications consultant may use branding to help clients develop a consistent message about their business. For example, if a client wants to change their brand from one industry to another, a communications consultant may suggest using different colors and fonts to create a new identity.

Media Relations

Media relations is the ability to communicate with journalists and other members of the media. This skill can be useful for a communications consultant because it allows you to interact with people who may have questions about your client’s company or products. You can also use this skill to promote your own business, as many companies hire communications consultants to help them get publicity.

How Can I Learn These Communications Consultant Skills?

There are a few ways that you can learn the necessary skills to become a communications consultant. Many of these skills can be learned through formal education, such as completing a degree in marketing or communications. Alternatively, you can develop these skills through work experience, by taking on roles that involve strategic planning, public speaking, project management, and writing & editing. Additionally, it can be helpful to read books or articles on communications and marketing, and to attend workshops or seminars on these topics.


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