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Computer Technician Cover Letter Examples & Writing Tips

Use these Computer Technician cover letter examples and writing tips to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

Computer technicians help organizations maintain, upgrade, and troubleshoot their computer systems. They’re responsible for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting computer hardware and software.

Use these examples and tips to write a cover letter that highlights your tech skills and convinces hiring managers to take a closer look at your resume.

Computer Technician Cover Letter Example 1

I am writing to express my interest in the open Computer Technician position at your company. I have been working as a computer technician for the last three years, and during that time, I have gained a great deal of experience in the field of computers.

I have worked on several different kinds of computers, including desktop, laptop and even server systems. I have repaired all types of hardware and software malfunctions, including hard drive crashes and system board failures. My key strength is my ability to think on my feet and troubleshoot any computer problem that comes up. I also have good knowledge of current software, which allows me to quickly diagnose any technical problem that may come up while troubleshooting.

My greatest professional achievement so far is the fact that I was part of the team that helped launch Boston University’s new wireless network system last year. The wireless network has been installed and is being used by students, faculty and staff members already. We were successful in completing it on schedule and within budget.

I believe that my skills, experience and knowledge make me more than qualified for this job. I am always looking to learn new things in order to further enhance my skills as a computer technician, and I am always willing to take on challenging projects. I hope you will give me a chance to meet you in person so we can discuss my resume further.

Computer Technician Cover Letter Example 2

I am writing to express my interest in the open Computer Technician position at your company. I recently graduated from CIT University with an Associate of Science Degree in Information Technology and a concentration in Computer Networking. I also have over 4 years of experience as a computer technician.

During my tenure at ABC Computer Services, I have assisted numerous customers with all types of computer problems, ranging from basic hardware troubleshooting to complete network overhauls. My strong problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and ability to quickly understand a customer’s needs have helped me become one of ABC’s most dependable technicians.

I pride myself on my ability to communicate effectively with both customers and co-workers. My outgoing personality allows me to easily establish rapport with others and elicits positive responses from them which helps in solving their computer problems quickly and efficiently.

My resume is attached for your review. I hope you will give me the opportunity to interview so I can further discuss how my skills and experience will be beneficial to your company.

Computer Technician Cover Letter Example 3

I am writing to express my interest in the Computer Technician position that you have posted. I have a strong background in computer repair and system administration, and I believe that my skills would be an asset to your company.

For the past five years, I have worked as a computer technician for CTPartners. My primary responsibilities have included:

  • Upgrading equipment and setting it up for new clients
  • Taking old equipment out of service and setting up for new clients
  • Cleaning and repairing computers
  • Maintaining computer records
  • Installing software and configuring networks
  • Training new employees on company procedures

My experience has allowed me to hone my customer service skills as well. During my tenure at CTPartners, I have had the opportunity to work with both large corporations and small businesses. I am adept at solving technical problems as well as helping clients use their systems more efficiently. My calm demeanor allows me to effectively communicate with clients no matter what their disposition may be.

I believe that my skills would be an asset to your company and would like the opportunity to discuss my candidacy with you in person. My contact information is provided below. Thank you for your time and consideration; I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Computer Technician Cover Letter Writing Tips

Summarize Your Education

If you’re applying for a job as a computer technician, one of the most important sections of your cover letter will be your education. If you have a certificate or degree, it’s always a good idea to include it at the top of your cover letter. However, you may also want to include a sentence or two about your education and how it has helped prepare you for the job.

Highlight your Technical Skills

In the cover letter, it’s important to emphasize your technical skills to show that you have the necessary experience to do the job. First, introduce yourself and mention your current job. Then, highlight your computer-related skills and education by using clear, concise language to explain your experience.

Demonstrate Your Problem-Solving Skills

Computer technicians must have excellent problem-solving skills to resolve computer issues for their clients. Demonstrate your problem-solving skills in your cover letter by including an example of a time when you helped resolve a computer issue for a client.

If you don’t have any experience with fixing computers, talk about how you’ve used your strong analytical skills to troubleshoot computer issues for your employer.

Proofread your cover letter

Even a small mistake can turn off potential employers. Proofread your cover letter to ensure it is error-free and gives a complete picture of you as the candidate. If possible, have someone else proofread your work as well for errors you may have missed or overlooked.


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