Construction Planner Resume Example & Writing Guide

Use this Construction Planner resume example and guide to improve your career and write a powerful resume that will separate you from the competition.

A planning plan is a document that outlines the steps needed to complete a project. It helps everyone involved in the process stay on track and ensures that all bases are covered. Planning plans are useful for large, complex projects that involve multiple teams working toward a shared goal.

If you have an eye for detail and a knack for planning ahead, you might have what it takes to become a planning planner. Here are some tips and an example to help you write a stellar planning plan that will impress hiring managers everywhere.

Michael Garcia
Phoenix, AZ | (123) 456-7891 | [email protected]

Skilled construction planner with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Proven ability to develop detailed project plans and schedules, manage budgets, and liaise with clients and contractors. Seeking a challenging position that will allow me to use my skills and experience to contribute to a successful project.

Arizona State University Jun '10
B.S. in Civil Engineering
Company A, Construction Planner Jan '17 – Current
  • Developed and maintained project schedules for assigned projects, including milestones, critical paths, resource loading, etc.
  • Coordinated with the Project Manager to develop a detailed construction schedule that meets client expectations and budget requirements.
  • Assisted in developing estimates for new work by reviewing drawings and specifications; estimating material quantities and costs based on experience or research of current market conditions.
  • Reviewed job site progress reports daily to ensure adherence to the schedule and coordinate any changes required with the PM/Project Manager as needed.
  • Maintained contact with all parties involved in order to keep abreast of potential delays or issues that may arise during construction so they can be addressed early before they become problems.
Company B, Construction Planner Jan '12 – Dec '16
  • Collaborated with project managers, architects and engineers to ensure that all construction documents were complete and accurate
  • Ensured that the company’s quality assurance program was followed at all times during the planning process
  • Developed detailed schedules for each project based on client requirements, available resources and budget constraints
  • Prepared weekly reports detailing progress against schedule and identifying potential problems before they arose
  • Analyzed cost estimates for accuracy using computer-aided estimating software (CASE) tools
Company C, Construction Worker Jan '09 – Dec '11
  • oversaw and managed construction projects from start to finish according to schedule, budget and quality standards.
  • coordinated the work of subcontractors, materials suppliers and other workers.
  • inspected work progress, equipment and construction sites to verify safety and compliance with regulations.
  • Certified Construction Planner
  • Certified Green Building Professional
  • Certified Healthcare Facility Manager

Industry Knowledge: Project Management, Scheduling, Equipment Maintenance, Safety, Cost Control
Technical Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, AutoCAD, Revit, MS Project, Primavera
Soft Skills: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Teamwork, Leadership, Time Management, Problem Solving, Planning

How to Write a Construction Planner Resume

Here’s how to write a resume of your own.

Write Compelling Bullet Points

When it comes to resume bullet points, the more specific and detailed you can be, the better. Rather than simply stating that you “developed construction plans,” you could say that you “developed construction plans for new manufacturing facility in accordance with city building codes, resulting in timely approval by city officials.”

The second bullet point is much stronger because it provides specific details about what you did and the results of your work. It also provides a quantifiable result (a timely approval by city officials).

Identify and Include Relevant Keywords

When you apply for a job as a construction planner, your resume is likely to be scanned by an applicant tracking system (ATS) for certain keywords. ATS programs rank resumes based on how many of the desired keywords are found within the document.

The most common keywords for construction planners are:

  • Construction Management
  • Construction
  • Contractors
  • Construction Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Project Estimation
  • AutoCAD
  • Project Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Control
  • Concrete
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Microsoft Access
  • Project Coordination
  • Procurement
  • Cost Management
  • Pre-construction
  • Budgeting
  • Engineering
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Change Orders
  • Subcontracting
  • Project Engineering
  • Pre-construction Coordination
  • Renovation
  • Negotiation
  • Contract Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Value Analysis
  • Microsoft Project

Showcase Your Technical Skills

As a construction planner, you need to be proficient in a variety of software programs in order to effectively track and manage construction projects. Programs like Microsoft Project, Primavera, and AutoCAD are essential for construction planners, as they allow you to create detailed project plans, track progress, and manage construction documents. Additionally, construction planners need to be familiar with construction-specific software programs, like Bluebeam and Procore.

If you have experience with any of these programs, be sure to list them in your technical skills section. Additionally, you should indicate your level of expertise for each program, as this will show potential employers that you are a valuable asset to their team.


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