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Copywriter Cover Letter

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Copywriter Cover Letter Sample 1

I am writing to apply for the copywriter position in your company. I have been working as a copywriter for over three years now, and I have gained a great deal of experience over the way. I have had the opportunity to work in both the advertising and the publishing industries, and been exposed to each industry’s unique challenges.

I started my career as a writer, and then graduated to writing copy when I developed an interest in how it was used. In my years as a copywriter, I have been fortunate enough to work on all kinds of advertising campaigns, including small ones and big, ground-breaking ones. Those stint have expanded my experience in many skills, including how to understand clients’ needs, how to fulfill those needs with an ideal final product, and how to meet target audiences at their level through my words.

Throughout my career, I have worked both individually and as part of a team, and from both cases, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience. I can now work as part of teams of any size or composition for as long as necessary.

I am confident that with my skill set and willingness to learn, I won’t have any trouble fitting with your existing staff or getting work done as expected. I am a very hardworking individual, and I always aim to meet my deadlines to my best ability. I am also always looking to widen and improve my skill set, and I am sure that this position will be the perfect platform to make that happen.

I am always available on short notice to answer any other questions you might have for me.

I am looking forward to positive feedback from you, and hope for positive consideration of my application.

Copywriter Cover Letter Sample 2

Being a copywriter has given me the unique chance of getting to raise awareness about a wide range of companies, organizations, and causes. This has led to my improving my craft in various aspects such as being a responsible storyteller and acquiring thorough research skills to mention a few. These skills have allowed me to write better copy because I know how to play on people’s natural curiosity. This curiosity when tended to with tactfully written stories can change readers to customers/clients.

Whenever I’m writing these stories however, I refrain from telling lies as this will be damaging to both your business and your potential customers/clients. This is why I always do proper research so that I’ll be able to present facts in a fun or interesting way.

Another one of my valuable qualities is being a good listener. This helps me get along well with fellow staff members. This quality also means that I’m able to pay attention to every detail that’s given to me during project briefings. I also extend my good listening skills to my target audience by getting to know what troubles them. This information then helps me to create copy that’ll sympathize with them and that’ll show them how your product/service will be of help to them. I’d be happy to meet you in person so that we can go into further detail on how my skills and experience will be of value to your company. I’ll also be glad to answer any questions that you may have for me.

Thank you for considering me for this position and for reading this letter. I’ll be happy to hear from you at the soonest opportunity you’ll have.

Copywriter Cover Letter Sample 3

This letter and accompanying resume serves as my letter of interest in the copywriting position that you have available. If experience is one of the traits that you are looking for, I have ample.

For the last six years, I have been writing copy for (name of the company) and have received great reviews from the clients whom I assisted. I believe that writing copy is an art and in this digital age, one has to compete on an international level.

Before my copywriting days, I used to be an investigative journalist and the skills that I acquired have served me well in this fast-paced world. Since changing lanes and writing copy, I have applied my investigative skills to supply the clients not only work that looks appealing but work that was informed and professional. Furthermore, my inquisitive nature seems to fit this profession like a glove and I am always on the lookout for new and interesting ways in which to present my work.

In terms of my experience, I have written everything from headlines to advertisement copy. If there is one area where I consider myself to be an expert, it would be blog posts and ghostwriting. The main goal that I have with every piece that I write is to engage a wide audience and grab their attention.

No writer is perfect and I take pride in the fact that I take criticism well. It provides me with an opportunity to grow and stops me from falling into an unteachable groove. The day that I say that I can learn no more is that day that I should quit.

I am a hard worker and would make an excellent asset to your company. I appreciate the time you took to consider my application and I look forward to hearing from you.  


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