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Cover Letter Examples That’ll Get You Hired in 2021

Whether it’s your first job, a career change, or job hopping, we’re here to help you land that next job. These cover letter examples will get you started.

A cover letter is like a virtual handshake and the first meeting rolled into one. It is a chance for recruiters to get to know you and form a first impression. It is also your opportunity to highlight your unique skills, interests, and qualifications that will make you a great fit for that company. Let your personality shine. 

Recruiters read thousands of cover letters, so you want yours to stand out and convey how you are uniquely qualified for the position. Are you applying to B Corp? Talk about your passion for sustainability. Is it a business looking to expand in Africa? Discuss the year you lived in Zambia and your insight into the culture.  Take the time to make your cover letter unique, interesting, and present the best version of yourself. 

Whether it’s your first job, a career change, or a higher-paid position, we’re here to help you land that next job. These cover letter examples will get you started. 

What goes into a Cover Letter?

While your cover letter should be unique, there are certain components that every cover letter should include. Remember to keep it short and sweet. Ideally, your cover letter should be no more than a page of single-spaced typing. Be sure to personalize the cover letter to each company and job you apply for!

Here is an overall structure to your cover letter to ensure you cover all important points: 

A header

At the top of the page, include your full name and contact details. Make sure this matches the header you use for your resume to create a coherent package. 

A personalized greeting

Take the time to find the name of the hiring manager, or at the very least, address the company name. 

An Introduction

This is your chance to introduce yourself. The hiring manager doesn’t want to read two pages. Try to keep it to one or two paragraphs. Highlight your most important strengths, skills or experience related to the position and the company. 

The Offer

Now is the time to clearly state what you feel you bring to the company. Why should they hire you? What have you already accomplished? Perhaps in your previous job you helped department revenues increase by 40%. Maybe you are a digital marketing expert who can generate millions of visitors in a matter of weeks. List concrete results in numbers, if possible. 

This is also where you can include one or two particularly compelling (and brief) references or statements of recommendation.


As you conclude the letter, mention briefly your values and how they are an ideal match for the company. This is where you can speak to the company’s larger vision and mission. 

Add a CTA

Always end with a call to action. Don’t just say, “thank you very much and I hope to hear from you”. Mention your excitement about the role. Offer to send over samples or work on a project. Ask for a meeting. Opening the door for further communication through a CTA is an important closing point. 

Sign off

Keep your signature simple. “Sincerely, Your Name”, will work nicely. “Thanks”, “regards”, and “best wishes” are all common business sign-offs as well. If you are printing the letter, you will need to add your signature. If you plan to email it, a text signature is fine.

What to do if you don’t know what to write

If you don’t know what to write, set 15 minutes on a timer and start free writing. Write what is interesting about the company. Write about your most significant achievements. Write the skills and qualifications your best friends and colleagues would say you have. 

If this is your first job, you can list skills that will make you good at many jobs. Are you detail-oriented? A hard-worked? Willing to see the job through or go the extra mile? Do you add creative flair to everything you do? Write about it!

Once the 15 minutes are up and you have some sentences on paper, you can start structuring your cover letter. If you still are unsure what to write, ask a friend to help you get started. 

You can also use our examples below and adapt them with your skills for the jobs you’re interested in. Consider them a template to get you started!

Example #1

The Traditional Cover Letter

The traditional cover letter follows the formula mentioned above. It is used when applying for a new job in the same industry or sector. The traditional cover letter will highlight professional experience and relevant results in a way that is easy for the recruiter to review.

Dear Mr. Jacobson,

As a certified public accountant with nearly 20 years of experience, I bring precision, experience, and attention to detail so necessary for good financial management. I offer a proven ability to create a wide range of financial reports necessary for decision-making, and to oversee a team of professionals to accurately process invoices and payments, reimbursements, and tax reports. I adapt easily to software changes and am skilled at working with team members to resolve issues.

I believe that careful management and allocation of resources lead to both long and short-term company growth. I am committed to helping your company not only grow, but reach new goals through wise financial management. I believe I am an excellent fit for the position of CFO because of my breadth of experience and my personal dedication to your company’s mission to develop clean water sources for people throughout the US. 

I am confident my resume and enclosed letters of recommendation will speak of my commitment to managing a large volume of financial reports and payment processing while working in alignment with the company’s vision and mission. 

I would like to request a personal meeting to discuss upcoming company goals and how I can help you to achieve them. I am available at your earliest convenience. 

April Rogers

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Why This Cover Letter Works

This cover letter works because it gets straight to the point while demonstrating a breadth of experience. She is able to share her values while interweaving them with the company’s goals. She references both her resume, which should list specific skill sets, as well as recommendation letters, which should speak highly of her ability to accomplish similar projects. 

When applying for a management level position, it is appropriate to request a meeting as a CTA, as is done in this letter.

Example #2

The Bold Cover Letter

The bold cover letter asks the recruiter to take a leap. Maybe you are applying for a higher managerial position, or you are returning to the workforce after some time off. In the bold cover letter you want to catch their attention, inspire and motivate them to give you a chance.

Dear Ms. Robertson,

I am applying for the position of lead data analyst. As a data analytics specialist, I have a proven track record of creating meaningful reports and analysis from diverse data sets and driving company change for growth. In my previous position, I helped Albertson’s Software to grow from 10 clients on the East Coast to a worldwide provider of data analytics and meaningful analysis, with clients in more than 20 countries.

While I have taken three years away from Albertson’s to have children, I have been updating my skills and continuing to take on freelance consulting. I have helped my clients expand their reach, target new markets, and plan for sustained growth based on the trends indicated in the data. Here is a sample of what my clients have to say:

“With McKayla’s data analysis, we have been able to stay ahead of the trends. Our company has grown from $500,000 in annual revenue to $4 million last year. We could not have imagined this level of growth without the valuable data analytics insight McKayla provided.” —Steve Michaels, Arbor Organics

I am passionate about using data insight to help companies reach their goals. I believe that teamwork across departments fosters a community for continuous development and as your lead data analyst, I would cultivate an environment in which everyone feels empowered and heard.  

I’d like to start with a sample project to demonstrate the value I can bring to your company. Shall I suggest some potential areas of analytics for your brand? I know that with the skills I bring to the table, XYZ Company will see unprecedented growth. 

McKayla Smith

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Why This Cover Letter Works

This cover letter works because it leaves everything on the table. She acknowledges three years off, but softens it by mentioning freelance work and continued training. The recommendation with concrete numbers helps consolidate her position of authority and experience. 

Finally, her mention of the importance of teamwork and empowerment is something that many companies look for today. It shows her values and personality. And she polishes it off with a clear CTA and a bold claim. This is a great letter to jump back into the workforce in a higher position.

Example #3

The Entry-Level Cover Letter

If you are starting at an entry-level job, you’ll want to highlight the skills and qualities that will make you a great hire. Work ethic, team work, communication skills, and higher-level skills are important to mention. Highlight your training, internships, and relevant related experience, but be sure to keep it short.

Dear Ms. Dillard,

I am writing in response to the online listing for a physician’s assistant. As a recent graduate of University of Iowa’s acclaimed College of Medicine in the Department of Physicians Assistant Studies, I have received the highest level training and hands-on experience working with patients in a variety of clinical settings.

In addition, I recently completed a 2-month summer residency at the University of Iowa hospital where I had the opportunity to work under the guidance of experienced physicians’ assistants. I have a passion for helping people and working with doctors to create a comfortable, safe and supportive care environment for each patient. 

Here is what one of my residency supervisors has to say about me:

“Kevin truly cares about people and will always go the extra mile for his patients. His attention to detail and dedication to teamwork will make him an excellent addition to any medical facility.”

-Dr. Carolyn Schwartz, University of Iowa Hospitals

I bring exceptional training, a strong work ethic, and dedication to keep learning to help MercyOne Medical center continue to meet and exceed patient expectations. I am a natural team player and believe that greater communication brings greater results. 

I would be happy to meet you to discuss how I can benefit your team. I look forward to hearing from you at the earliest convenience.

With kind regards,
Kevin Bell

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Why This Cover Letter Works

This cover letter works because he leverages his education and short internship with his personality and values. He has a great recommendation from a recent supervisor, and ends with both an expression of his values and a CTA. Especially in an entry-level cover letter, you want to keep it short, which he does well here.

Example #4

The Career Change Cover Letter

If you’re changing careers, you’ll want to explain why you’ve decided to change career paths and how your skills and qualifications make you a good choice for the job. You will be asking the company to take a chance on you, as you do not have a track record in your new career. Highlight the value you bring to the company.

Dear Ms. Carver,

With a degree in marketing and 10 years marketing experience, I would like to transition to public relations, and believe I would be a great fit for the advertised public relations position with Sawgrass Properties. You need someone skilled in marketing to handle your public image and build trust with consumers for sustained growth. 

Successful marketing involves anticipating the desires of the consumer and demonstrating value. My track record of success in marketing shows that I can help a company grow through the right messaging and demonstration of value. These same skills are essential for good public relations. 

I am passionate to help Sawgrass Properties build its portfolio of vacation rentals with satisfied customers throughout the East Coast. I believe my unique skill set can be applied to build greater brand awareness and brand loyalty through public relations.

Having stayed at your properties, as well as led previous marketing campaigns, I am already well versed in Sawgrass’s past and current offerings. I would bring passion and expertise in championing your homes in the press and to the public. 

I can also build an extensive social media strategy for online growth and awareness.  When my team wanted to support St. Jude Children’s Hospital last year, the social media campaigns we launched raised an additional $75,000 for St. Jude during the Chicago Marathon. 

I submit my resume, confident that not only are my skills transferable, but that the added insight from my marketing experience can improve Sawgrass Properties public relations and public perception. I am available at your earliest convenience to discuss your goals, and to share my ideas for a public relations marketing campaign to take Sawgrass Properties to the next level.

Alicia Lemoir

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Why This Cover Letter Works

This cover letter works because it highlights transferable skills while directly addressing her career change. She also mentions specific social media success that will be directly applicable to a public relations career, while also anticipating needs for company growth. Finally, she ends with a call to action and even the suggestion of new ideas she brings to the table, nearly guaranteeing a meeting or interview.

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