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Customer Service Cover Letter Examples & Writing Tips

Use these Customer Service cover letter examples and writing tips to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

Customer service jobs are found in almost every industry. Whether you’re working at a restaurant, a retail store, or a bank, you’re tasked with helping customers to find what they need and solving their problems.

A customer service cover letter is a chance to show hiring managers how you can be an asset to their company. Check out these examples and tips to learn how to write a cover letter that puts you at the top of the applicant list.

Customer Service Cover Letter Example 1

With 13 years of proven experience providing customer service for several different companies, I am confident I will make an immediate contribution to your team.

I have demonstrated the ability to effectively handle situations or inquiries while working within policy, procedures and standard processes. You will find I am detail oriented and able to analyze, prioritize and resolve client requests or issues quickly and effectively. I possess excellent communication skills both oral and written.

I have remarkable interpersonal, organizational and time management skills. I am well versed in all the Microsoft Office suite applications. Furthermore, I learn new applications quickly and efficiently. I am able to support team goals along with finishing my assigned tasks which makes me a perfect fit for a multitasking environment such as yours.

This summary, as well as my resume, cannot adequately communicate my qualifications in-depth; I look forward to meeting with you to discuss why I would be an asset to your institution. I am available to schedule an interview at your earliest convenience by phone or email.

Customer Service Cover Letter Example 2

I am writing to express my interest in a full-time customer service position with your company. I read your job posting that appeared on Indeed. I believe my skills, experience, knowledge, and willpower for sales will make me the best candidate for this position.

As you will note from the enclosed resume, I am presently a part time telemarketer and I have many skills that would aid me as a customer service representative for your company. Here are some of the responsibilities I’ve held over the past six years:

  • Experience in selling, promoting, and advertising products
  • Experience in customer relations
  • Exceptional verifiable talent for ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Using critical selling strategies to exceed productivity goals
  • Excellent written and verbal presentation skill
  • Experience in training new employees

I am currently in my third year of study at Riverson University and I am working toward my Bachelor’s degree in Public Health and Safety as well as a certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. Being in these programs has given me the opportunity to gain knowledge relative to the position such as verbal speaking skills, writing, and people skills.

I am confident that my education coupled with my relevant experience will allow me to make a substantial contribution to your company. I feel very qualified to fill your customer service position and would like to arrange an interview at your earliest convenience. Please feel free to contact me at or by email at . Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Customer Service Cover Letter Example 3

I am writing in regards to the Customer Service Representative position that is open with your company at this time. I am a highly capable professional with over 7 years of customer service experience. My background, along with my ability to learn quickly and efficiently, will enable me to be a valuable part of your team.

My knowledge of computers, which enables me to pick up new systems quickly, work independently, and efficiently make me a perfect fit for your opening. I possess an uncanny ability to build rapport and relationships with internal and external customers via the telephone. These, coupled with my ability to examine a process to look for improvement as well as manage multiple projects simultaneously all are valuable assets that I feel can benefit your company. I can solve problems, quickly and precisely, which has resulted in sales increases in my previous positions.

My business skills, attention to detail, and general aptitude all have served me in my previous endeavors which have shaped me into an excellent administrator. The approach to my work goes beyond the job description as I am always looking for a way to improve results. In addition to my work, I have always been looked to for decision making.

I have enclosed my resume to display my past achievements, as well as to demonstrate how I can be a valuable part of your team.

Customer Service Cover Letter Example 4

I am writing to you in reference to the customer service representative position at your company. After seeing your ad posted online, I immediately felt compelled to contact you. As someone who has frequented your business over the years, I believe I have a solid understanding of the needs of your customers. Moreover, I believe that my personal qualities align well with what you are seeking in a representative.

I understand that quality customer service is essential to a successful business and I take pride in filling that role. I’ve worked in various customer service roles over the course of my career. Five years ago, I worked as a cashier and sales representative at Target. I enjoyed the frequent contact I had with customers and the role I played in solving their problems. I am currently employed as a customer service representative by Comcast, and take pride in finding creative solutions to problems presented by customers. On an average day, I work with over 200 customers and am able to leave all of them happy with the service they’ve received.

In addition, I possess personal qualities that make me an ideal candidate for this position. I enjoy speaking with people and finding solutions to meet their needs. I am able to remain calm and positive even when those around me are feeling stressed and anxious, and I am usually able to help others remain calm as well. I work well independently and require very little direct supervision to successfully complete my job. Moreover, I am an energetic worker who is able to give as much effort and dedication to my last call of the day as I am to the first.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider my application. Because of the reasons outlined above, I believe I am an excellent candidate for this position. I hope that you will agree with me that we would work well together, and I hope to hear from you in the near future to set up an appointment to further discuss my qualifications. I am available during work hours at 555-555-5555 and by email at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you.

Customer Service Cover Letter Writing Tips

Showcase Your Skills

If you have customer service skills, then the best way to demonstrate them is by providing examples of how you put them to use in the past.

Customer service is all about making customers happy and solving their problems, so your cover letter should focus on demonstrating your ability to do just that.

For instance, you could highlight a time when you successfully handled a difficult customer with grace and professionalism, or when you were able to give a recommendation for a product. The goal is to prove that you know how to go above and beyond for customers and can provide solutions to their problems.

Research the company

When you’re applying for a customer service position, it’s important to understand the company’s mission and how you can contribute to their success. Researching the company is not only essential for understanding their values, but it also ensures you highlight the skills you have that are a perfect match for the job.

For example, if the company values innovation and developing new products, you can mention your successful idea for improving customer service.

If you find information about the company’s future plans, integrate this information into your cover letter by linking it to your skills and achievements.

Make your cover letter short and sweet

Keep your cover letter concise. Don’t add detail that repeat information from your resume.

Here’s how to make your cover letter short and sweet:

  • Focus on skills and accomplishments — not responsibilities. When detailing your job responsibilities, use action verbs and quantify your achievements. For example, “I increased sales by 25% in my previous position as a customer service representative.”
  • Don’t include a lengthy list of references. Instead, list references upon request only. There’s no need to waste space on a cover letter detailing who can vouch for you. It’s better to wait until you go through the interview process before referencing personal connections who will support your candidacy.
  • Use bullet points when listing your job duties or detailing your achievements. This will make it easier to scan over your application and keep the reader engaged in what you have to say.
End with a strong call-to-action

The last step is to write a compelling call-to-action that prompts the hiring manager to invite you in for an interview. Writing a strong cover letter ending involves two steps:

  • Thank the hiring manager for their time and attention to your application.
  • Politely request an invitation for an interview

For instance, this one sentence conclusion expresses the candidate’s gratitude and tactfully requests an interview:

“I have enclosed my resume for your review and would be thankful for an opportunity to meet with you in the near future to further discuss my application.”


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