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Dentist Cover Letter Examples & Writing Tips

Use these Dentist cover letter examples and writing tips to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

Dentists are health care professionals who diagnose, prevent, and treat oral health problems. They work with patients to keep their teeth and gums healthy, and provide emergency dental care for those in need.

While your dental resume is important, a cover letter can help hiring managers learn more about your skills and why you’re a great fit for the job. Follow these examples and tips to write a dentist cover letter that will catch the attention of hiring managers.

Dentist Cover Letter Example 1

I am writing to express my interest in the dental position that is currently available with your practice. I have been working as a dentist for the last three years, and during that time, I have built a solid foundation of skills that will enable me to deliver high-quality dental care to patients.

I am a young, enthusiastic dentist who has always had a burning desire to help people look and feel better about themselves. This is why I became a dentist in the first place. It is also the reason why I became so skilled at what I do. Dentistry is all about caring for patients with sensitivity and compassion. It is also about teaching patients how to take care of their teeth so they don’t have to visit the dentist as often in the future.

I am well-versed in all forms of dental care, including preventative measures such as cleanings and fillings as well as more involved procedures such as tooth extractions and reconstructive dentistry. I have worked on both adults and children, treating them equally with respect and care.

I would love the opportunity to meet you in person so we can discuss my skills and experience in greater detail. If you would like me to provide any additional documentation or details regarding my credentials, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Dentist Cover Letter Example 2

I am writing to express my interest in the Dentist position that is currently available with your practice. I have a wide-ranging interest in dentistry, and I feel that it would be an asset to add to your team.

I have completed my dental degree from the University of Michigan, and I am currently working on my Master of Science in Dentistry at the University of Michigan. My interests include oral health promotion, prevention and treatment of dental disease, and education of patients regarding oral health care.

I believe that a strong foundation built on integrity, compassion and professionalism can make a tremendous difference in patient care. These are the values that I strive to uphold every day through my professional life as well as my personal life. The practice of dentistry is extremely rewarding but can also be stressful on a daily basis which is why it is so important for dentists to maintain their professional demeanor even when they are under pressure or facing difficult situations with patients. It is because of this reason that I believe that it is essential for all practicing dentists to possess these 3 qualities if they want their patients to see them as people first and dentists second which is what I believe you need if you want patients to trust their oral health care in your hands every time they come into your office for treatment or maintenance.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my skills and experience could benefit your practice. Thank you for your time and consideration of my application.

Dentist Cover Letter Example 3

I am writing to express my interest in the open dentist position you have posted. I have extensive experience in all aspects of dentistry, from developing treatment plans for patients to carrying them out, to managing staff and budgets. Throughout my career, I have built a solid reputation for myself as a dedicated, skilled and compassionate dentist who puts the needs of my patients above my own.

I was educated at the University of Michigan where I earned my DDS degree in 2000. I completed a one-year post-graduate residency program at Strong Memorial Hospital in 2001. Since then, I have been licensed in the state of Michigan.

I am an active member in good standing of the American Dental Association as well as several other professional organizations, including the Michigan Academy of General Dentistry and College Dentists of Michigan. In addition to my dental skills, I bring to the table excellent communication skills, superior team leadership skills and a dedication to patient care that has made me well-regarded by both patients and staff alike.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider my application. If you feel that we would be a good match for each other, please contact me at your convenience so we can schedule an interview at your office.

Dentist Cover Letter Writing Tips

Tailor Your Cover Letter

If you’re a dentist applying for a job in the same field, it can be tempting to send out the same cover letter for every position. However, if you do this, your cover letter may come across as boring and robotic. Instead of sending out the exact same copy-pasted email each time, take some time to tailor your cover letter for each company.

Show Your Passion for the Field

Having a passion for dentistry is important; especially if you’re still in dental school. And, if you’re not currently working as a dentist, being passionate about this career is crucial to convince employers that you would thrive in their organization.

In your cover letter, explain why dentistry has always been an area of interest and how it fits into your personal life goals. For example: “I have wanted to be a dentist since I was little after observing my grandmothers who were both practicing dentists. The reason I want to serve others through my work at [dentist company] is because I feel like it will help me achieve some of my long-term professional goals which include providing better oral health care solutions within underserved communities.”

Be a team player

Dentists work closely with other members of the dental team to ensure that patients have the best possible experience. So, be sure to highlight any teamwork you’ve done in previous positions on your cover letter.

If you have an example where you’ve helped increase productivity or improved communication among colleagues, include it as an accomplishment on your cover letter. Be sure not to brag about how often you get credit for things; rather, emphasize how much credit goes to others and how proud you are of them when they succeed.

Proofread your cover letter

Cover letters for dentists must be written with care. Any errors in your cover letter will immediately set off red flags to hiring managers, who will assume you are careless and likely to make mistakes during patient treatments.


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