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What Does a Digital Marketing Intern Do?

Find out what a digital marketing intern does, how to get this job, and what it takes to succeed as a digital marketing intern.

Digital marketing interns are entry-level employees who work directly with digital marketing teams. They may be tasked with a variety of different projects, including creating content for social media accounts, managing email campaigns, or updating web pages with new information.

Digital marketing interns often have a lot of freedom to come up with their own ideas and execute them on their own. This means that they must be able to think creatively and independently while also being able to communicate effectively with their supervisors about what they’re doing.

Digital Marketing Intern Job Duties

A digital marketing intern typically has a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  • Creating reports about the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns, including clickthrough rates, conversions, and other measurements of success
  • Reviewing analytics reports and making recommendations for improving website performance
  • Collecting data about website visitors’ interests and surfing patterns using web analytics software
  • Providing customer service and support to clients via email or phone
  • Learning about new technologies related to the field of digital marketing
  • Monitoring social media platforms for brand mentions or negative comments about a company’s products or services
  • Consulting with clients to determine their needs and goals in regard to digital marketing campaigns
  • Creating and managing email newsletters and other electronic correspondence
  • Developing relationships with potential clients to secure business opportunities

Digital Marketing Intern Salary & Outlook

Digital marketing intern salaries vary depending on their level of education, years of experience, and the company they work for. They may also receive benefits, such as health insurance, 401k contributions, and paid vacation days.

  • Median Annual Salary: $31,500 ($15.14/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $145,000 ($69.71/hour)

The employment of digital marketing interns is expected to grow much faster than average over the next decade.

Digital marketing is a fast-growing field, and many companies are beginning to hire digital marketing specialists. Digital marketing interns will be needed to help these specialists understand how to use new technologies and social media platforms.

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Digital Marketing Intern Job Requirements

To be a digital marketing intern, you will likely need to have the following:

Education: Employers typically require digital marketing interns to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications or a related field. Some interns may have relevant work experience or an associate’s degree in a related field.

Training & Experience: Digital marketing interns receive training through their coursework and through their work with a company. Internships provide valuable experience in the digital marketing industry. They also provide students with practical experience that they can include in their resumes and cover letters.

Certifications & Licenses: Certifications are not usually a requirement to become an intern, but they can make you a more competitive candidate when applying for full-time jobs.

Digital Marketing Intern Skills

Digital marketing interns need the following skills in order to be successful:

Social media marketing: Social media marketing involves creating and managing content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is a common area of focus for digital marketing interns, as it’s a great way to get hands-on experience with the skills needed for a career in digital marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO): SEO is the process of optimizing a website to increase its visibility in search engine results. This involves analyzing a website’s structure and content to ensure it follows search engine guidelines. As a digital marketing intern, you may be responsible for optimizing a company’s website. This requires knowledge of SEO best practices and tools.

Email marketing: Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves sending emails to a list of potential customers. This is a common practice for many businesses, and an intern with knowledge of email marketing can be a valuable asset to a company.

Content creation: Creating content is a crucial part of digital marketing. As an intern, you may be responsible for creating social media posts, blog posts, email newsletters and other digital content. This requires you to have a strong understanding of the company’s brand voice and tone. You may also be responsible for creating and maintaining a company website, which requires you to have a basic understanding of HTML and other coding languages.

Analytics: Analytical skills are the ability to interpret data and use it to inform decision-making. As a digital marketing intern, you may be tasked with analyzing the success of a marketing campaign. This could include evaluating the number of clicks, impressions and conversions generated by a marketing campaign. Understanding how to interpret data and use it to inform decision-making is an important skill for any marketing professional.

Digital Marketing Intern Work Environment

The digital marketing intern will work in a fast-paced environment with a team of other marketing professionals. The intern will be responsible for assisting with the creation and execution of digital marketing campaigns. This will include tasks such as conducting market research, writing copy for email and social media campaigns, and creating and managing digital advertising campaigns. The intern will also be responsible for providing support to the team in the form of administrative tasks and project management. The intern should be prepared to work in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. The ability to multitask and handle multiple projects simultaneously is a must. The intern should also be comfortable working with a variety of digital marketing tools and software.

Digital Marketing Intern Trends

Here are three trends influencing how digital marketing interns work. Digital marketing interns will need to stay up-to-date on these developments to keep their skills relevant and maintain a competitive advantage in the workplace.

The Need for More Technical Skills

As digital marketing becomes more complex, businesses are looking for interns with more technical skills. This is because digital marketing requires a wide range of skills, such as web development, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

By developing these skills, interns can become more valuable to businesses and set themselves up for success in the future. Additionally, they will be better prepared to take on more complex tasks once they are hired full-time.

The Importance of Being Data-Driven

Data is becoming increasingly important in all industries, and digital marketing is no exception. As data becomes more important, digital marketers will need to be able to use it to make informed decisions about their campaigns.

This means that interns who are interested in digital marketing should focus on learning how to use data to drive their campaigns. They should also be familiar with the different types of data that are available and how to collect it.

More Collaboration Between Marketing and Development

In recent years, there has been an increasing trend towards collaboration between marketing and development teams. This is due to the fact that both teams have a common goal: to create products that customers love.

As a digital marketing intern, you can capitalize on this trend by developing strong relationships with members of other teams. This will allow you to work together to create products that are not only functional but also appealing to customers.

How to Become a Digital Marketing Intern

A digital marketing intern can expect to work on a variety of projects, from creating content for the company’s website to designing advertisements. They may also be asked to conduct research and come up with new ideas for promoting the company’s products or services.

It’s important that digital marketing interns have a strong understanding of how the internet works and how people use it. They should also be familiar with popular social media platforms and have a good sense of what types of content will appeal to their target audience.

Advancement Prospects

The best way to advance as a digital marketing intern is to produce results. Showing that you can increase website traffic, generate leads, and convert customers is the best way to prove your value to a company. If you can demonstrate that you are an asset to the company, you will be more likely to be hired on as a full-time employee or promoted to a higher position. Additionally, keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing and staying up-to-date on new tools and platforms will make you more valuable to a company.

Digital Marketing Intern Job Description Example

At [CompanyX], we’re looking for a creative and analytical thinker to join our team as a digital marketing intern. The ideal candidate will be working towards a degree in marketing, communications, or a related field, and will have some experience with social media, email marketing, and/or Google Analytics. As our digital marketing intern, you will assist our team with a variety of tasks, including content creation, social media campaigns, email marketing, and website maintenance. You will also have the opportunity to learn about and experiment with new digital marketing tools and strategies. This is a paid internship, and we are open to working with your school to receive academic credit.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Assist in the creation of email marketing campaigns, website content, social media posts, and other digital marketing collateral
  • Help develop and execute digital marketing plans to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to company websites
  • Conduct market research and analysis to identify trends and insights that can be leveraged for digital marketing success
  • Monitor digital channels for activity and engagement, reporting back to the team on a regular basis
  • Assist with the development and implementation of SEO strategies
  • Work with the team to create and implement paid advertising campaigns across Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms
  • Use web analytics tools to track and report on website traffic and performance
  • Create engaging and visually appealing graphics for use in digital marketing campaigns
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest digital marketing trends and best practices
  • Help manage the day-to-day operations of the digital marketing department
  • Provide administrative support to the team as needed
  • Perform any other duties as assigned

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Working towards a degree in marketing, communications, or related field
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, with aptitude to learn new software and systems
  • Solid organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Creative thinker with strong problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team

Preferred Skills and Qualifications

  • Experience with social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • Experience with graphic design software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.
  • Experience with video editing software, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, etc.
  • Familiarity with web design and coding languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.


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