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Eight Ways to Inspire the Next Generation of Developers

Given that working in technology is such a lucrative field and is ever-changing, here are eight ways to inspire the next generation of developers.

Today’s generation has access to the world at their fingertips. Although technology is a growing field, being a developer is still not the most common career path that the next generation seems to choose. Developers don’t even feature in the top 15 careers that children prefer. Given that working in technology is such a lucrative field and is ever-changing, here are eight ways to inspire the next generation of developers. 

Make them aware that it’s a career path.

Even now, if you were to ask the next generation what their ideal job is, most would say dancer, doctor, or engineer. These are job paths that are ingrained in our society to be stable and lucrative. But research has shown that developers are going to become today’s blue or white-collar jobs. So to make sure that the next generation knows that being a developer is a viable career path, you need to give them specific information about computing careers. Point out parts of technology that impact their day-to-day lives. For example, software that helps with mental health or cybersecurity that helps keep them safe. Awareness is the first step to inspiration.

Encourage the “”Why”” 

An excellent way to get the next generation interested in being a developer is to encourage the “Why” questions and feed their curiosity. Children are consuming technology in all parts of their day, and the sooner they start to question how the specific technology they are using came to be, the sooner they will want to get stuck in and create for themselves. Encourage their questions, and this will be the building block to foster the curiosity needed to be a great developer. 

Create their own games

In the 90s, games were the main reason why children got into Computer Sciences. Children would spend time playing computer games, and from that, they would find their love for computers and become developers. Games have become a lot more intricate, and game development tools have become more sophisticated. You can now teach your child to create their video games. This not only teaches them web fundamentals. It also teaches them the creativity and analytical thinking required to be a great developer. 

Get involved in hackathons and events.

Although technology is such a massive industry, it still hasn’t quite trickled down into school. The image of a young person playing with a computer is still seen as being “uncool.” To diversify and pique the interest of young talent, try to get them involved in STEM education. Hold hackathons and events that foster collaboration and a sense of belonging. Even in a world of virtual classrooms, you can enroll them in a virtual hackathon where they can make friends and test their skills. 

Enroll them in afterschool activities

There are many afterschool groups you can enroll your child in, which will help inspire them to develop the skills they need to think like a developer. Girls who code have afterschool clubs and summer camps geared at developing the next generation of females developers. The whole idea is to foster an inclusive environment that is fun and inspiring. If there isn’t a club near you, there are many online clubs that your child can get involved in virtually. There’s no better time to get them involved than now. 

Increase access to computer science

One of the difficulties with getting involved in computer sciences is access to computers. Though many schools are moving to a digital way of learning, there’s still a gap as only students who can afford their own devices can develop their skills outside of school. However, some programs offer computer science courses and access to devices, so have a look online for one that’s near you and sign up. 

Find STEM Internships 

This one is for a young adult. A way to learn more about being a developer is to get an internship. There are many STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) internships available that will help them learn highly specialized STEM Learning and occupational training geared towards this sector. 

Share inspiring stories

The final one is – if you want to inspire the next generation – give them inspiring stories! There are many great stories of developers doing great things in the world. They are inspirational and will be able to spark a fire in our next generation. In addition, knowing more about successful developers can show them what it takes to join the ranks and move through their careers to develop into exceptional developers. 

Learning to be a developer is hard. Likewise, inspiring the next generation of developers is hard. But with the right building blocks, training, and awareness, the next generation can be well equipped to become great developers that shape technology for our future.


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