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Electric vehicle jobs amount the fastest growing in the country

Today's job market embraces the rapid expansion of the electric vehicle industry, labeled one of the fastest growing in the country.

Today’s job market embraces the rapid expansion of the electric vehicle industry, labeled one of the fastest growing in the country. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these jobs provide median salaries between $29K and $100K and up for fields ranging from assembly line workers to computer engineers. Although most electric automobile jobs are currently found in California, they are rapidly spreading into cities across the nation.

There are several differences between electric vehicles and internal combustion engines, and one notable difference is that electric vehicles use lithium-ion batteries rather than lead-acid versions. The batteries are much larger, can weigh hundreds of pounds, and cost thousands of dollars to replace. Rather than relying solely on an internal combustion engine, the electric automobile may either use a combination of internal combustion and electric motor or be solely electric, eliminating the need for a transmission. 

The battery production alone boosts the demand for skilled workers to assemble this crucial part of the electric automobile. Because these vehicles run on a hybrid or solely electric motor, they require charging stations. These stations are currently being built in most cities in the U.S.

BloombergNEF predicts more than 500 different models of electric vehicles, or EVs, will be produced globally by 2022. These vehicles need accessible charging stations in cities and towns everywhere to accommodate the demand. The overall growth of this industry means high demand for production workers, scientists, electricians and computer engineers.

An urgency is placed on manufacturing workers and electricians, especially for installing charging stations and manufacturing EV batteries. Besides those fields, additional scientists for electric drive technology are needed, as well as engineers across several fields ranging from computers to mechanical specialties. A particularly appealing job needed across the country right now is maintenance technicians. They’re in high demand, and trained and certified workers are expected to have multiple job options now and in the coming years.

To qualify workers in the electric vehicle field, each state issues certifications after completing various education courses and instruction followed by an exam. Naturally, each specialized field requires specific training within the company, but general certifications are also required. Once workers gain the proper training and certification, they can begin working in several fields in the EV industry. 

Because the EV industry is new and in the beginning stages of growth and expansion, the electric automobile industry is employing individuals from various career backgrounds. In fact, according to market reports, the EV market is expected to reach 26,951,318 units in just under 10 years, which makes changing careers for the better pay and benefits these companies offer highly attractive. Today’s consumers want to buy eco-friendly options that save on fuel and maintenance costs and help reduce emissions and pollution.

Evidence of the booming EV market was seen in forecasting projections released last Friday, showing EV market shares up 1.8% in relation to new cars sold today and predicting that figure will rise to 10% by 2025. The latest data shows the market doubled its value in 2021 alone. This revealing information reinforces the impact EVs are having on the automobile industry and the job market across the board. Individuals looking for a career in a rapidly growing and promising industry may want to consider training in one of the fields currently in demand for the EV industry.

The impact of the new breed of electric vehicles is seen in the multiple charging stations being installed almost overnight in cities and towns of all sizes across the country. It’s a reminder that now is the time to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities in the market. This is an excellent chance for workers to get a foothold in an industry that offers plenty of upward mobility and demand in many sectors from science to manufacturing.


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