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Electrician Cover Letter

Use these Electrician cover letter samples to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

Electrician Cover Letter Sample 1:

I am very interested in the electrician position that you have posted. I think I would be a good fit for this job because of my previous experience as an electrician, my education from Hendriks Technical College, my dependability and work ethic, and the fact that I am a registered electrician with the State of Michigan.

Recently, I worked as a tower wiring electrician on wind turbines in Iowa and North Dakota. These projects ended last year and I was subsequently laid off. As a tower wiring electrician, I installed and troubleshot for electronic components of wind turbines, including generators, motors, cables, and communication lines. I am comfortable working in confined and extreme spaces, under difficult working conditions, and for long hours. Typically, I worked in small crews (three to five people) with little to no supervision; other crewmembers looked to me for advice in performing the electrical work.

In addition to my specific electrician experience, my education and other work experience make me a great candidate for the electrician position. I graduated from Hendriks Technical College in May 2009 with a construction electrician certificate following a two-year program. I excelled in my electrician classes, and I ranked fifth in the construction electrician program. Other students frequently looked to me for assistance in figuring out problems and helping with projects.

My strong work ethic, dependability, and ability to work well with others also make me an excellent candidate for this position. I am willing to work long hours, including nights and weekends. In the past ten years, I have only called into work on one occasion (because of a family emergency). I am very eager to find an electrician job, and I will do whatever it takes to do the job right.

Electrician Cover Letter Sample 2:

I understand that you are looking for a dynamic and hardworking electrician for your company. I am a certified electrician with over eight years of experience in this field, and firmly believe that I have the aptitude to perform all the tasks expected of a senior electrician working in a prestigious firm as yours. Along with this cover letter, you will find my resume enclosed.

I hold a diploma in Electronic Engineering and have successfully completed Electrotechnology level I and II certification. Currently, I am working in PLC Corporation, a firm located in San Diego. Prior to my employment at PLC, which is about 6 years old, I was associated with CTP Ltd., which too is a San Diego based company.

In my present capacity as a senior electrician, I am responsible for:

  • Panel wiring
  • Hiring junior electricians
  • Inventory management
  • Training and providing hands-on experience to junior electricians
  • Fault finding
  • Collaborating with project managers

I am well-versed with different Industrial electrical systems and have rich experience in simPRO and PLC programming.

I constantly try to fine-tune my skill sets and have successfully completed several certification programs held in my company, including a management certification program.

I am an organized, motivated, and committed leader who prides myself on successfully leading complex projects. Throughout my tenure, I have delivered high-quality work and have completed all the projects that I have supervised on schedule.

My resume, attached with the cover letter, provide you with detail information about professional experience, job-related skills, professional achievements, soft skills, and academic qualifications. Given my rich experience and a strong interest in this vacancy, I hope you will give me an opportunity of a personal interview.

Electrician Cover Letter Sample 3:

This is in response to your advertisement on your companies website inviting applications for the recently-vacant post of Journeyman Electrician. I wish to express my interest in the said position as I find that I meet all your requirements. For the past seven years, I have worked as a journeyman electrician in three reputable organizations. At present, I am seeking employment with a progressive company that offers good prospects for growth.

I am a licensed journeyman electrician, having obtained the license after working under the supervision of a master electrician for the mandatory 4-year period, and also hold an associate’s degree in electrical training.

I have had the opportunity of working under three accomplished master technicians during my career. The time spent under their supervision has allowed me to develop, fine-tune, and perfect skills required to perform important tasks such as preparing and implementing designs and plans of electrical wiring systems for commercial establishments and buildings. In addition, I am adept at locating and fixing faults as well as at performing all type of electrical maintenance tasks.

An eye for detail, the ability to execute tasks as guided by a master technician and a willingness to work in a team has kept me in good stead throughout my career. These skills, coupled with my superior job-related skills, I believe will help me become an integral part of your team.

It will be a nice experience to work with a large organization like yours. If selected, I am sure, I will be able to forge a mutually-beneficial and long-lasting relationship with your team.

My resume, which I have attached with this application, will apprise you in further detail about my experience and skills. I hope you will consider my application and will give me an opportunity of an interview.

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