20 Epic Interview Questions and Answers

Prepare for the types of questions you are likely to be asked when interviewing for a position at Epic.

Epic Games is one of the leading game developers in the industry and is known for its popular game engine technology. If you’re looking to score a job at Epic Games, you’ll need to be prepared to answer some specific interview questions about the company and its products. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of some of the most common Epic Games interview questions so you can go into your interview with confidence.

Epic Interview Process

The interview process at Epic can vary in length depending on the position you are applying for, but generally speaking it is a fairly lengthy process. The difficulty of the interviews also varies depending on the position, but they are generally quite difficult. Overall, the experience is generally positive, although it can be frustrating at times due to the length and difficulty of the process.

1. What would you say is your biggest strength and weakness?

This question is a common one in interviews, and it’s important to be honest. Interviewers want to know what you’re good at and where you can improve. When answering this question, think about your most recent performance review or self-evaluation. Consider the skills that were praised and those that need improvement.

Example: “My biggest strength is my ability to work well with others. I’ve always been able to communicate effectively and collaborate with people from different backgrounds. My weakness is that sometimes I’m too eager to get things done. This has led me to take on more projects than I can handle at times.”

2. Describe a time when you had to provide technical support for a client or team member.

This question can help the interviewer understand your problem-solving skills and ability to communicate with others.

Example: “In my previous role, I was responsible for providing technical support for our company’s game engine software. One day, a developer on my team called me because they were having trouble installing the software. After troubleshooting the issue, I realized that the installation disc had been damaged in transit. I contacted the vendor who sent us another copy of the disc. The next day, we installed the new disc and everything worked as expected.”

3. What do you think about Epic’s products/services?

This question is a great way to test your knowledge of the company and its products. It also gives you an opportunity to show that you have done some research on Epic Games.

Example: “I think Epic’s Unreal Engine is one of the best game engines in the industry. I’ve used it for several projects, and it has always been easy to use and highly functional. The engine allows me to create high-quality games without having to spend too much time or money developing my own technology. I also really like Fortnite because it’s such a unique game with a lot of replay value.”

4. Why should we hire you as opposed to the other candidates applying?

This question is a great way for employers to learn more about your qualifications and how you can benefit their company. When answering this question, it’s important to highlight the skills that make you an ideal candidate for the position.

Example: “I believe I am the best candidate because of my extensive knowledge of Epic’s game engine technology. In my previous role as a software engineer, I worked with Unreal Engine 4 on several projects, including developing new features and fixing bugs. This experience has given me valuable insight into what makes the engine so successful and how I can help other developers use it to create high-quality games.”

5. Tell us about a project that did not go well. How did you manage it?

This question is a great way to show your problem-solving skills and how you can learn from past mistakes. When answering this question, it’s important to be honest about the situation but also highlight what you learned from it.

Example: “In my last role as an art director, I was working on a project that required me to create a lot of concept art for different characters in the game. The client wanted more variety than we could provide with our current assets, so I decided to hire an outside artist to help us out. Unfortunately, the new artist did not meet the quality standards of the company and had to be let go after only two weeks. We ended up losing money on that project because of the additional costs.”

6. Can you tell me about a difficult situation with a coworker and how you handled it?

This question can help the interviewer get a better sense of your interpersonal skills and how you might fit in with their team. When answering this question, it can be helpful to think about a time when you had to work through conflict or disagreement with a coworker.

Example: “In my last position as an associate producer, I worked with a developer who was consistently late on his projects. While I understood that he was working on multiple projects at once, I felt like he could have been more proactive in managing his time. Instead of confronting him directly, I scheduled weekly meetings with him where we discussed his progress on each project. This helped me understand what challenges he was facing and allowed us to come up with solutions together.”

7. Have you worked in an agile development environment before?

Agile development is a common practice in the gaming industry, so interviewers may ask this question to see if you’re familiar with it. If you haven’t worked in an agile environment before, consider describing your experience working in another type of fast-paced work environment.

Example: “I’ve never worked in an agile development environment before, but I have worked in a fast-paced environment where we had to meet deadlines and produce quality work quickly. In my last role, I was part of a team that developed new features for a website every week. We were constantly communicating with our client about what they wanted and needed from us, which made it challenging to stay on schedule. However, we managed to complete all of our projects on time.”

8. Which areas of software development are you most interested in?

This question can help the interviewer determine if your interests align with Epic’s goals. You can use this opportunity to show that you have a passion for software development and are eager to learn more about what it takes to create games.

Example: “I’m most interested in game design, but I also enjoy learning about coding languages and how they work together to build an entire game. I’ve always been fascinated by how computers process information so quickly and efficiently, which is why I find programming languages so interesting. I think working at Epic would be a great way to continue developing my skills as a programmer.”

9. Do you have experience working with cloud-based services?

Cloud-based services are a growing trend in the tech industry, and Epic Games is no exception. This question allows you to show your knowledge of current trends and how they apply to your work experience.

Example: “I have worked with cloud-based services before, but I prefer working on my own computer. Cloud-based services can be useful for sharing files between team members or collaborating on projects, but I find that it’s easier to use my own computer when I need to access important documents quickly. However, if I were hired by Epic Games, I would definitely learn more about using their cloud-based service.”

10. What kind of strategy would you use if you were creating marketing materials for Epic?

Marketing is an important part of any business, and Epic Games is no exception. The interviewer may ask you this question to see how well you understand the company’s marketing strategy and whether you can apply it to your own work. In your answer, try to show that you know what kind of marketing Epic does and how you would implement similar strategies in your own work.

Example: “I think one of the most effective ways to market a game is through social media. I would create a plan for using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach out to our target audience and get them excited about our games. I would also use email marketing to send out newsletters with information on new releases and special offers.”

11. If hired, what would be your approach to developing new software?

This question is an opportunity to show your knowledge of the company’s products and how you would apply them. You can also use this as a chance to highlight any unique or innovative ideas you have for software development.

Example: “I believe that it’s important to create new software that meets the needs of users, so I would start by conducting research on what they want from our products. Then, I would develop prototypes based on those findings and test them with users to make sure they’re effective. Finally, I would implement the best features into the final product.”

12. Tell us about a time where you had tight deadlines but still managed to complete the project on time.

This question is a great way to show your ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention the specific steps you took to complete the project on time.

Example: “In my last role as a game designer, I was working on a new level for an existing game when our team received feedback from the client that they wanted some changes made to the level. We had two weeks until the release of the game, so we needed to make sure all of the changes were made before then.

I immediately gathered my team together and explained the situation. Then, we discussed what changes could be made within the two-week deadline. After that, we split up the tasks and got started.”

13. Explain the process you used to prepare yourself for this interview.

Interviewers may ask this question to learn more about your personality and how you approach challenges. They want to know that you are organized, prepared and willing to put in the effort to succeed. In your answer, explain what steps you took to prepare for the interview and highlight any unique or creative methods you used.

Example: “I started preparing for this interview by researching the company online. I found out a lot of information about Epic Games and its culture from Glassdoor reviews and other sources. After learning more about the company, I decided to apply for this position because it seemed like a great fit for my skills and interests.

To prepare myself for this interview, I reviewed my resume and practiced answering common interview questions. I also made sure to wear professional clothing so that I would make a good first impression.”

14. When was a time you went above and beyond to help a customer?

This question can help the interviewer get a better sense of your customer service skills. It can also show them that you’re willing to go above and beyond for others, which is an important quality in any role.

Example: “When I worked at my previous job as a sales associate, we had a customer who was looking for a specific type of video game console. We didn’t have it in stock, but I offered to call other stores within a 50-mile radius to see if they had one. One store did have the console, so I drove there to pick it up and deliver it to our customer.”

15. If a project didn’t turn out well, how would you assess what went wrong?

This question can help an interviewer assess your problem-solving skills and ability to learn from mistakes. When answering, it can be helpful to mention a specific situation where you had to analyze the results of a project or task and make improvements.

Example: “In my last position as a game designer, I was tasked with creating a new character for one of our games. After several weeks of development, we realized that the character wasn’t quite what we were looking for. Rather than scrapping the entire project, I decided to redesign the character while keeping some of the original elements. This allowed us to save time and money on the project.”

16. What tech tools do you use daily?

This question can help an interviewer get a better idea of your technical skills and how you use them. You can answer this question by listing the tools you’ve used in previous positions, as well as any additional ones that you’re familiar with.

Example: “In my current role as a software engineer, I use several tech tools daily. These include JIRA for project management, Confluence for documentation and communication, Bitbucket for version control and GitHub for code repositories. In addition to these tools, I also have experience using GitLab, Trello, Asana and Slack.”

17. How do you keep up with the latest trends in technology?

The interviewer may ask this question to see if you’re familiar with the latest developments in your field. To answer, list a few of the most recent technological advancements and explain how they apply to your work.

Example: “I’ve been following the development of virtual reality for several years now, so I’m excited that Epic is developing games for VR platforms like Oculus Rift. In my last position, I was responsible for updating our game engine technology to support new graphics cards and processors. This allowed us to create more realistic visuals and complex gameplay.”

18. What is your opinion on open source software?

Open source software is a growing trend in the tech industry, and Epic Games has used open source technology to create its game engine. An interviewer may ask this question to see if you have experience with open source software or if you’re familiar with the benefits of using it. In your answer, try to explain why you think open source software is beneficial and how you would use it if you were hired by Epic Games.

Example: “I believe that open source software is an excellent way for developers to collaborate on projects and share ideas. I’ve worked with open source software before, and I find that it’s a great resource for learning new coding techniques and finding solutions to problems. If I were hired at Epic Games, I would be excited to contribute to the company’s open source community.”

19. We want our employees to be innovators. What do you think is the most important thing to remember when trying to be innovative?

This question is a great way to show your understanding of Epic’s values and culture. When answering, it can be helpful to reference the company’s mission statement or core values.

Example: “I think that one of the most important things when trying to be innovative is to remember that innovation doesn’t always have to be something new. Sometimes, you can innovate by taking an old idea and making it better. I’ve found that sometimes the best ideas are ones that we already know about but haven’t yet implemented.”

20. Tell us why you want to work at Epic.

This question is a great way to show the interviewer that you’ve done your research on the company and are genuinely interested in working there. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention something specific about Epic’s culture or values that resonates with you.

Example: “I want to work at Epic because of its reputation for being an innovative leader in the gaming industry. I’m passionate about video games and have always admired how Epic has created some of the most popular games in recent years. I think my skills as a programmer would be a valuable asset to the team.”


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