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Event Planner Cover Letter Examples & Writing Tips

Use these Event Planner cover letter examples and writing tips to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

Event planners coordinate and manage events like parties, weddings, conferences, and conventions.

So, if you’re organized, detail-oriented, and enjoy problem-solving, you’re a great fit for the job.

But first, you need to prove it in your cover letter. Follow these examples and tips to write a cover letter that’s sure to get you the interview.

Event Planner Cover Letter Example 1

Please accept my application for the event planner position you currently have posted on your company website. The description for this position parallels my passions and qualifications perfectly as an Event Planner with three years of comprehensive event and customer service experience.

While I currently enjoy working at my current company, ultimately I know my heart wants to follow a different path and passion and I believe joining a full-service event production and event management company, such as yours, aligns with my interests and desires. I also have all the qualifications necessary to excel in this position. My current position as Special Events Manager has provided me with the opportunity to manage multiple events, budgets, deadlines, schedules, and programs for a very diverse demographic. I currently coordinate a variety of events including professional executive luncheons, formal legislative breakfasts, picnics for 450 individuals with disabilities, conferences of 500+ individuals, and golf tournaments with minimal supervision. I am also responsible for the marketing and advertising aspects of the events and am skilled in the Adobe software, including Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator as well as the Microsoft Office Suite.

Not only do I have the professional knowledge necessary to be successful in this position, but I also have excellent interpersonal skills and experience in customer service, working with a diverse population including organization members, executives, volunteers, event attendees, and coworkers. I am accustomed to working weekends and after-hours, as it is necessary in the event planning field. As an artist, I bring a creative and fresh approach to events as well as maintain a detail oriented and organized approach to event coordination.

My energetic and positive personality allows me to work well with others while still displaying a hard work ethic and professional demeanor. I am confident that my abilities and passion for events make me a successful and capable event planner. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you further to discuss my candidacy and qualifications. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Event Planner Cover Letter Example 2

I am highly interested in the role of the event planner position that you have available. Please accept this cover letter and the enclosed resume as my application for your review.

I believe your organization atmosphere is a perfect match for my field of expertise. My 15 years of progressive experience in various channels of event planning. Together with my previous sales experience in the entertainment industry as a supplier to events, has given me a valuable insight into the overall relationships of planning.

Having natural interpersonal and communication abilities, I have built a solid foundation of trust and strategic partnerships with clients, venues and service providers, which has separated us from the competition.

Other important features are the capacity for effective guidance and the ability to motivate staff and vendors to work together as a team. I am exceptional in handling multiple facets of event planning such as research for different venues, budget management, contract negotiation, staff training, event promotion, and outcome reporting. I will characterize myself as a problem solver, excellent team player, fast-paced, energetic, and able to relate to people.

I believe that to be the best Planner requires thinking differently, adopting new behaviors and creating a culture to support success. It’s not just staying ahead of the competition, but changing the game by being unconventional, innovative, embracing new ways of working and creating successful events.

With this type of embracement and my event experience, I know that my creativity will enhance your already well know events. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you my abilities and the specific needs of your events.

Event Planner Cover Letter Example 3

My name is Jennifer Gates, I am a graduate from McMaster University with an Honors degree in Communications and have several years of event and marketing coordination experience.

My experience has given me an ideal foundation in sales, marketing and event coordination. I demonstrate both strong leadership and project management skills. My responsibilities have included preparing e-blasts, media buying, copy-writing/managing web, electronic and print media campaigns, establishing/preparing marketing calendars and their corresponding budgets, and research and apply marketing.

Some of my event planning experiences include:

  • Golf tournaments with several activities throughout, including managing the branding aspect, of approximately 220 people.
  • Social gatherings in a restaurant atmosphere with or without themes, upwards to 450 people.
  • Social media event planning. Creating, promoting and using social media as the means to plan and promote events with an open amount of attendees.

From managing multiple deadlines and projects to leveraging new media and alternate marketing outlets, my effective communication skills set and result driven attitude have given me a solid business foundation. While being an effective self-starter, I am also a creative team player with a “think outside of the box” approach. I understand the value of deadlines and goals and have a track record of creating effective plans and initiatives to reach those. I keep the client’s vision statements in mind all the while maintaining their brand personality. I am motivated, resourceful and want to be an asset to your team.

I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss the opportunity to work with your company in the marketing industry and to apply the skills I have acquired through my education and to further enhance my marketing knowledge.

Event Planner Cover Letter Writing Tips

Show Your Interpersonal Skills

As an event planner, you’ll be working with clients and coordinating with many different individuals and groups. Thus, it’s important to show your interpersonal skills in your cover letter.

To do this, mention specific examples of how you were able to manage a difficult situation involving several stakeholders and describe how you were able to resolve it effectively.

Be enthusiastic about the company

It’s important to show your enthusiasm for the event planning company in your cover letter. This is especially true if you’re applying for a position with a small or lesser-known company. Employers are more likely to notice candidates who are enthusiastic about their business because they see this as an indication that you’ll be dedicated and engaged when working for them.

To make it clear that you are enthusiastic about the company, share why their mission resonates with you and how it fits into your long-term career goals. Also, explain how excited you would be to help advance the cause of the organization in any way possible if hired.

Make your cover letter conversational

Event planners must maintain a friendly and professional demeanor with clients and other employees, so it’s important to make sure your cover letter doesn’t come across as too stiff. Instead, make sure you write the letter in a way that comes across as friendly and engaging.

Be sure to proofread your cover letter

Your cover letter is the first chance you have to impress a hiring manager. If you leave a grammatical error in your cover letter, it will be difficult to recover from this mistake.

Read over your cover letter multiple times before submitting it. Have a friend or family member read it as well, and ask them if they notice any errors. If grammar and spelling aren’t a strong suit for you, hire someone to edit your cover letter before submitting it. It’s better to be safe than sorry when applying for jobs!


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