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16 Eyelash Technician Skills for Your Career and Resume

Learn about the most important Eyelash Technician skills, how you can utilize them in the workplace, and what to list on your resume.

An eyelash technician is a professional who applies and maintains eyelash extensions. This job requires a variety of skills, including excellent customer service, the ability to work with small tools, and good manual dexterity. If you’re interested in becoming an eyelash technician, learning about the necessary skills can help you decide if this is the right career for you.

Artistic Ability

Eyelash technicians use artistic ability to create unique and attractive styles for their clients. They often apply false eyelashes by hand, which requires precision and attention to detail. Eyelash technicians also need to be able to draw or paint designs on the face using makeup.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are the abilities to communicate with others and understand their emotions. This is an important skill for eyelash technicians because they often work one-on-one with clients, so it’s important that they can build rapport with them and make them feel comfortable. It also helps if they can read their client’s reactions when applying lashes so they know whether or not they’re doing a good job.

Eye Shape

Eyelash technicians need to be able to assess the shape of their clients’ eyes in order to determine which type of eyelashes would look best. For example, if a client has almond-shaped eyes, an eyelash technician should know that this means they have shorter outer lashes and longer inner lashes. This is important because it can help ensure that the client’s new set of eyelashes will complement their eye shape well.

Retail Sales

Eyelash technicians often sell products to clients, so it’s important for them to have retail sales skills. They should be able to explain the different types of eyelashes and other products they offer and answer any questions customers may have about these items. It’s also helpful if they can recommend certain products based on a customer’s needs or preferences.


Sanitation is the process of maintaining cleanliness in a work environment. As an eyelash technician, you should be familiar with proper sanitation techniques to ensure that your clients’ safety and comfort are maintained throughout the treatment process. You may also need to sanitize equipment before each client to prevent cross-contamination.

Lash Removal

Lash removal is the process of removing individual eyelashes after applying mascara or other cosmetic products. Eyelash technicians use this skill to ensure their clients’ lashes are clean and free of any excess product. This ensures a natural look for the client’s eyes, which can help them feel more confident about their appearance. It also helps the technician maintain sanitary conditions in their work environment.

Manual Dexterity

Manual dexterity is the ability to use your hands and fingers to perform tasks. As an eyelash technician, you may need manual dexterity to apply individual lashes or create unique designs with false eyelashes. You can practice this skill by learning how to sew or creating art projects like origami.


The ability to style clients’ lashes is an important skill for an eyelash technician. This includes applying mascara, false eyelashes and other products that enhance the appearance of a client’s natural lashes. Styling also refers to creating unique styles with different types of artificial lashes. For example, some technicians specialize in creating dramatic looks while others prefer more subtle styles.

Client Consultation

Client consultation is an important skill for eyelash technicians to have because it allows them to understand their clients’ needs and expectations. This can help the technicians provide a service that meets those needs, which may lead to repeat customers. It’s also important for client consultation skills so they can answer any questions their clients may have about the treatment process or the products they use.


Maintenance is the ability to perform routine tasks that keep a space or object in good condition. As an eyelash technician, you may need to clean and disinfect workstations regularly to prevent infections from forming on clients’ skin. You also might maintain your own personal tools by cleaning them after each use and sharpening their blades when necessary.


Eyelash technicians use creativity when creating unique styles for their clients. They may also need to be creative when applying eyelashes, as they must ensure the lashes are applied evenly and look natural. This requires attention to detail and an ability to think outside of the box. For example, if a client has naturally long eyelashes, the technician might apply shorter extensions to create a fuller effect.

Lash Application

Lash application is the process of applying individual eyelashes to a client’s natural lash. Eyelash technicians use this skill when creating full or partial sets of lashes. During an appointment, they may apply several different styles of lashes and teach their clients how to apply them at home. This ensures that clients can maintain their new look between appointments.


Advertising is the process of informing potential customers about your business and its products. As an eyelash technician, you may need to advertise your services through social media or by word-of-mouth. You can also use advertising skills when creating marketing materials for your business. For example, you might create a poster that informs people about your services and how they can contact you.

Product Knowledge

Eyelash technicians should have a thorough understanding of the products they use. This includes knowing how to apply and remove different types of mascara, eyeliner and other cosmetic products. It’s also important for them to know about the various tools they may use during treatments, such as tweezers or curlers.


Eyelash technicians must be patient when working with clients to ensure they provide the best service. This job requires a lot of attention to detail, so it’s important for eyelash technicians to remain calm and focused on their work. Patience also helps them listen carefully to client requests and answer questions thoroughly.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is a skill that can help you perform your job well. As an eyelash technician, you may need to apply individual lashes precisely and accurately so they look natural. You also might use small tools like tweezers or needles when applying products to clients’ eyes. Being attentive to details can help you ensure the safety of your clients and provide them with quality service.

How Can I Learn These Eyelash Technician Skills?

There are a few ways that you can learn the necessary skills to become an Eyelash Technician. One way is to find a local beauty school or cosmetology program that offers classes in lash extensions. Another way is to find a private lash artist who is willing to train you one-on-one. You can also look for online courses or tutorials that can teach you the basics of lash extensions. Whichever route you choose, make sure that you are getting plenty of practice before you start working on clients.


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