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15 Front Office Supervisor Skills for Your Career and Resume

Learn about the most important Front Office Supervisor skills, how you can utilize them in the workplace, and what to list on your resume.

A front office supervisor is responsible for the overall operation of the front office, including supervising staff, handling customer inquiries, and resolving complaints. Front office supervisors need to have a variety of skills to be successful in this role. If you are interested in becoming a front office supervisor, or if you are already in this role and want to improve your skills, then learning about the most important skills for this position can help you succeed.


Organization is the ability to keep track of multiple tasks and responsibilities. Front office supervisors often have many duties, so it’s important for them to be organized. This ensures they complete their work on time and can find information when needed. It also helps them delegate tasks to other employees effectively. For example, if a coworker has an emergency, a front office supervisor who is well-organized can quickly locate their contact information.

Training & Development

Front office supervisors often train new employees and help them develop their skills. They also track employee performance, which requires knowledge of the company’s training programs and how to evaluate employees fairly. Finally, they may lead workshops or seminars for employees who want to improve their skills in areas like customer service or time management.


Leadership is the ability to motivate and guide others. Front office supervisors often lead teams of employees, so it’s important that you know how to provide guidance and support for your team members. You can also use leadership skills when delegating tasks or assigning duties to new staff members.

Inventory Management

A front office supervisor needs to be familiar with inventory management, which involves tracking and monitoring the supply levels of products or services. This is an important skill because it ensures that your company has enough resources available for customers. It also helps you identify when supplies are running low so you can place orders before any disruptions occur.

Office Administration

Office administration skills include the ability to use computer software, file paperwork and manage calendars. Front office supervisors often perform administrative duties such as scheduling meetings, taking phone calls and responding to emails. They also keep track of employee information, including benefits details, performance reviews and vacation schedules.

Event Planning

Event planning is the ability to plan and execute events, such as conferences or meetings. This skill can be useful in a front office supervisor role because it demonstrates your organizational skills and attention to detail. You may also use event planning skills when creating marketing campaigns for hotels or other businesses you work with.

Customer Service

Customer service skills are important for front office supervisors because they often interact with customers and clients. They need to be able to provide excellent customer service, which includes greeting people, answering questions, resolving issues and providing information about the company’s products or services. Customer service skills also include empathy, patience and kindness when dealing with customers.


Communication is the ability to convey information clearly and concisely. As a front office supervisor, you may need to communicate with employees, customers and managers. You can use your communication skills to relay messages from management, answer employee questions and address customer concerns. Strong communication skills are also important for maintaining an open line of communication between departments so that everyone understands what their role is in the company’s success.

Decision Making

Front office supervisors often need to make quick decisions about customer service issues, scheduling and other aspects of their job. They should be able to analyze a situation and choose the best course of action quickly. For example, if an employee calls in sick, the front office supervisor may need to decide which member of their team can cover for them or whether they need to find a replacement.

Staff Supervision

Front office supervisors often supervise a team of front desk staff, so it’s important that they have the skills necessary to provide effective supervision. This includes knowing how to delegate tasks and responsibilities, providing feedback on performance and offering guidance when needed. Supervisors also need to be able to resolve conflicts between employees or customers and diffuse tense situations.

Guest Services

Guest service skills are important for front office supervisors because they often interact with customers and clients. They need to be able to provide excellent customer service, answer questions and resolve issues that arise. Guest service skills can also help you build rapport with your team members and encourage teamwork among the staff.


Reception skills are the abilities needed to greet and welcome guests, answer phone calls and emails, schedule appointments and perform other duties at a reception desk. Front office supervisors often work in an office environment where they interact with customers or clients directly. Having strong reception skills can help you build rapport with others, communicate clearly and resolve issues quickly.

Project Coordination

Front office supervisors often oversee multiple projects at once, so it’s important for them to have strong project coordination skills. This can include managing the completion of tasks and ensuring that all employees are working toward the same goals. It also involves delegating responsibilities among team members and assigning projects based on skill set.

MS Office

Front office supervisors should have a strong understanding of Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These programs are used to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations that can be helpful in managing the front desk of an organization. For example, you may use these programs to create employee schedules or track customer information.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is the ability to identify and resolve issues. Front office supervisors often use problem-solving skills when handling customer complaints, scheduling conflicts or resolving workplace disputes. For example, if a customer complains about an error on their bill, you might need to find the source of the mistake and correct it. This requires analyzing the situation, identifying potential solutions and implementing one.

How Can I Learn These Front Office Supervisor Skills?

There are a few ways that you can learn the necessary skills to be a front office supervisor. Many of these skills can be learned through on-the-job training, or through formal education and training programs. You can also develop these skills through experience working in customer service or administrative roles. If you are interested in pursuing a career in front office supervision, it is important to develop strong communication, organizational, and leadership skills.


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