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15 Gas Station Attendant Skills for Your Career and Resume

Learn about the most important Gas Station Attendant skills, how you can utilize them in the workplace, and what to list on your resume.

Gas station attendants typically work in customer service roles, helping customers with tasks like pumping gas and checking oil levels. They may also be responsible for cleaning the station and restocking supplies. Because of the customer service nature of the job, gas station attendants need to have strong people skills. They should also be able to handle basic maintenance tasks and be comfortable working with technology, like gas pumps and credit card machines.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is a skill that can help you perform your job well. As a gas station attendant, it’s important to pay close attention to the details of each transaction so you can accurately process payments and provide customers with accurate change. It’s also important to be aware of any issues or concerns customers may have with their vehicles so you can address them quickly and efficiently.

Fuel Delivery

Fuel delivery is a necessary skill for gas station attendants to have, as it involves the transfer of fuel from one container to another. This can include transferring fuel from a storage tank into a vehicle’s gas tank or transferring fuel from one type of container to another. Having this skill ensures that you know how to properly fill vehicles’ tanks and reduces the risk of spills or accidents.

Payment Processing

Gas station attendants often process payments for customers, which requires them to have excellent customer service skills and knowledge of the payment methods accepted by their employer. They should be able to accept cash, credit cards and debit cards as well as check deposits and money orders.

Gaining experience in this area can help you become more comfortable with handling money and provide you with an opportunity to practice your math skills.

Customer Service

Customer service skills are important for gas station attendants to have because they help them provide a positive experience for their customers. Customer service skills include smiling, greeting customers and being attentive to the needs of your patrons. It’s also important to remember customer names so you can be more personable with them when they return.

Hazardous Waste Handling

Hazardous waste is a byproduct of the fuel production process. It’s important for gas station attendants to know how to handle these materials safely and dispose of them properly. This ensures that you’re protecting your customers, yourself and the environment from any potential harm.

Hazardous waste includes items like oil filters, antifreeze, cleaning supplies and other chemicals used in the maintenance of vehicles. You should be familiar with proper disposal methods so you can ensure that these materials are disposed of correctly.

Safety Procedures

Safety is an important aspect of any job, especially one that involves working with potentially dangerous materials. As a gas station attendant, you should be familiar with the safety procedures for your workplace and how to handle emergencies. For example, if someone spills fuel on themselves or their car, you should know what steps to take to ensure their safety.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are the abilities to communicate with others and understand their emotions. This is an important skill for gas station attendants because they often work directly with customers, who may be in a variety of moods. Having interpersonal skills can help you interact with customers in a way that keeps them happy and ensures they have a positive experience at your gas station.

Physical Stamina

A gas station attendant often works long shifts, so physical stamina is an important skill for this job. You may need to stand or sit for several hours at a time and lift heavy objects like large containers of fuel or boxes of supplies. Physical stamina also helps you stay alert while working overnight or during the night when there are fewer people around.

Work Well Under Pressure

Gas station attendants often work in fast-paced environments where they need to remain calm and focused. Customers may be upset if their credit card doesn’t work or if the pump is out of order, so it’s important for gas station attendants to stay composed when facing challenges. They also need to prioritize tasks quickly and efficiently to ensure that customers receive prompt service.

Inventory Management

A gas station attendant needs to be able to manage the inventory of their location. This includes knowing where all the different types of fuel are stored, how much is in each tank and what type of fuel a customer requires for their vehicle. It’s also important to know which products you have on hand so that you can inform customers if you’re out of stock or need to order more.

Emergency Response

Emergency response is the ability to react quickly and appropriately in emergency situations. This skill can be useful for gas station attendants, who may need to respond to emergencies such as fires or car crashes. Emergency response skills include knowing how to operate fire extinguishers and other safety equipment and being able to call emergency services when necessary.

Product Knowledge

Gas station attendants should have a thorough knowledge of the products they sell. This includes knowing how to operate any equipment that customers may need assistance with, such as pumps or repair tools. It’s also important for gas station attendants to know what types of fuel their stations offer and which ones are compatible with different vehicles.

Pump Operation

A gas station attendant needs to know how to operate the pumps and other equipment used to fill customer’s vehicles with fuel. This includes knowing how to read the display on each pump, which can help you determine if a customer is being charged correctly or if there are any issues with the machine. It also means knowing how to use the various buttons and switches that control the pumps so you can start and stop them when needed.

Time Management

Time management is the ability to plan and execute tasks in a timely manner. As a gas station attendant, you may need to manage multiple tasks at once, including operating cash registers, filling fuel tanks, cleaning bathrooms and maintaining inventory. Having strong time-management skills can help you prioritize your duties and ensure that customers receive prompt service and employees are able to take their breaks on time.

Security Procedures

Security procedures are the steps that you take to ensure the safety of your customers and yourself. You should be familiar with any security systems in place at your workplace, including fire alarms, surveillance cameras and emergency exits. It’s also important to know how to handle emergencies like fires or accidents so you can keep everyone safe.

How Can I Learn These Gas Station Attendant Skills?

There are a few ways that you can learn the necessary skills to become a gas station attendant. Many of these skills are learned on the job, so working as a gas station attendant is a good way to learn the ropes. You can also take classes or get certification in areas like customer service, hazardous waste handling, and emergency response. Finally, paying attention to detail and being able to work well under pressure are important skills for any gas station attendant, so try to develop these skills in your everyday life.


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