20 Genworth Interview Questions and Answers

Prepare for the types of questions you are likely to be asked when interviewing for a position at Genworth.

When you go to a job interview, you can expect to be asked a variety of questions. However, if you are interviewing for a position with Genworth, you may be wondering what specific questions you will be asked.

Genworth is an insurance company that is dedicated to help people secure their financial lives, families, and futures. As such, the company is interested in hiring individuals who are passionate about helping others and who have the skills and knowledge to do so.

In order to assess whether or not a candidate is a good fit for the company, Genworth interviewers will ask a mix of general and specific questions. Some of the general questions you may be asked include, “Tell me about yourself” or “Why are you interested in this position?”. Genworth interviewers will also ask questions that are specific to the company, such as, “What do you know about our products and services?” or “What do you think sets us apart from other insurance companies?”.

Answering these questions well is essential to getting the job you want with Genworth. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to prepare for your interview. In addition to researching the company and

Genworth Interview Process

The interview process at Genworth is generally pretty quick and easy. Most positions only require one or two interviews, and the entire process can be completed within a few weeks. The difficulty of the interviews varies depending on the position, but most are fairly straightforward. Overall, the experience is positive and the company seems to be very accommodating.

1. What is your experience with the insurance industry?

This question is a great way to show your interviewer that you have the necessary experience for this role. If you don’t have any prior insurance industry experience, consider talking about how you would apply your skills and knowledge to this position.

Example: “I’ve worked in customer service for five years now, and I’m very familiar with the importance of providing excellent customer service. In my last job, I was responsible for answering phones and emails from customers who had questions or concerns about their policies. I also helped them find solutions to their problems by researching information online and connecting them with our team of experts.”

2. Do you have any experience working in a call center environment?

Genworth is a call center that handles customer service and sales. The company wants to know if you have experience working in this type of environment, as it can help them determine whether or not you are qualified for the position. If you do have experience, be sure to highlight your skills and how they will benefit Genworth.

Example: “I worked at my previous job in a call center where I handled incoming calls from customers who had questions about their policies. I am very experienced with handling phone calls and helping people solve problems. I also have excellent communication skills, which helped me work well with other agents on my team.”

3. Are you comfortable working on multiple projects at once?

Genworth is a company that requires its employees to multitask and work on multiple projects at once. The interviewer may ask this question to determine if you have the ability to manage your time effectively and complete tasks in a timely manner. In your answer, explain how you stay organized and prioritize your workload.

Example: “I am comfortable working on multiple projects at once because I find it easier to focus on one task at a time rather than trying to juggle several things at once. However, I do have excellent organizational skills, which helps me keep track of all my assignments and deadlines. I also use various productivity apps to help me stay on top of my work.”

4. How do you manage stress? Describe a stressful situation and how you handled it.

Genworth is a company that requires its employees to work under pressure. The interviewer wants to know how you handle stress and if you can perform well in high-pressure situations.

Example: “I have found that the best way to manage stress is by exercising regularly, eating healthy meals and getting enough sleep. I also make sure to take time for myself every day so I can recharge my batteries. When working under pressure, I try to remain calm and focused on the task at hand. I am always willing to ask for help when needed.”

5. What type of work schedule are you looking for?

Genworth is a 24/7 operation, and they want to know that you are willing to work any shift. They also want to make sure that you can handle the workload of their company.

Example: “I am looking for a full-time position with regular hours. I have two children at home, so I need to be able to get them to school in the morning and pick them up from daycare in the afternoon. I would like to work a 9am-5pm or 10am-6pm schedule, but I am flexible if needed.”

6. Tell us about a time when you demonstrated exceptional customer service skills.

Genworth is a company that values customer service, so it’s important to show the interviewer you can provide excellent service. When answering this question, try to think of an example where you helped a client solve a problem or provided them with exceptional care and attention.

Example: “When I worked at my previous job, I had a client who was having trouble paying their insurance bill each month. They were struggling financially, but they didn’t want to cancel their policy because they knew it would be difficult to get back on once they canceled. So, we talked about other options for them, like lowering their premium payments or switching to a different plan. In the end, we found a solution that worked for them.”

7. What would you do if a customer was upset, how would you handle it?

Genworth is a company that helps people with their financial security, so it’s important to be able to handle customer service situations. Your answer should show the interviewer you can empathize and help customers resolve issues.

Example: “I would first try to understand why they were upset or frustrated. I would then apologize for any inconvenience caused by our company and offer them solutions to solve their problem. If they are still unhappy, I would do my best to find a solution that makes them happy.”

8. How do you keep up to date with changes in the insurance market?

Genworth is looking for candidates who are passionate about the insurance industry and want to learn more. They ask this question to see if you have a passion for learning and growing as an employee. In your answer, explain how you stay up-to-date with changes in the insurance market. Share any resources or methods that you use to keep yourself informed.

Example: “I am passionate about the insurance industry because I believe it’s important to help people secure their futures. To keep myself updated on current events, I subscribe to several newsletters from different companies within the insurance sector. I also attend conferences and seminars hosted by these companies to hear what they have to say about new developments.”

9. We pride ourselves on having an excellent team. What makes a great team member?

This question is a great way to show your interviewer that you are dedicated to teamwork and collaboration. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention how you have helped make teams more effective in the past.

Example: “A great team member is someone who is willing to help others succeed. I believe that when we all work together toward a common goal, we can achieve so much more than if we were working alone. A great team member also has a positive attitude and is always ready to lend a helping hand.”

10. Do you have experience managing people? If so, tell me about a project that you managed.

This question is a great way to see if you have management experience. If you don’t, it’s okay to say that you haven’t but that you are willing to learn how to manage people.

Example: “I’ve never had the opportunity to manage anyone before, however, I am very good at delegating tasks and communicating with my team members. In my previous position, I was responsible for managing a large project where we needed to create new software for our company. I delegated tasks to each of my team members and communicated with them daily about their progress.”

11. Give an example of a time where you had to manage several responsibilities simultaneously.

This question is a great way to show your ability to multitask and prioritize tasks. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention the steps you took to manage all of your responsibilities and how they helped you achieve success in your role.

Example: “In my previous position as an underwriter for Genworth, I was responsible for reviewing applications from customers who were looking to secure life insurance policies. In one instance, I had three different applications that needed to be reviewed within 24 hours. I started by reading through each application thoroughly and making notes on what information I would need to gather before I could make a decision. After gathering all of the necessary information, I worked through each application individually and made sure to review them thoroughly.”

12. When did you start learning about the insurance industry?

This question is a great way to show your interviewer that you have been dedicated to learning about the insurance industry for some time. You can answer this question by telling them when you first started working in the insurance industry and what inspired you to do so.

Example: “I started learning about the insurance industry when I was in high school, where I took an elective class on it. The teacher of the course talked about how important insurance is to our financial lives and encouraged us to pursue careers in the insurance industry. After taking his class, I knew that I wanted to work in the insurance industry because I saw how much good we could do for people.”

13. What is your favorite way to communicate with other employees or managers?

Genworth is a global company that has employees and managers in many different locations. The interviewer wants to know how you will communicate with your team members, especially if the job requires you to work remotely at times. Your answer should show that you are comfortable using technology for communication and collaboration.

Example: “I am very tech-savvy and I love collaborating through video conferencing software like Zoom or Skype. I find it easier to collaborate when I can see my colleagues’ facial expressions and body language. I also use Slack for instant messaging and email for more formal communications.”

14. Which area of insurance policy appeals to you the most?

This question is a way for the interviewer to understand your interest in their company and how you might fit into it. If you have experience with insurance, you can use that knowledge to answer this question. If not, you can explain which area of policy interests you most and why.

Example: “I’ve always been interested in financial security, so I would say that life insurance appeals to me the most. I think it’s important to protect people from losing everything they’ve worked hard for, especially if something happens to them unexpectedly. Life insurance helps families get through those tough times.”

15. Why do you want to work at Genworth?

This question is a great way to show your interest in the company and how you can contribute to its success. When answering this question, it’s important to highlight what attracted you to Genworth and why you think you’re a good fit for the role.

Example: “I want to work at Genworth because I’m passionate about helping people secure their financial futures. I’ve always been interested in insurance, so when I saw that Genworth was hiring, I knew I had to apply. I believe my skills as an accountant would be beneficial to the team here.”

16. Describe a time when you disagreed with a manager’s decision. How did you handle it?

Genworth wants to know that you can respectfully disagree with a manager and still maintain a positive relationship. This question also helps the interviewer determine how well you work under supervision.

Example: “I once disagreed with my manager’s decision to not give an employee a raise, even though they had been working hard for the company. I spoke with my manager about my concerns and asked them why they didn’t think it was appropriate to give the employee a raise. They explained their reasoning, which made sense to me. However, I offered to help find ways to make up for the lack of pay increase by finding other opportunities for the employee.”

17. What areas of our business would you like to be involved with?

This question is a great way to show the interviewer that you have done your research on their company and are eager to get started. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention specific departments or projects that you would like to work with.

Example: “I am very interested in working with Genworth’s customer service department. I find that helping customers solve problems and answer questions is one of my favorite parts of being an insurance agent. I also think that the new home automation project sounds really interesting. I would love to learn more about how we can use technology to help our clients.”

18. Tell me about a complex problem that you solved.

This question is a great way to show your problem-solving skills and how you can apply them in the workplace. When answering this question, it’s important to be specific about what steps you took to solve the problem and what the outcome was.

Example: “When I worked as an insurance agent, I had a client who wanted to buy life insurance but didn’t want to take a blood test because of his medical history. He asked me if there were any other ways he could prove that he was healthy enough to get coverage. After some research, I found out that we could offer him a non-invasive test that would give us all the information we needed without having to draw blood.”

19. How do you feel about being regularly monitored for quality assurance purposes?

Genworth is dedicated to providing quality customer service and ensuring that their employees are doing the same. They ask this question to make sure you’re comfortable with being monitored, as it’s a regular part of working for them. Your answer should show that you understand why they monitor their employees and that you would be willing to comply with any monitoring processes they have in place.

Example: “I understand why Genworth monitors its employees, and I’m happy to comply with any monitoring processes they have in place. I want to work for an organization that values quality assurance and wants to ensure that all of its employees are delivering excellent customer service.”

20. Can you describe what a typical day would look like in this position?

This question is a great way to learn more about the responsibilities of this position and how it fits into the company’s overall goals. When you answer, try to include as many details as possible so that the interviewer can get a better idea of what your day would look like if they decide to hire you.

Example: “I would arrive at work around 8 am each morning and check in with my supervisor before beginning my daily tasks. My first task of the day would be to review any new claims or applications for coverage. I would then begin reviewing the status of current policies and make sure all customers are receiving the best service possible. After completing these tasks, I would have a quick meeting with my team to discuss our progress.”


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