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Help Desk Cover Letter Examples & Writing Tips

Use these Help Desk cover letter examples and writing tips to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

Help desk specialists help users solve computer problems. They troubleshoot software and hardware issues, perform routine maintenance, and recommend upgrades.

A cover letter for a help desk position is a great way to showcase your computer knowledge and customer service skills.

Read through these examples and tips to learn how to write a help desk cover letter that will catch hiring managers’ attention.

Help Desk Cover Letter Example 1

I have been working in IT for the last three years in different capacities, but most recently as part of the help desk team. I’ve cut my teeth at both small and big companies, sometimes working in-house or as part of a remote team to make sure help is offered where needed. The tasks assigned to the help desk in all these companies differed according to the nature of the company and product, but they all revolved around ensuring customer satisfaction through proper communication.

I have had the pleasure of working as part of both small and large help teams and exploring the mechanics of how such teams work together. Each team has had its own challenges, both from within and from customers we deal with daily. I have learned to deal with all of these challenges as they come, which has made me more flexible and knowledgeable.

I like challenges, and I acknowledge that the help desk comes with its own share, depending on the company in question. Your company’s services offer a unique challenge for the help desk team, and I would like to be part of that as it happens.

I am particularly enthralled by and a huge fan of the services your company offers. I am also a quick learner, which has helped me stay flexible as I change companies and learn about new products. I am confident that when coupled with my other accumulated skills, this skill will come in handy in your company, and will make my transition a seamless one.

I am always available at short notice to answer any other queries you might have about my qualifications or experience.I do hope that my application meets your positive consideration, and I’ll be waiting for feedback.

Help Desk Cover Letter Example 2

I have worked at an IT helpdesk in the past, and it is something I’ve enjoyed. IT specialists tend to be introverted and unable to communicate well. When you work at an IT helpdesk, you need a lot of knowledge. But you also need communication skills so that you can help the people who call you. I pride myself on knowledge of the products and software I offer support on as well as the ability to relate to the people who call in for help. I aim to be helpful and efficient, meaning that I need to communicate my knowledge with ease.

One of my qualities that makes me a capable IT helpdesk worker is patience. People who call in for assistance have varying degrees of understanding. It is important to be able to cater to their needs and help them. A few questions at the beginning of the conversation help me judge the customer’s level of knowledge so that I can tailor my approach. A targeted help approach solves the problem quickly and leaves the customer satisfied with the outcome.

I have worked as an IT helpdesk consultant at different companies. I have a keen understanding of computers and find learning about new products or services easy. Together with my people skills, I work well independently and always receive good ratings for my service. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss my experience and approach in more detail. It would give me the chance to demonstrate to you why I would be the ideal employee for your organization.

Allow me to thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Help Desk Cover Letter Example 3

Please accept this letter and enclosed resume as my interest in your advertised vacancy for an IT Help Desk personnel.

After coming across your vacancy listing, I was compelled to write to you and submit my resume. I do believe I am an ideal candidate for this position. During my career, I have gained experience in both systems administration and IT help desk support. Together with my strong problem-solving skills, my experience has equipped me with a good background for this position.

In my current position, I have gained a reputation for solving client issues in record time compared to the company average. It is here that I have tangibly demonstrated my problem-solving and collaboration skills. Also, I have strong communication skills and am fully proficient in English and Spanish. I believe in a customer-centered approach when solving help desk queries and strive to always provide clients with above average service.

In the field of IT, a good knowledge of computing as well as help desk software. I am confident in my abilities in both areas which is part of the reason for my success in past help desk positions. I work well under pressure and am able to efficiently multitask when assisting with help desk queries. Together with my problem-solving skills, I have become proficient in resolving conflict among co-workers and with clients.

I have received my formal qualification in the form of a diploma in Information Technology. In terms of computing software, I am a quick learner and pick up new software fairly quickly. I am currently proficient in SQL, JavaScript, Dreamweaver as well as the full Microsoft Office Suite.

Thank you for your time and considering my resume for the position. I look forward to hearing back from you and would be privileged to meet for an interview to discuss the details of my resume.

Help Desk Cover Letter Writing Tips

Show Off Your People Skills

To demonstrate that you have strong customer service skills, be sure to focus on how well you interact with customers in your cover letter. This means explaining how you’ve excelled at resolving client problems and building relationships with clients. Mentioning relevant certifications will help make your application stand out as well.

Demonstrate your technical knowledge

If you want to get hired as a help desk specialist, it’s important to demonstrate your understanding of technical processes and terminology. Use your cover letter to showcase this expertise by clearly explaining computer-related terms and how they pertain to the position for which you’re applying.

Use action verbs

If you’re applying for a job as a help desk technician, your cover letter should reflect that you’re knowledgeable about technology and comfortable working with it. It should also highlight the fact that you have strong problem-solving skills.

To achieve this, use action verbs when describing your abilities. For example, say that “I assisted users by identifying issues, implementing solutions and monitoring progress to ensure successful completion of projects.” By using these types of words in your cover letter, you’ll convey confidence in yourself as well as give hiring managers confidence in their decision to hire you.

Proofread your cover letter

As a help desk professional, your position requires you to act as the liaison between the company and its customer base. Therefore, presenting yourself in an error-free manner is key to securing an interview for this role.

Proofread each word in your cover letter to ensure it is spelled correctly. Double-check your grammar and sentence structure. If possible, ask a friend or family member to read through it to ensure all elements are in place.


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