Homework Resources for Middle School Students

You’ll find lots of great online resources for middle school students, whether your child needs teacher-led support, interactive flashcards, or prefers to research on their ow

School assignments and homework projects have changed significantly over the past two decades, with many online resources. Middle school students benefit from accessing a wealth of well-researched information, subject-specific details, and interactive programs through mobile apps and websites.

While many websites and resources are available online, choosing the most reputable and helpful sites for your child is essential. Some children in middle school are eager to prepare for high school or focus on academia. Other students absorb new material and learn better with visual cues and interactive trivia games.

The following websites offer fantastic tools and support for learning during middle school years. Each resource offers various methods, from intensive study guides and visual games to reference tools and subject-specific information. You’ll also find a wealth of online platforms that allow teachers, students, and parents to interact virtually for greater support.

Quizlet is an interactive website that uses flashcards to help students with learning content. The site offers free membership for students and parents. The website uses the information you enter from various subjects, such as science, math, social science, arts, and languages, to create flashcards or notes. These notes and information are then generated into quizzes for students to learn and study for any topic.


This website offers study guides on subjects that require support. The tools and guides offered on SparkNotes include charts you can print for note-making, materials to prep for school tests, and specific summaries of literature studies. 

The subjects covered include literature, film, history, language, math, and more. You’ll find everything from classic literature guides to materials and tools to prepare for college application.

SparkNotes offers a free membership program, with the option of paying a small fee for each download and saved document for reference.

National Geographic Kids

You’ll find a lot of first-rate global resources to research and discover the world from the internet. The National Geographic website offers world-class information, including scientific facts, references to books, to inspire and learn more about global matters. The site offers a lot to explore in wildlife, ecosystems, history, and science.

This website may not be specifically geared towards middle school students, though it’s a terrific place to start your research. Nat Geo Kids offers a wide range of products available for purchase, such as books, apps, videos, and games.

If you’re looking for a quick answer to supplement a project or book report, is a great tool to find what you need. The website operates with over 200 volunteers from various fields of expertise. They offer quick answers for students who need support for homework assignments. To use the interactive website, enter and post your question, and a certified teacher will provide an answer.

Answers are usually ready within an hour, depending on who is online and available to answer at the time. If you need information right away, you can also use the website’s search feature to find details on a specific topic. also offers a reference guide section that provides links for additional resources.

PBS Learning Media for Students

This website is a popular tool that facilitates collaboration with teacher-led and managed projects. Teachers who create an account can manage a curriculum-based environment for students to learn through direct engagement.

While students may benefit from teacher guidance through this learning medium, there is also the option of reversing the process and giving students the option to direct their own learning experience through project-based modules.

Discovery Education

This website is ideal for students who enjoy learning outside of the classroom. Discovery Education offers free resources that bring a renewed interest or “life” to traditional learning. The website features a wide range of videos, contests, interactive quizzes, games, and virtual labs. All these activities help students enjoy education while having fun and getting more involved in their education.

Moose Math

Moose Math is a great online app for mobile devices that helps kids with math. The tool offers various problem-solving options that begin from elementary to more advanced techniques for middle school students. Each lesson functions like a game to earn points towards building and decorating your town or city.

While the Apple-based app may seem better suited to elementary students, Moose Math is a perfect tool for reviewing primary and intermediary math concepts that can provide significant support for more complex assignments.


You’ll find lots of great online resources for middle school students, whether your child needs teacher-led support, interactive flashcards, or prefers to research on their own. While some schools customize a learning experience that entails in-person and online learning, there are many reputable, interactive online tools that your child can use as a resource for any school subject.

Children learn in many ways, and there’s a significant number of resources available today. Websites, tools, and resources offer a much broader experience for students, in addition to in-person classrooms and traditional education. You’ll find lots of free and inexpensive options for your child and their specific learning ability online, from reviewing the basics in math and language to preparing for high school and college.


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