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How to Help Your Teen Find a Job

This article will help you pinpoint the necessary steps for your teen to have a successful job search.

Finding your first job can be challenging. Navigating a new territory, inserting yourself into unknown environments and situations, and trying to show up as your best self can be exhausting and stressful. 

With our adult wisdom on the topic, having been there ourselves, we can help them through their new journey. With the knowledge and experience previously acquired, you can quickly figure out how to help your teen find a job.

The segments below will help you guide through the process with your teenager, helping them succeed in their job search. 

Identify Interests

What does your teen like to do? With all the jobs on the market for teenagers, which does your teen think would be the most fun to do consistently? 

Maybe your teen has no idea what would be a good fit for them. Take this opportunity to encourage them to reach out to prospective employers. Many welcome the opportunity to have people come in and job shadow or volunteer for the day. Additionally, this may lead to a job offer if the manager appreciates the effort put in.

An extra benefit to this route is that it clearly shows your teen the expectations that employers will place on them in the workplace. Many teens walk into a new job unassuming and are surprised by the demands placed on them.

With their interests narrowed down, this allows them a better scope to search out open availability. For a teenager, having a job that they can be excited to go to is a huge benefit and will keep them motivated to do a good job.

Start The Search

Teaching your teen how to identify open positions correctly is a critical step. As adults, we are aware of all the different avenues to determine what companies are hiring and what jobs. However, teenagers are new to the game and don’t have this information.

Direct your teen to local and regional job search engines that suitable options may advertise through. Additionally, many local and community colleges provide job postings online specific to younger generations. This search method makes it easier to target those organizations that hire teenagers and young adults routinely.

After combing through the local engines, take the time to show them national databases. In addition to these routes, encourage them to cold call companies that they are interested in to see if they have any positions open. 

As you search for the open jobs available, keep in mind to pay close attention to the details. As a teen, there are often many competing components in their life. Whereas some play sports, others may serve on a particular school organization. Both can affect their work availability when they find themselves in a paid job.

Prepare For The Interview

When the moment comes that they get their first interview, it is your cue to help them prepare appropriately. Dictate to your teen the importance of professional behavior, appropriate clothing, timeliness, and etiquette. 

In addition to these steps, take the time to role-play interviews so that they know what to expect. You can find sample interview questions online, so set aside a block of time before the discussion occurs to go through the questions and answers.

Removing the unknown component from the situation can help to alleviate the anxiety and stress that the teen may be feeling surrounding the situation. Walking through each step and helping them understand the process will feel more settled in their next steps. Not only will this help to calm them down, but it will also help them present more professionally, making the chances of being hired more likely.


The process of finding your first job can be challenging and stressful. Having to navigate new territories while inserting yourself into unknown environments and situations is anxiety-inducting. Adding in the component of trying to show up as your best self can be another level of exhausting and stressful. 

As adults, and having been there ourselves, we can help our teens through their new journey. Having previously acquired the needed wisdom and knowledge, you can easily figure out how to help your teen find a job. This article will help you pinpoint the necessary steps for them to be successful. 


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