20 Informix 4GL Interview Questions and Answers

Prepare for the types of questions you are likely to be asked when interviewing for a position where Informix 4GL will be used.

Informix 4GL is a powerful programming language that helps developers create sophisticated applications. If you are interviewing for a position that requires Informix 4GL skills, it is important to be prepared to answer questions about your experience and knowledge. In this article, we review some of the most common Informix 4GL interview questions and provide tips on how to answer them.

Informix 4GL Interview Questions and Answers

Here are 20 commonly asked Informix 4GL interview questions and answers to prepare you for your interview:

1. What is Informix 4GL?

Informix 4GL is a programming language used to develop applications for the Informix database. It is a fourth-generation programming language, which means it was designed to be more user-friendly and efficient than earlier programming languages.

2. Can you give me a brief summary of the history of Informix 4GL?

Informix 4GL was originally released in 1985 as a tool for rapidly developing database-driven applications. It was one of the first 4GLs available and quickly became popular due to its ease of use and flexibility. In the early 1990s, Informix 4GL was updated to include object-oriented features and became known as Informix-4GL Object Language Extension (OLE). In the late 1990s, Informix was acquired by IBM and the product was renamed to IBM Informix 4GL. Today, IBM Informix 4GL is still widely used for developing database-driven applications.

3. How does Informix 4GL relate to other languages like C and SQL?

Informix 4GL is a high-level programming language that is used for developing applications. It is similar to other languages like C and SQL in that it can be used to create programs that interact with databases. However, Informix 4GL is specifically designed to be easier to use and more efficient for developing applications that work with databases.

4. Can you explain what an ESQL cursor is in Informix 4GL?

A cursor is a temporary work area created in memory when a SQL statement is executed. A cursor contains information on a select statement and the rows of data retrieved by the statement. This allows the rows to be processed one at a time.

5. What are some common tools used with Informix 4GL?

There are a few different tools that are commonly used with Informix 4GL. One is the Informix 4GL compiler, which is used to compile 4GL programs into executable code. Another common tool is the Informix 4GL runtime environment, which is used to execute 4GL programs. Finally, the Informix 4GL debugger is a tool that can be used to debug 4GL programs.

6. What’s the advantage of using Informix 4GL over traditional programming languages like Java or C++?

The main advantage of using Informix 4GL is that it is specifically designed for working with databases. This means that it has a number of features and functions that make it easier to query and update data in a database. It also includes a number of tools for working with databases that are not available in traditional programming languages.

7. What is the difference between Informix and MySQL?

The main difference between Informix and MySQL is that Informix is a relational database management system (RDBMS) while MySQL is a free, open source database. Additionally, Informix is designed to work with larger databases and is better suited for enterprise applications while MySQL is more popular for web-based applications.

8. What are some key features of Informix 4GL?

Some key features of Informix 4GL include the ability to rapidly develop applications, the ability to easily integrate with other languages and tools, and the ability to produce high-quality code.

9. Is it possible to use standard code libraries for Informix 4GL? If yes, then how?

Yes, it is possible to use standard code libraries for Informix 4GL. You can either use the Informix 4GL compiler to compile the library code into an object file, or you can use the ‘load’ function to dynamically load the library at runtime.

10. What kind of data can be stored in variables in Informix 4GL?

Informix 4GL variables can store a variety of data types, including integers, strings, and dates.

11. Which database management system do you think is better: Informix or PostgreSQL? Why?

I believe that Informix is the better database management system for a few reasons. First, Informix has been around longer and is thus more mature and feature-rich. Second, Informix is designed specifically for OLTP applications, while PostgreSQL is a more general-purpose DBMS. Third, Informix offers better performance and scalability than PostgreSQL.

12. Is it possible to include comments in Informix 4GL programs? If yes, then how?

Yes, it is possible to include comments in Informix 4GL programs. To do so, you will need to use the — (double dash) symbols. Anything that appears after the double dash symbols on a given line will be treated as a comment and will not be executed by the 4GL compiler.

13. Is there a way to create subroutines in Informix 4GL? If yes, then how?

Yes, there is a way to create subroutines in Informix 4GL. This can be done by using the DEFINE SUBROUTINE statement. This statement allows you to create a subroutine within your 4GL program. The syntax for this statement is as follows:

DEFINE SUBROUTINE subroutine-name



14. What is your opinion on the security issues that have been reported by users of Informix 4GL?

While I cannot speak to the specifics of the security issues that have been reported, I can say that I believe that any software has the potential to have security issues. It is important to be aware of the potential risks when using any software, and to take steps to mitigate those risks.

15. What are the different types of supported datatypes in Informix 4GL?

The different types of supported datatypes in Informix 4GL are:


16. What are some best practices that should be followed when creating an Informix 4GL program?

Some best practices for creating an Informix 4GL program include modularizing your code, using clear and consistent naming conventions, and comment your code liberally. Additionally, it is generally a good idea to limit the use of global variables, and to avoid using dynamic SQL whenever possible.

17. What makes Informix 4GL more powerful than other languages?

Informix 4GL is more powerful than other languages because it is specifically designed for developing database-driven applications. It has a wide range of features that make it easy to connect to databases, manipulate data, and create user interfaces.

18. What are some examples of real-world applications created with Informix 4GL?

There are many applications that have been created with Informix 4GL, including the popular database management system, IBM Informix. Other examples include the software used by the United States Postal Service to track mail delivery, and the software used by the Department of Motor Vehicles in California to track vehicle registration.

19. What is the future of Informix 4GL as compared to other languages like Python or Go? Do you think its popularity will continue to grow?

While it is difficult to say definitively what the future holds for any given language, it seems likely that Informix 4GL will continue to be popular for the foreseeable future. Its popularity is likely due in part to its ease of use and the fact that it is a very powerful language. Additionally, its popularity is likely to continue to grow as more and more people become familiar with it and its capabilities.

20. Can you give me some advice on where I should go to learn more about Informix 4GL? Are there any good books or websites out there that cover advanced topics?

There are a few different places you can go to learn more about Informix 4GL. The first place to check would be the IBM website, as they have a lot of documentation and resources available. Additionally, there are a few books available on the subject, such as “Informix 4GL by Example” and “Informix 4GL Programming”. Finally, there are a few websites out there that offer helpful tutorials and code examples, such as and


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