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What Does an International Sales Manager Do?

Find out what an International Sales Manager does, how to get this job, salary information, and what it takes to succeed as an International Sales Manager.

The International Sales Manager plays an essential role in expanding a company’s global market presence and increasing revenue. By strategizing and implementing effective sales techniques, this position focuses on identifying and developing new business opportunities across international borders. The role involves a deep understanding of diverse market dynamics, customer preferences, and cultural nuances to tailor approaches that resonate with each unique market. Collaboration with local and international teams to align sales strategies with overall business goals is a fundamental aspect of the job. Through fostering relationships with overseas clients and partners, the International Sales Manager ensures the company’s products and services meet the global demand, driving long-term growth and success in the international arena.

International Sales Manager Job Duties

  • Develop and implement strategic international sales plans to accommodate corporate goals.
  • Identify, evaluate, and pursue new business opportunities in international markets, including market research and analysis to identify potential customers and partners.
  • Negotiate and close deals with international clients, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • Coordinate with logistics and supply chain teams to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of products to international customers.
  • Provide training and support to international distributors and sales representatives to ensure product knowledge and sales techniques are up to standard.
  • Collaborate with marketing team to create and implement marketing strategies tailored to specific international markets.
  • Manage and resolve any international customer service issues or complaints, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Monitor and report on international sales performance, market trends, and competitor activity to inform business strategies.

International Sales Manager Salary & Outlook

Factors influencing an International Sales Manager’s salary include industry experience, the complexity of markets managed, language skills, the size of the sales team overseen, the volume of international accounts handled, and the ability to navigate cultural differences to drive sales. Performance-based bonuses also significantly affect overall compensation.

  • Median Annual Salary: $89,250 ($42.91/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $173,000 ($83.17/hour)

The employment of international sales managers is expected to grow at an average rate over the next decade.

This growth is driven by increased global trade and e-commerce, necessitating skilled professionals to navigate international markets, manage cross-border sales teams, and adapt strategies to diverse cultural norms and regulations, ensuring companies can effectively compete and expand their global footprint.

International Sales Manager Job Requirements

Education: An International Sales Manager typically holds a Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree, with majors in Business Administration, International Business, Marketing, or related fields. Coursework often includes international marketing, cross-cultural communication, global logistics, and foreign language studies to navigate diverse markets effectively. Advanced degrees, like an MBA with a focus on international business, can further enhance prospects, emphasizing strategic planning, leadership, and global market analysis skills.

Experience: International Sales Managers typically possess extensive experience in global market analysis, sales strategy development, and cross-cultural communication. Their background often includes hands-on roles in sales, marketing, and business development, with a focus on international markets. Successful candidates usually have undergone on-the-job training in sales techniques, negotiation, and customer relationship management, often supplemented by formal training programs in international business practices. Experience leading diverse teams and navigating the complexities of different regulatory environments is also crucial. Continuous professional development through workshops and seminars on global market trends is common among these professionals.

Certifications & Licenses: International Sales Manager positions typically do not require specific certifications or licenses. However, certifications in sales, marketing, or international business, such as Certified International Sales Specialist (CISS) or Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP), can be beneficial.

International Sales Manager Skills

Cross-Cultural Communication: Effective interaction across various cultures is paramount for International Sales Managers aiming to establish robust, trusting relationships with global clients and partners. Recognizing cultural nuances, interpreting verbal and non-verbal signals, and adjusting sales approaches to align with the distinct preferences of each market are core components of this skill.

International Market Analysis: A sharp ability to analyze economic, cultural, and political environments is necessary for identifying opportunities and assessing risks in global markets. Tailoring strategies to connect with diverse consumer groups enhances competitive edge and facilitates market entry in foreign territories.

Export Compliance: Compliance with the legal and regulatory frameworks of different countries is critical for International Sales Managers. It involves keeping abreast of international trade laws, securing the required export licenses, and liaising with customs officials to avoid shipment delays and legal complications.

Currency Exchange Management: Optimizing pricing strategies in various markets to maintain competitiveness and profitability, despite fluctuating exchange rates, is a key responsibility. It also involves identifying and mitigating financial risks linked to international transactions to protect the company’s financial health.

Global Distribution Strategies: Establishing efficient routes to market products internationally is crucial. By balancing logistics, regulatory compliance, and market demand, International Sales Managers ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of goods, optimizing the supply chain and boosting profitability.

Multilingual Negotiation: The ability to communicate fluently in several languages removes cultural and linguistic obstacles, enabling smoother negotiations with international clients. This skill builds trust and rapport, essential for securing deals and sustaining long-term business relationships.

International Sales Manager Work Environment

An International Sales Manager operates in a dynamic environment where the office setting might blend traditional spaces with modern digital tools, reflecting the global nature of their work. The workspace is equipped with advanced communication technologies to facilitate seamless interaction with clients and teams across different time zones. This role often demands flexibility in work hours to align with international markets, necessitating a balance between traditional office hours and remote work possibilities.

Travel is a significant component, with the manager frequently visiting overseas clients, attending trade shows, and exploring new markets. This necessitates a professional yet adaptable dress code, suitable for diverse cultural contexts. The pace can be fast, driven by sales targets and market demands, but it’s moderated by a culture that values strategic thinking and relationship building.

Interaction with a broad network of professionals is central, requiring strong interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity. Companies usually support professional development to stay ahead in global market trends, emphasizing continuous learning. The work environment, while demanding, offers a unique blend of technological engagement, cultural immersion, and professional growth opportunities.

Advancement Prospects

An International Sales Manager can ascend to higher roles such as Director of International Sales or Vice President of Global Sales. Achieving these positions often requires a proven track record of sales success across multiple markets and the ability to lead diverse teams.

To advance, focusing on strategic market expansion and demonstrating expertise in cross-cultural negotiation and communication is crucial. Mastery in leveraging data analytics for market insights and decision-making can set a candidate apart.

Building a portfolio of successful market entries and expansions showcases the ability to drive growth, a key metric for higher-level positions. Additionally, fluency in multiple languages, though not mandatory, can significantly enhance a candidate’s profile for global roles.


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