20 Jollibee Interview Questions and Answers

Prepare for the types of questions you are likely to be asked when interviewing for a position at Jollibee.

Jollibee is a popular fast food chain in the Philippines with over 750 stores nationwide. If you’re applying for a job at Jollibee, you can expect to be asked some company-specific interview questions.

Some of the questions you may be asked include:

– What do you know about Jollibee? – Why do you want to work for Jollibee? – What are your strengths and weaknesses? – What would you do if you received an order that was incorrect?

Answering these questions well can help you stand out from the other candidates and increase your chances of getting the job.

Jollibee Interview Process

The interview process at Jollibee is generally pretty straightforward. After applying, you will usually be contacted within a few days to schedule an initial phone interview. This interview is mostly just to get to know you and your availability. If everything goes well, you will be invited to come in for an in-person interview.

The in-person interview is usually with a manager or assistant manager. They will ask you questions about your experience and why you want to work at Jollibee. They may also give you a tour of the store and introduce you to the other employees. If they think you would be a good fit, they will offer you the job on the spot. Otherwise, you may be asked to come back for another interview.

1. What are you most excited about in regards to working at Jollibee?

This question is a great way to gauge the candidate’s enthusiasm for working at Jollibee. It also helps you understand what they know about the company and its culture. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention something specific that you learned from your research about the company.

Example: “I am most excited about the opportunity to work with such an innovative brand. I have read many articles about how Jollibee has been able to stay relevant in today’s fast food market by offering unique menu items and providing excellent customer service. I think I would really enjoy being part of a team that values innovation.”

2. Do you think Jollibee is a good fit for you and why?

This question is a great way for employers to learn more about your personality and how you feel about the company. They want to know that you are excited about working at Jollibee, so be sure to show enthusiasm in your answer.

Example: “I think Jollibee is a great fit for me because I love working with people and serving them delicious food. I am also very passionate about customer service, which is something that Jollibee prides itself on. I would love to work here because of its reputation as one of the best fast food chains in the Philippines.”

3. How would you handle an unhappy customer?

An interviewer may ask this question to assess your customer service skills. They want to know how you would handle a situation that could potentially damage the company’s reputation. In your answer, demonstrate your ability to empathize with customers and resolve their issues in a timely manner.

Example: “I understand that sometimes things can go wrong at restaurants. I always try my best to make sure every customer leaves happy. If they are unhappy or have an issue with something, I will do everything I can to fix it as quickly as possible. For example, if someone is upset because of long wait times, I will find out what happened and take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

4. How do you stay organized when handling multiple tasks?

The interviewer may ask this question to learn more about your time management skills and how you prioritize tasks. Use examples from previous experiences where you were able to handle multiple projects at once, while still meeting deadlines and achieving goals.

Example: “I use a calendar app on my phone to keep track of all my appointments and due dates for each project I’m working on. This helps me stay organized and ensures that I don’t miss any important deadlines or meetings. In my last position, I was responsible for managing the social media accounts for two different brands, so I used separate calendars to organize my daily tasks.”

5. What do you know about the food industry?

The interviewer may ask this question to see if you have any experience working in the food industry. If you don’t, they may want to know what other industries you’ve worked in and how your experiences can translate into success at Jollibee.

Example: “I worked as a server for five years before I became a manager. During that time, I learned about customer service and teamwork, which are two skills that I think will help me succeed in this role. In my last position, I also learned how to manage inventory and budgeting, which is something I’m looking forward to doing again.”

6. Describe your previous work experience, what did you enjoy the most and least?

This question is a great way to learn more about the candidate’s work history and how they feel about their previous jobs. It can also help you determine if they are ready for a new challenge or if they would be better suited for a different position within your company.

Example: “I have worked in customer service for over five years, so I enjoy helping customers find what they’re looking for and answering any questions they may have. However, I do get tired of working long hours on my feet all day. I’m excited to apply for this position because it seems like there are opportunities for advancement.”

7. Why should we hire you?

This question is a great way to test your confidence and ability to sell yourself. When answering this question, it can be helpful to highlight some of your most relevant skills and experiences that make you the best candidate for the job.

Example: “I am an extremely hard worker who always strives to exceed expectations. I have excellent communication skills and am able to work well with others. My experience working in customer service has taught me how to provide exceptional service to customers while also maintaining a positive attitude. I believe these skills would help me succeed as a team member at Jollibee.”

8. Explain how you would encourage a team member to go above and beyond their job description.

This question can help the interviewer understand your leadership skills and how you motivate others to succeed. Use examples from past experiences where you motivated a team member or coworker to do more than their job required, helping them achieve goals and develop professionally.

Example: “I believe that everyone has the potential to be great at what they do. I would encourage my team members by giving them opportunities for growth and development. For example, when I worked as a server at a restaurant, I noticed one of my coworkers was very friendly with customers but often forgot to write down orders. So, I asked her if she wanted to learn how to take orders on the computer system so she could practice taking orders while also saving time during busy hours.”

9. Tell us about a time where you had to deal with a difficult situation or individual as part of a team.

This question is a great way to assess your problem-solving skills and ability to work as part of a team. When answering this question, it can be helpful to provide specific details about the situation or individual and how you helped resolve the issue or helped them improve their performance.

Example: “At my previous job, I had an employee who was consistently late for work. This would cause him to miss his scheduled breaks, which in turn caused other employees to cover for him. Eventually, we sat down with him and discussed why being on time was important. He understood that he needed to change his behavior and committed to arriving at work five minutes early each day. After two weeks, he was still showing up late, so we decided to implement a consequence if he didn’t arrive on time. We told him that if he arrived late again, he would have to take a week off without pay. The next day, he arrived on time.”

10. What is your favorite thing on our menu?

This question is a great way to see if you have tried our food before. It also allows the interviewer to get an idea of your tastes and preferences, which can be important for determining how well you will fit in with their team. When answering this question, it’s best to choose something that is not too specific or obscure so that the interviewer understands what you are talking about.

Example: “I love Jollibee’s Chicken Joy because I am a big fan of spicy foods. The combination of sweet and spicy flavors really hits the spot for me.”

11. If there was no one else around to help, how would you handle taking orders from three customers at once?

This question is a good way to test your multitasking skills. It also shows the interviewer how you would handle stressful situations and remain calm under pressure.

Example: “I have experience taking orders from multiple customers at once, so I know that it’s important to be organized and efficient when doing this. When taking orders from three people at once, I would first write down all of their orders on my notepad. Then, I would repeat each order back to them to make sure I understood everything correctly. Finally, I would thank them for their business and move onto the next customer.”

12. Tell me about a time where you were able to organize other people’s work to finish a task quicker.

This question is a great way to show your ability to work as part of a team. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention how you helped the team complete their task and what the outcome was.

Example: “At my previous job, I worked with a team that had many projects going on at once. One day, we were all working on different tasks when one of our coworkers asked for help with something they were working on. I decided to take over their project so they could help out with the other coworker’s request. By doing this, I was able to finish their project before the deadline while also helping another coworker.”

13. In your opinion, what makes a successful manager?

This question is a great way to show your leadership skills and how you would apply them in the workplace. When answering this question, it can be helpful to think about what makes you successful as an employee.

Example: “A successful manager should have strong communication skills, which I feel are essential for leading a team. A manager needs to be able to clearly explain their expectations and goals so that everyone on the team understands what they need to do. They also need to be approachable and willing to listen to ideas from their employees. Finally, a successful manager should be someone who cares about their team members and wants to help them succeed.”

14. Give an example of a time where you were not satisfied with your own performance.

Employers ask this question to see how you handle failure. They want to know that you are willing to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself. In your answer, explain what steps you took to ensure you did not repeat the same mistake in the future.

Example: “I was working as a server at a restaurant when I had an instance where I forgot to give my customer their drink. When they asked for it, I apologized and gave them another one on the house. The next day, I made sure to write down all of my orders so I could avoid making the same mistake again.”

15. Have you ever worked in a fast-paced environment before?

This question is a great way for employers to learn more about your experience working in a fast-paced environment. If you have previous experience, be sure to highlight the skills and qualities that helped you succeed in this type of work environment.

Example: “I’ve worked in several fast-paced environments before, including my current role as a server at a busy restaurant. I’m used to multitasking and prioritizing tasks quickly. In fact, I find it easier to perform multiple tasks simultaneously than one task at a time. This skill has helped me excel in my career so far.”

16. We want all our employees to be enthusiastic about our brand. What excites you about Jollibee?

This question is a great way to show your knowledge of the company and how you can contribute to its success. If you have experience working in food service, it’s likely that you’ve eaten at Jollibee before. Use this opportunity to share what makes the brand unique and why you’re excited about working there.

Example: “I love Jollibee because I grew up eating here with my family. It’s always been one of my favorite places to eat, so when I saw the job posting online, I knew I had to apply. I’m looking forward to being part of such an iconic brand.”

17. Are you comfortable working independently and/or leading a team?

Jollibee is a fast-paced environment, and the company wants to make sure you’re comfortable working in that type of atmosphere. They want to know if you can work independently or as part of a team.

Example: “I am very comfortable working both independently and leading a team. I have worked on my own for most of my career, but I also enjoy collaborating with others. In fact, I find it helpful to bounce ideas off other people when I’m trying to solve a problem. I think it’s important to get input from everyone because no one person has all the answers.”

18. One of our values here at Jollibee is love for family. Can you tell me about a time that you showed someone love?

This question is a great way to show your interviewer that you have the values and morals of Jollibee. It’s also a good opportunity for you to talk about how you’ve used these values in your personal life.

Example: “I grew up with my grandparents, so I know what it feels like to be loved by family. When I was younger, I would babysit my neighbor’s kids after school. They were always so excited when I came over, and they would tell me all about their day. I really enjoyed spending time with them, and I think they felt safe and happy when we were together.”

19. How many hours per week are you looking to work?

Employers ask this question to make sure you’re looking for a full-time position. They also want to know if you have any scheduling conflicts that might prevent you from working the hours they need you to work. When answering this question, be honest about your availability and try to show that you can meet their needs.

Example: “I’m looking for a full-time position where I can work 40 hours per week. My schedule is flexible, so I should be able to work whatever days or hours you need me to work.”

20. We take pride in our excellent service. How would you make sure you provide great customer service?

This question is a great way to show the interviewer that you understand Jollibee’s values and how they apply to your work. Use examples from previous jobs where you’ve provided excellent customer service, or explain what steps you would take to ensure you provide this quality of service in your new role.

Example: “I know that providing excellent customer service is important to Jollibee, so I always make sure I’m friendly and helpful when interacting with customers. When taking orders, I try to remember details about their order so I can check for accuracy before handing it over. If there are any questions, I am happy to answer them and help resolve any issues.”


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