20 Lamar University Interview Questions and Answers

Prepare for the types of questions you are likely to be asked when interviewing for a position at Lamar University.

Lamar University is one of the fastest-growing universities in Texas. Located in Beaumont, Texas, Lamar University offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs.

The interview process at Lamar University is competitive, so you’ll need to be prepared to answer a range of questions. In this guide, we’ve gathered a list of sample Lamar University interview questions and answers to help you prepare for your interview.

Lamar University Interview Process

The interview process at Lamar University can vary depending on the position you are applying for. For some positions, such as a lab technician or study abroad coordinator, you may only have one interview with either a supervisor or HR representative. However, other positions, such as a manufacturing worker or instructional designer, may require multiple rounds of interviews. The length of the hiring process also varies, but generally takes about a month from start to finish.

Overall, reviewers found the interview process to be fair and professional. However, some noted that the process could be confusing, particularly if you are interviewing for a position that has already been filled. Additionally, pay for some positions was found to be extremely low in comparison to other universities.

1. What is your experience with research?

Lamar University is a research-intensive institution, so the admissions committee may ask this question to learn more about your experience with academic research. When answering this question, it can be helpful to describe any previous research projects you’ve worked on and how they helped you develop as a student.

Example: “In my first year of college, I took an introductory psychology class where we had to complete a research project. My group and I decided to study whether people who are naturally optimistic have better health outcomes than those who aren’t. We collected data by surveying 100 students at our university and found that there was a correlation between optimism and good health.”

2. Do you have a specific area of interest in regards to the field of research?

This question is a great way for the interviewer to learn more about your background and interests. It’s important to be honest in your answer, as it can help you connect with the interviewer on a personal level.

Example: “I have always been fascinated by the human brain and how it works. I find that studying the brain helps us understand why we make certain decisions and what makes us unique individuals. In my previous role, I was able to work on a project that studied the effects of stress on the brain. This helped me develop new skills and techniques when working with research subjects.”

3. Why do you want to work at Lamar University?

Employers ask this question to learn more about your interest in their organization. They want to know that you have done research on the school and understand what makes it unique. When preparing for this question, read through the job description and look at Lamar University’s website. Consider highlighting aspects of the position or the university that align with your interests and career goals.

Example: “I am excited to apply for this position because I think Lamar University is a great place to work. I was impressed by the mission statement of the university and how committed it is to providing students with an affordable education. I also love the idea of working in a smaller city like Beaumont. I feel like I could really make a difference here.”

4. How would you describe yourself as a student worker?

This question is an opportunity to show your interviewer that you are a hard worker and dedicated employee. When answering this question, it can be helpful to highlight some of the most important qualities about yourself as a student worker.

Example: “I am someone who always puts in 110% effort into my work. I have never been one to settle for average grades or performance at school or work. I also believe that there is no such thing as too much studying or practice when it comes to learning new skills. I am constantly looking for ways to improve myself and my work so that I can meet all expectations.”

5. Tell me about a time when you were faced with a challenge, how did you handle it?

This question is a great way to learn more about your potential future colleagues. It can also help you determine if Lamar University would be the right fit for you. When answering this question, it’s important to highlight your problem-solving skills and ability to adapt to change.

Example: “When I first started working as an admissions counselor at my current university, there was a lot of confusion surrounding our application process. Students were unsure how to apply online or what documents they needed to submit. To solve this issue, I created a step-by-step guide that outlined all of the requirements for applying to our university. This helped students understand the application process and reduced the amount of calls we received from confused applicants.”

6. Describe a time when you had to make an important decision that affected a group or team.

This question can help the interviewer learn more about your leadership skills and how you make decisions that affect others. Use examples from previous jobs or school projects to highlight your decision-making abilities, communication skills and ability to work with a team.

Example: “In my last job as an administrative assistant, I had to organize a meeting between several managers and executives. The company was planning on implementing new software for their accounting department, so I scheduled a meeting with all of the relevant parties to discuss the pros and cons of each program. After hearing everyone’s opinions, we decided to go with a different software because it would be easier for our employees to use.”

7. As a graduate assistant, what are some qualities you think you should possess?

This question is an opportunity to show the interviewer that you have a strong work ethic and are willing to take on responsibilities. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention qualities like leadership, organization or communication skills.

Example: “I think one of the most important qualities for a graduate assistant is dependability. I am always on time with my assignments and communicate well with my professors and fellow students. Another quality I believe is essential in this role is flexibility. As a student, I understand that sometimes life happens and we need to reschedule meetings or assignments. I am always willing to help out when needed.”

8. Have you ever failed a class? If so, why and what did you learn from it?

This question can help the interviewer get a better sense of your academic background and how you’ve grown from past experiences. It’s important to be honest in your answer, but try to focus on what you learned from the experience rather than dwelling on the failure itself.

Example: “In my first semester of college, I took an introductory biology class that was required for all students in my major. Unfortunately, I didn’t study enough for the final exam and ended up failing it. I was disappointed with myself at first, but after talking with my professor about why I failed, I realized that I needed to make some changes to my studying habits so I could avoid similar situations in the future.”

9. Are you comfortable answering phone calls?

This question is a way for the interviewer to assess your communication skills. They want to know if you can answer phone calls and speak clearly with customers, clients or other important people. Answer honestly about your comfort level and explain how you would handle this situation if it arises.

Example: “I am comfortable answering phones, but I prefer using email as my primary form of communication. If someone needs immediate assistance, however, I will pick up the phone and help them. In my last position, I had a coworker who was out sick one day, so I answered her phone calls while she was gone. It wasn’t too difficult because most of the calls were from students asking questions about their assignments.”

10. What type of people do you like working with?

This question can help the interviewer determine if you would be a good fit for Lamar University. You should answer honestly and try to show that you are willing to work with anyone who is motivated, hardworking and friendly.

Example: “I enjoy working with people who are positive and eager to learn new things. I find it motivating when my coworkers have goals they want to achieve and are excited about their work. I also like working with people who are open to feedback and criticism because it helps me understand how I can improve my own performance.”

11. What do you consider to be the most difficult task related to this job?

This question can help the interviewer determine how you approach challenges and whether you have the skills to overcome them. When answering this question, it can be helpful to think of a time when you faced a challenge in your current or past job and what steps you took to solve it.

Example: “The most difficult task related to this job is helping students who are struggling with their coursework. I always try to make sure that my students know they can come to me for help at any time, but sometimes they need more than just academic assistance. In these situations, I try to connect them with resources on campus that can help them resolve their issues.”

12. What is your approach to solving problems?

This question can help the interviewer determine how you approach challenges and solve problems. Use examples from your previous experience to explain what steps you take when solving a problem, including how you gather information, analyze data and make decisions.

Example: “I start by gathering as much information about the issue as possible. I then try to identify the cause of the problem and develop solutions based on my research. In my last role, I noticed that our sales team was having trouble reaching their monthly quotas. After talking with each member of the sales team, I discovered they were struggling because we didn’t have enough products in stock for customers to purchase. I worked with the marketing department to create more advertisements to attract new customers.”

13. What kind of software programs are you familiar with?

Lamar University uses a variety of software programs to help students succeed. The university wants to know that you have the necessary skills and experience with these programs so you can use them effectively when working for them. When answering this question, list any relevant software programs you’ve used in your previous jobs.

Example: “I am familiar with Microsoft Office Suite, Google Drive and Dropbox. I also have some experience using Adobe Creative Cloud, which is helpful for creating digital content like presentations and videos.”

14. What is your availability for this position?

Employers ask this question to make sure you are available for the job. They want someone who can work full-time and be committed to the position. When answering, list your availability in terms of hours per week and days per week. If you have a flexible schedule, let them know that as well.

Example: “I am available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. I also have some flexibility with my schedule, so if there is an emergency or need for me to work overtime, I would be happy to do so.”

15. What are your long-term career goals?

Lamar University is a smaller school, so it’s likely that you’ll stay there for your entire career. Interviewers ask this question to make sure you’re committed to the university and want to grow with them. When answering this question, be honest about what you hope to achieve in your future career. Explain how Lamar can help you reach those goals.

Example: “My long-term goal is to become an English professor at a large university. I know that getting my Ph.D. will take some time, but I’m excited to work toward that goal while also working here. Lamar has such a great reputation for its writing program, which is why I applied here in the first place. I think I could learn a lot from being part of this department.”

16. Where do you see yourself in five years?

This question is a common one in interviews, and it’s often asked to see if you have goals for your future. When answering this question, be sure to include what you hope to accomplish professionally and personally in the next five years.

Example: “I plan on graduating with my bachelor’s degree in business administration within two years, and I would like to continue working at Lamar University as an administrative assistant. In five years, I hope to have earned my master’s degree in business administration and started my own company.”

17. Give an example of a time when you exceeded expectations.

This question is a great way to show your potential employer that you are capable of more than they may have initially expected. It’s important to be honest and specific when answering this question, as it can help the interviewer understand what kind of work ethic you have.

Example: “In my previous position, I was tasked with creating an event marketing plan for our annual conference. The company had high expectations for the amount of traffic we would receive at the conference, but I exceeded those expectations by 20%. This resulted in over $100,000 in revenue for the company.”

18. What motivates you to put forth your greatest effort?

This question can help the interviewer gain insight into your work ethic. It’s important to show that you’re motivated by more than just money, and it can be beneficial to discuss a personal experience or example of when you were motivated by something other than money.

Example: “I’m motivated by my desire to learn new things and solve problems. I find great satisfaction in being able to apply what I’ve learned to solve a problem or complete a task. In my previous position as an administrative assistant, I was tasked with organizing our filing system. After researching several different systems, I implemented a color-coded filing system that made it easy for employees to locate files.”

19. How would others describe you?

This question can help the interviewer get to know you better. They may want to see if your personality matches what they’re looking for in a candidate. You should answer this question honestly and try to be as specific as possible.

Example: “My friends would describe me as someone who is always willing to lend a hand. I’m also known as someone who’s very organized, which helps me stay on top of my work. My family would say that I’m a hard worker who has a lot of potential. They’d tell you that I’m always there when they need me.”

20. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This question is a common one in interviews, and it’s important to answer honestly. Interviewers ask this question because they want to know what your strengths are as well as any areas you need to improve on. When answering this question, think about the skills that you have developed over time and those that you’re still working on.

Example: “I believe my greatest strength is my ability to work with others. I’ve always been someone who enjoys collaborating with others and helping them succeed. My weakness would be my attention to detail. While I’m good at proofreading and editing my own work, I sometimes miss small mistakes when reading other people’s work.”


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