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Legal Assistant Cover Letter Examples & Writing Tips

Use these Legal Assistant cover letter examples and writing tips to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

Legal assistants help lawyers with their work by researching laws, managing and scheduling appointments, drafting documents, and performing administrative tasks.

If you’re looking for a job as a legal assistant, a cover letter is a great way to show hiring managers that you’re the right person for the job. Check out these examples and tips for writing a legal assistant cover letter that will impress hiring managers.

Legal Assistant Cover Letter Example 1

I am a serious, hardworking, detail oriented, forward moving, sharp, focused and reliable individual who is a quick learner and an efficient multitasker. I am a self-starter who is self-motivated with the abilities to independently manage and timely complete projects as well as successfully contribute my skills to a team.

My plaintiff/defendant litigation experience covers the areas of complex litigation, labor/employment, insurance defense, products liability, healthcare and medical malpractice. My responsibilities included processing of court filings, e-filings; word processing; filling out forms; online research regarding court rules; and calendaring in Compulaw for all state, federal and appellate courts. My experience also included drafting transmittal letters, forms, pleadings, marital agreements, legal separation papers, child custody papers; scheduling depositions, court reporters, mediators, arbitrators; production of documents; exhibit assembly; management of databases, hard files; and handling of all aspects of law office management.

My transactional experience covers the areas of corporate, corporate securities, real estate and entertainment. My responsibilities included filling out forms (i.e., statement by domestic stock corporation, commissioner of corporations, fictitious business name statements, stock certificates, and trust forms); voluminous word processing of leases, sub-leases, liens, agreements (i.e., partnership agreements, employee agreements, merchandise agreements, purchase and sale agreements, deeds, articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes); conducting research with the Secretary of State, Department of Corporations and submitting documents to the County Recorder’s office; maintaining minute books, compiling final conservatorship accountings; and administrative duties.

I have excellent skills in formatting/fixing extremely complicated documents as well as strong skills in grammar, proofreading, typing, macros, heavy revisions, redlining, transcription, TOCs/TOAs, scanning, bookmarking, bates labeling, archiving emails, indexing storage/closed files, etc.

Please contact me by phone or email at your convenience to arrange for an interview. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Legal Assistant Cover Letter Example 2

Your posting for a legal assistant indicated requirements that closely match my background and expertise. I have attached my resume to provide a summary of my qualifications and background for your review.

Throughout my career, I have maintained the highest performance standards within a diverse range of administrative functions, which is clearly illustrated by my past successes. Most recently, as a Litigation Assistant/ at Luke Von den Gard & Smith, P.A., I have contributed to an increase in the firm’s bottom line and achieved higher payouts for our clients by effectively negotiating down liens imposed by government and healthcare entities. I have also streamlined operations and reduced costs by consolidating operations and negotiating competitive rates with service providers. Additionally, while serving as a Legal Assistant to a Senior Partner of Prattel Barnett, I created a highly effective organizational and filing system which streamlined office functioning and improved time management.

Further qualifications I offer include the following:

  • Successful track record supporting the efforts of executive-level staff, including CFOs, presidents and senior partners.
  • Strong background in all aspects of office management, from scheduling meetings and coordinating travel to overseeing budget and accounting functions.
  • Capacity to develop and maintain comprehensive administrative processes that improve the efficiency of day-to-day operations.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills, an outstanding work ethic, and the ability to work well in both team-oriented and self-directed environments.

I would welcome an opportunity to speak with you to discuss my qualifications and candidacy in further detail. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Legal Assistant Cover Letter Example 3

I have recently relocated to New York, where I hope to continue serving as a legal assistant. My work with first-rate attorneys enables me to offer you an exceptional mix of training, knowledge, experience, and professionalism. My experiences have built a foundation that has provided me with the necessary skills to conduct business on a professional and executive level to improve customer satisfaction and business results through effective communication and organization.

As you will see on the enclosed resume, I have worked for several years in a law firm in the Maryland area. I am proficient in many areas of criminal, domestic and civil trials with an additional concentration in personal injury cases. As a result, I can offer you an unusual level of expertise in researching case law, drafting complaints and discovery requests as well as responses to counterclaims, motions for discovery sanctions, motions for summary judgments, and motions to dismiss. Also, I have worked in a temporary capacity at a workers compensation law firm which has helped me gain further experience and expanded my knowledge of the worker’s compensation rules and procedures.

The attorneys with whom I have worked with have provided me with recommendations to aid me in my search. I would appreciate the opportunity to present these to you, and to introduce myself as a candidate for the position at your firm. Please contact me by phone or e-mail during the day or evening, so we can schedule a time to discuss things further.

Legal Assistant Cover Letter Writing Tips

Highlight key skills

The legal industry is constantly changing, and it’s important that you can demonstrate your knowledge of the law as well as any new trends. To set yourself apart from other applicants, write a cover letter that highlights the applicable legal skills you have.

Here are some examples of how to highlight your key skills in your cover letter:

  • Your knowledge of relevant case law for the legal position for which you’re applying
  • Your ability to summarize relevant information quickly and accurately when working with large amounts of data in a short time frame
  • Your experience drafting documents or reviewing contracts related to the job for which you’re applying
Explain why you are a good fit for the company

When writing a cover letter as a legal assistant, focus on the company’s needs. Writing about your own skills and qualifications may be tempting, but it can often be more beneficial to show that you understand the company’s legal needs and how they can benefit from hiring you.

Highlight Your Ability to Multitask

As a legal assistant, you’re expected to possess strong organizational skills and attention to detail. In order to show that you can handle the position, emphasize your ability to multitask in your cover letter.

In addition, be sure to mention how you will take initiative and prioritize tasks. Highlight that your work ethic will make for an invaluable addition to their team by saying something like “I truly enjoy working hard and making sure I meet all deadlines” or “When faced with multiple tasks simultaneously, I am quick at prioritizing which is most important”.

Proofread your cover letter

Legal assistants must pay close attention to detail when writing correspondence for attorneys. Even minor mistakes could lead to serious consequences, so take extra care in proofreading your cover letter.

When you’re satisfied with the final product, ask a friend or family member to review it as well. Hiring managers will look closely at your writing skills when considering you for this position; make sure they don’t see any errors in spelling or grammar!


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