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Line Cook Cover Letter

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Line Cook Cover Letter Sample 1

This letter, in addition to the enclosed resume, is for your consideration as regards the vacant position of line cook.

For the past four years, I have gained steady experience in the kitchen, working in different establishments around the country. I have tried my hand at both big and small dining places, and both upscale and everyday places. This breadth of activity has helped me develop and improve all my most important skills, especially cooking.  

From my years as a cook, I have been exposed to different cuisines, cultures and menus. I have also worked under some of the best chefs on this side of the country, all of whom have been instrumental in my education and skilling. Under them, I have tried my hand at different recipes and mastered the craft of cooking the perfect meal for anyone. I have also learned how to work as part of a team in the kitchen.

I love food and the whole process of cooking, which is the main reason I am still a cook to this day. I believe that food is the number one source of happiness, and I have been witness to this effect throughout my years as a cook. Working as a cook is my way of making the world a better place through the joy that food brings to us all.

I acknowledge that there’s more to being a line cook than just preparing meals as required, and I am prepared to learn as much as I can for better service. I am also confident that your establishment is the right place for me to seek that kind of knowledge. I am always available on short notice to answer any questions that you might have about my career or application.

I hope that my application is received positively and hope to hear from you soon.

Line Cook Cover Letter Sample 2

My experience as a line cook has allowed me to enjoy the pleasure of preparing a variety of delicious meals ranging from simple burgers to elaborate gourmet dishes. Being a line cook has also developed valuable skills in me like teamwork, creativity and the ability to understand what customers need amongst others. These skills have equipped me to work well around the people this job exposes me to. Also, as a result of these skills, I’m able to deal with any challenges that may arise while I’m at work.

One of my best strengths is my ability to enter the kitchen and contribute towards making exquisite dishes whilst maintaining an easy-going yet professional working environment. I’m able to do this by envisioning myself as part of an organization and working in an upbeat manner. My working like this can influence colleagues to have a better outlook towards the importance of working as a team and following orders.

Given my experience as a line cook, I’m certain that I’ll be able to work well with the head chef and the rest of the kitchen staff at your establishment. My experience has also shaped me to become an efficient team member when working under intense pressure for long hours. I’m also certain that I’ll be able to produce divine dishes that your customers will thoroughly enjoy. Lastly, I would enjoy the opportunity to meet you in person to further evaluate how valuable both my experience and skills can be to your business. I’ll also be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you for taking your time reading this letter and I look forward to hearing from you as soon as you can.

Line Cook Cover Letter Sample 3

I have garnered a reputation during my five years’ experience as a line cook as a dedicated staff member, completing tasks thoroughly and efficiently. My experience in a number of restaurants has taught me how to work well under pressure in fast-paced kitchens while producing delicious and visually appealing food.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts which taught me the theory required for working in kitchens. The experience I have gained in various restaurants in the city have cemented the knowledge I gained in college. My skills include following directions of senior staff in the kitchen as well as messages relayed from patrons via the restaurant servers. Learning quickly has served me well in my previous positions, leading to my ability to decrease food preparation time significantly and improving the efficiency of the kitchen.

My experience in the kitchen includes a wide variety of food preparation methods from cleaning and preparing vegetables, to running grill stations, broiling, frying, sautéing as well as portioning, marinating, battering to name a few. I have worked well in teams of eight to ten staff producing up to 140 meals per dinner service.

Over and above food preparation, my skills include food safety and sanitation, as well as the health and safety codes required for the kitchen. My strong interpersonal skills have assisted me in being able to communicate clearly and effectively with my co-workers. I believe this is a desirable trait that I can bring to your restaurant to make a significant contribution to your success.

I would like to thank you for both your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience.


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