Market Researcher Resume Example & Writing Guide

Use this Market Researcher resume example and guide to improve your career and write a powerful resume that will separate you from the competition.

Market research is a broad field that encompasses all aspects of studying, analyzing, and interpreting data related to consumers and their preferences. Market researchers use this data to identify trends, identify new opportunities, and shape the direction of companies.

If you’re looking for a job that gives you the opportunity to work with big data while also helping companies make smart business decisions, then you might want to consider applying for a market researcher role. But before you do, you’ll need a great resume to help you stand out from the pack of other applicants vying for the same position.

Follow these tips and resume example to write a market researcher resume that hiring managers will love.

James Smith
Los Angeles, CA | (123) 456-7891 | [email protected]

Data-driven market researcher with experience in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Strong skills in data analysis, trend identification, and customer insights. Passionate about using data to understand human behavior and drive business success.

University of California, Davis Jun '10
M.A. in Sociology
University of California, Davis Jun '06
B.A. in Sociology
Company A, Market Researcher Jan '17 – Current
  • Conducted primary and secondary research to identify new market opportunities, including competitor analysis.
  • Analyzed data from a variety of sources (e.g., focus groups, surveys) to determine the size and growth potential of markets for products or services in specific geographic areas.
  • Developed marketing strategies based on findings from research projects and presented recommendations to management for approval prior to implementation.
  • Assisted with preparation of proposals related to business development activities such as mergers & acquisitions, licensing agreements, joint ventures, etc..
  • Participated in other special projects as assigned by management and assisted with proposal writing when needed.
Company B, Market Researcher Jan '12 – Dec '16
  • Conducted surveys and interviews with customers to determine their needs, preferences, and buying habits
  • Analyzed data from focus groups and customer surveys to identify trends in the market
  • Assessed new products for potential sales appeal by conducting test markets
  • Collaborated with product developers on research projects that led to successful launches
  • Created detailed reports of findings based on primary and secondary research
Company C, Market Research Intern Jan '09 – Dec '11
  • Conducted extensive market research to identify potential new markets and customers for the company’s products and services.
  • Analyzed data from customer surveys to identify trends and areas for improvement.
  • Presented findings to the marketing team and made recommendations for changes to the marketing strategy.
  • Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP)
  • Certified Survey Methodologist (CSM)
  • Certified in Marketing Research (CIMR)

Industry Knowledge: Research Design, Survey Development, Client Management, Market Analysis, Data Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Trend Analysis, Data Mining
Technical Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Excel, Access, PowerPoint
Soft Skills: Communication, Attention to Detail, Problem Solving, Leadership, Teamwork

How to Write a Market Researcher Resume

Here’s how to write a market researcher resume of your own.

Write Compelling Bullet Points

Bullet points are the most effective way to showcase your experience and qualifications. And the best way to do that is by using specific examples and numbers.

For example, rather than saying you “conducted market research,” you could say you “conducted market research for new product line for major consumer goods company, resulting in 10% increase in sales in first year.”

The second bullet point is much stronger because it provides specific details about what you did, who you did it for, and the outcome of your work.

Identify and Include Relevant Keywords

When you apply for a market researcher role, your resume goes through an applicant tracking system (ATS). This system is designed to scan your resume for certain keywords related to the job opening. If your resume lacks the right keywords, your application might not make it past the initial screening process.

To increase your chances of getting an interview, use this list of keywords as a guide to help you identify the most relevant skills and experience to include on your resume:

  • Market Research
  • Qualitative Research
  • Market Analysis
  • Survey Design
  • Quantitative Research
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing
  • Data Analysis
  • Business Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sales
  • Online Research
  • Market Analysis Tools
  • Business Development
  • Product Development
  • Research
  • Survey Research
  • Report Writing
  • Trade Shows
  • Advertising
  • Online Marketing
  • Data Collection
  • Customer Insight
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Questionnaire Development
  • Focus Groups
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Strategy

Showcase Your Technical Skills

Market researchers use a variety of programs and systems to collect and analyze data. They need to be proficient in these programs in order to be effective in their work. Some of the most commonly used programs are Microsoft Excel, SPSS, and R. Additionally, market researchers need to be familiar with data mining and modeling techniques, as well as big data platforms and tools. So if you have experience with any of these programs or platforms, be sure to list them on your resume.


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