Marketing Intern Resume Example & Writing Guide

Use this Marketing Intern resume example and guide to improve your career and write a powerful resume that will separate you from the competition.

Marketing is an integral part of any successful business. It’s the driving force behind growth, helping companies develop strategies to reach new audiences and grow their bottom line. And as a marketing intern, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of this process—helping to create compelling messaging, develop campaigns, and execute plans that will have a big impact on your organization.

If you’re looking for a hands-on role that will give you a taste of what it’s like to work in marketing before you graduate, then you might want to consider applying for a marketing internship. Here are some tips and an example resume to help you write a compelling marketing intern resume that will get you noticed by recruiters.

David Moore
Phoenix, AZ | (123) 456-7891 | [email protected]

Passionate and creative marketing intern with a strong interest in digital marketing. Experience in customer service, event planning, and social media. Skilled in copywriting, graphic design, and data analysis. Eager to learn and grow within a marketing team.

Arizona State University Jun '10
B.A. in Communications
Company A, Marketing Intern Jan '17 – Current
  • Assisted in the development of a new marketing plan for the company, including research and analysis of competitors’ strategies.
  • Created an online presence by developing social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter) and increasing followers to over 1,000 within 3 months.
  • Developed content for Facebook posts that increased engagement with fans by 20% per post.
  • Managed email campaigns to increase open rates from 10-15% to 30%.
  • Designed graphics for advertisements and promotional materials such as flyers and posters which resulted in a 50% increase in sales during promotions.
Company B, Marketing Intern Jan '12 – Dec '16
  • Created weekly email campaigns to promote company’s products and services, increasing sales by 15% over the course of 3 months
  • Assisted in creating a social media campaign for new product launch that increased brand awareness by 20%
  • Conducted market research on competitors’ marketing strategies and best practices, resulting in improved customer service
  • Analyzed data from website traffic and sales transactions to identify trends in consumer behavior
  • Collaborated with management team to create an annual strategic plan based on business goals and objectives
Company C, Marketing Assistant Jan '09 – Dec '11
  • Conducted market research to identify opportunities and trends in the marketplace.
  • Assisted in the development and execution of marketing plans and campaigns.
  • Created and maintained marketing collateral such as brochures, website content, and social media content.

Industry Knowledge: Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing
Technical Skills: Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads Manager, LinkedIn Ads
Soft Skills: Communication, Leadership, Creativity, Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving, Time Management, Organization

How to Write a Marketing Intern Resume

Here’s how to write a marketing intern resume of your own.

Write Compelling Bullet Points

When it comes to your resume, it’s important to be as specific as possible when describing your past experience. Rather than saying you “managed social media accounts,” you could say that you “managed social media accounts for fashion brand, increasing followers by 20% over 6-month period.”

The second bullet point is much stronger because it provides specific numbers that demonstrate your ability to manage social media accounts. It also provides a clear timeline, which makes it easy for the reader to understand what you did and when you did it.

Identify and Include Relevant Keywords

When you apply for a marketing internship, your resume is likely to go through an applicant tracking system (ATS). This program will scan your resume for certain keywords related to the job opening. If your resume doesn’t have enough of the right terms, your application might not make it past the initial screening.

One way to make sure your resume includes the right keywords is to read through the job posting and take note of the terms that are repeated most frequently. Then, use those same terms on your resume where they’re relevant.

Here are some of the most common marketing intern keywords:

  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Microsoft Access
  • Advertising
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Event Planning
  • Sales
  • Public Relations
  • Google Analytics
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork
  • Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Facebook
  • Email Marketing
  • Photography
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Google Ads
  • WordPress
  • Web Content Writing

Showcase Your Technical Skills

As a marketing intern, you rely on technology to help you complete your work. That’s why it’s important to list your technical skills prominently on your resume. By doing so, you’ll show that you’re a valuable candidate who is familiar with the essential tools and systems used in your field.

Recruiters are looking for marketing interns who are proficient in specific programs, such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Excel. They also want to see that you have experience with specific systems and methodologies, such as Agile and Scrum. So be sure to list all of your relevant technical skills prominently on your resume.


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