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Marketing Manager Cover Letter Examples & Writing Tips

Use these Marketing Manager cover letter examples and writing tips to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

Marketing managers take charge of the marketing strategy for their company. They develop marketing campaigns, create marketing plans, and make decisions about advertising and public relations.

To convince hiring managers that you’re the right person for the job, you need a cover letter that highlights your strong marketing and management skills.

Follow these examples and tips to write a marketing manager cover letter that stands out from the crowd.

Marketing Manager Cover Letter Example 1

Enclosed you will find my resume for the Marketing Manager position you currently have listed.

I believe this position is well suited for me as I have years of professional experience in managing marketing & sales projects. My background has involved running national promotional product tours, executing new product launch programs, developing marketing materials, produce product sales training presentations, vendor contract negotiation, as well as directing priority market selections for sales objectives all while developing strong relationships with these business associates, vendors & media outlets. My strong ability to handle multiple projects effectively makes me an ideal candidate for this position.

Have been tasked with managing my own budgets and have always been effective in maximizing my allocated dollars. Incredibly organized and strategic in developing airtight schedules to meet constant deadlines that my work responsibilities require. With my strong marketing experience and skills, I can bring a lot to the table for this position and bring positive results immediately.

I have patiently been waiting for an opportunity like this and would bring a lot of enthusiasm to this job. I can happily provide references to my past employers upon request and look forward to discussing this exciting opportunity with you.

Marketing Manager Cover Letter Example 2

I am interested in the marketing position you have posted. I have over a decade of marketing experience including both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer. I have created and developed a variety of marketing channels to accomplish the objectives of the organization. Whether it be increased sales, greater brand awareness, new product launches and roll-outs as well as supervising personnel and working alongside other marketing professionals and agencies.

Additionally, I have augmented my experience with initiatives such as data mining, brand creation, print/Web collateral development, lead generation, channel partner cultivation, customer segmentation/profiling, as well as CRM and acquisition strategies. I was heavily involved in compliance to ensure that all of the marketing created followed all rules and regulations at that time. I offer a history of proven results, as evidenced by the following marketing accomplishments:

  • Obtained $11mm in commercial loans for LMX Bank through B2B marketing and service efforts; achieved during a temporary assignment/period of employment.
  • Led national marketing campaigns for LendersUSA which were comprised of long and short form television commercials, trade shows, social media, new website and PR initiatives of the company’s newly launched programs and services division.
  • Developed and executed SEO and SEM strategy (organic, nonpaid results) for key product search terms as well as supportive means such as creating a WordPress Blog and social media campaign (FaceBook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Managed personnel in a variety of capacities: tradeshow management, marketing assistants, office personnel.

I look forward to speaking with you and learning more about this opportunity.

Marketing Manager Cover Letter Example 3

I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for the Marketing Manager position within your company. Delving into market and consumer research requires a unique blend of expertise in conceptualizing statistics, analyzing market trends, identifying opportunities and leading a team to provide valuable, measurable results to the company’s bottom line. I believe that my experience in marketing, product/project management and skill set, enhanced with an MBA, is an excellent match for your company.

I thrive in challenging, fast-paced environments where my project management, creativity and marketing research skills can directly affect how products and services are communicated and delivered to consumers. I am known for my ability to quickly establish trust with employees and project collaborators, mediate disputes and motivate others into action. In addition, I have solid multi-tasking, organizational leadership and decision-making skills that can make an immediate contribution to your company.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this position and how I can make a positive contribution to your organizational goals. My resume is attached for your review, and you may reach me by phone or email.

Marketing Manager Cover Letter Example 4

Please consider my background and qualifications for the position of Marketing Manager at Sunrise Systems. I have over 10 years of experience in marketing information technology products that are similar to your product mix.

I currently head Switch Technology’s router marketing efforts in the United States and Canada. My department consists of four regionally-focused teams that implement Switch’s marketing plan and work closely with their Sales counterparts to establish an increased market share. I provide passionate leadership and guidance that helps them to effectively collaborate, make sound tactical decisions, and provide feedback to continually strengthen our marketing strategy.

As a result of my teams’ successful execution of Switch’s marketing strategy and internal collaboration, our router product market share has increased between six and nine percent in each of the last three years. I can use this experience to lead your Triad Server marketing program and help achieve yearly sales objectives. My background of network architecture and technology strategy in Fortune 100 companies gives me a unique perspective on how to position your product.

My mix of technical know-how and leadership qualifications align with some of the most important requirements of this position. Prior to my current role, I was a network manager for a Fortune 100 company, Big Bank Enterprise. I was responsible for setting network strategy, managing vendor relationships, and leading teams. I learned how to think like your customers and evaluate new network technologies, something that has assisted me greatly over the last 10 years.

In summary, my background will assist in driving sales for your Triad Server marketing program by:

  • Understanding how technology managers evaluate products and aligning marketing efforts around their needs.
  • My past and present success in penetrating accounts with new products that have little time on the market.
  • My results in managing marketing teams and collaborating with other departments to achieve common goals.

Thank you for considering my background for this position, and I am highly motivated to share more detail of my background with you. Please reach me at (444) 444-4444 or [email protected]. Thank you for your consideration.

Marketing Manager Cover Letter Writing Tips

Showcase your work ethic

In marketing, you have to wear many hats and you’ll be expected to contribute from day one. So make sure to demonstrate a strong work ethic in your cover letter.

To do this, discuss any projects that required an incredible amount of effort and determination to complete. If possible, talk about how well you managed competing priorities as well as demonstrated professionalism under pressure. In addition, highlight the initiative that led to these accomplishments by using phrases like “when faced with…” or “through my actions…” rather than talking about what was done for you. Lastly, use action verbs such as “accomplished,” “succeeded,” “lead” and so on when discussing these accomplishments and contributions throughout the letter.

Show your analytical skills

When applying for a job as a marketing manager, you need to show how well you are able to analyze information and then present it in an effective way. So in your cover letter, be sure to include an example of how you have done this before. To do this, talk about specific instances where you analyzed data or market trends and then developed creative solutions that led to business growth.

Be personable

When applying for a job as a marketing manager, you need to make sure that you come across as the go-to marketing professional for this company. To do this, it’s important that you show your interpersonal skills and make an effort to connect with the hiring manager. This is where your cover letter comes in!

The more personable and warm your cover letter can be, the better! So tell a personal story about how you went above and beyond on one of your projects or describe how excited you are to learn more about their business if they decide to move forward with hiring you. By sharing some of these positive traits in your cover letter, not only will employers take notice but so will other employees within the company.

Proofread your cover letter

A marketing manager’s cover letter is crucial in showcasing their attention to detail and strong communication skills. This document will serve as the first impression for many hiring managers, so ensure you write one that is error-free.

Proofread your cover letter for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. You can also ask a friend or acquaintance to read over your work for errors before submitting it. A well-written cover letter will help you land an interview with the hiring manager, so take the time to create one that is free of error.


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