Meat Processor Salary: What You’ll Make and Why

Meat processors make around $22,000 to $54,996 on average in the US, depending on experience, location, skills, and other factors.

According to various salary aggregate websites, a meat processor’s salary in the US ranges between $22,000 and $54,996, with an average salary of $35,025. As of July 2022, the base salaries for meat processors are listed as follows:


Keep in mind: Salary aggregate websites typically rely on data submitted anonymously by individuals using their site. Some websites may have received larger amounts of data of either higher or lower than average salaries, which may affect the site’s calculated average.

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What influences a salary?

The salary of a Meat Processor is determined by a number of factors, including education, experience, and job location. In this article, we will take a closer look at how these factors impact salary.

Years of experience

Salary increases are generally tied to your experience level. In general, the more years you spend working as a meat processor, the more you can expect to earn. Here’s how experience can impact your meat processor salary, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Compensation Survey.

Level of experienceSalary
Entry-level (less than 1 year)$28,454
Early career (1 to 4 years)$32,458
Mid career (5 to 9 years)$36,215
Experienced (10 to 19 years)$40,378
Late career (20+ years)$44,889

Where you live can also impact how much you can make as a meat processor. Typically, working in a large metropolitan area correlates to a higher salary, as well as a higher cost of living.

Here is a list of some major cities with their corresponding average meat processor salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

CityAverage Salary
Denver, CO$42,061
Pittsburgh, PA$40,311
San Francisco, CA$38,762
Portland, OR$38,077
Salt Lake City, UT$37,909
Houston, TX$33,398
Atlanta, GA$33,330
Cincinnati, OH$33,072
Miami, FL$32,556
Oklahoma City, OK$30,154

How does this compare to similar jobs?

Here’s how a meat processor’s salary stacks up against similar jobs.

Related JobsAverage Salary
Poultry Processor$24,543
Food Processor$25,560
Meat Cutter$32,920
Seafood Processor$27,172
Sous Chef$44,369
Line Cook$27,104

How to increase your meat processor salary

Now that you have a better idea of what you could expect to earn as a meat processor, let’s look at ways to boost your salary.

1. Strengthen your skills

Pursuing and improving in-demand skills could make you more competitive for promotions and higher-paying positions. These skills include:

  • Meat Cutting: Cut and trim meat according to customer specifications
  • Meat Grinding: Grind meat using a commercial meat grinder
  • Meat Packing: Pack meat into containers for shipping or storage
  • Inspection: Inspect meat for quality and compliance with food safety standards
  • Sanitation: Maintain cleanliness in the work area and follow food safety protocols
2. Seek regular feedback

If you want to improve your salary as a meat processor, it’s important to seek regular feedback from your supervisor. This way, you can identify areas where you need to improve, and set goals for yourself. Additionally, regular feedback will show your supervisor that you’re committed to your job, and that you’re willing to work hard to improve.

3. Grow your network

The best way to improve your salary as a meat processor is to grow your network. Get to know the people you work with, and try to connect with people in other parts of the company. You never know when a connection could come in handy, and it’s always good to have a strong network to rely on.

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