Medical Aesthetician Resume Example & Writing Guide

Use this Medical Aesthetician resume example and guide to improve your career and write a powerful resume that will separate you from the competition.

Medical aesthetics is a growing field that spans everything from laser hair removal to wrinkle reduction to Botox injections. And while aesthetics is more commonly associated with beauty treatments, the word actually refers to a broader concept that includes the study of beauty as well as the creation of beautiful things.

If you love working with people and helping them feel confident about their appearance, an opportunity as a medical aesthetician might be right up your alley. Follow these tips and resume example to write a medical aesthetician resume that hiring managers will love.

Jennifer Thomas
New York City, NY | (123) 456-7891 | [email protected]

Skilled medical aesthetician with experience in laser hair removal, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. Proven ability to build trust with clients and provide excellent customer service. Passionate about helping people look and feel their best.

The Aveda Institute Jun '10
A.A.S. in Aesthetics
Company A, Medical Aesthetician Jan '17 – Current
  • Provided aesthetic services to enhance the appearance of patients and assisted with patient education regarding skin care, sun protection, and homecare post-treatment.
  • Assisted in educating physicians on new products and procedures as well as assisting with marketing initiatives for the practice.
  • Performed treatments under physician supervision including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, etc.
  • Maintained a clean treatment room environment by following infection control policies and procedures while providing excellent customer service to all clients/patients.
  • Trained staff members on proper techniques for performing cosmetic procedures such as microneedling or facial waxing when applicable.
Company B, Medical Aesthetician Jan '12 – Dec '16
  • Created a personal treatment plan for each client based on their individual needs and goals
  • Conducted skin analysis, recommended products, and performed treatments including microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser therapy
  • Educated clients about skincare techniques to maintain healthy skin at home between appointments
  • Ensured the safety of all equipment used in treatments by following proper sterilization procedures
  • Followed up with clients after each appointment to ensure satisfaction with services provided
Company C, Medical Assistant Jan '09 – Dec '11
  • Collected and entered patient information into the electronic medical record as instructed by physician.
  • Assisted physicians with procedures, patient exams and surgeries.
  • Maintained a clean, infection-free work environment at all times according to hospital policies and procedures.

Industry Knowledge: Skin Care, Dermatology, Waxing, Facials, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Body Treatments
Technical Skills: Microcurrents, Hot Stone Massage, Cryotherapy, Ultrasound, Microdermabrasion
Soft Skills: Communication, Customer Service, Teamwork, Attention to Detail, Written and Verbal Communication

How to Write a Medical Aesthetician Resume

Here’s how to write a resume of your own.

Write Compelling Bullet Points

Bullet points are the most effective way to showcase your experience and qualifications. But rather than simply listing your responsibilities, you can make your resume more interesting by using bullet points to describe the results of your work.

For example, rather than saying you “provided patient care,” you could say that you “provided patient care for 20+ patients per day, resulting in an average wait time of less than 10 minutes.”

The second bullet point paints a clear picture of what the job entailed and how well you did it. It also provides a quantifiable result—an average wait time of less than 10 minutes—which is always a good thing!

Identify and Include Relevant Keywords

When you apply for a medical aesthetician role, your resume is likely to go through an applicant tracking system (ATS) that scans it for specific keywords related to the position. If your resume doesn’t include enough of the right terms, your application might not make it past the initial screening process.

The best way to make sure you have the right keywords on your resume is to read through a few job postings and take note of the terms that are used most frequently. Then, make sure to include them throughout your resume in relevant places like the work experience and skills sections.

Here are some of the most commonly used medical aesthetician keywords:

  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Medical Aesthetics
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Skin Care
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Dermatology
  • Cosmetic Procedures
  • Skin Care Products
  • Dermatology
  • Electrolysis
  • Injectables
  • Permanent Makeup
  • Waxing
  • Waxing Services
  • Facials
  • Chemical Peels
  • Laser Treatments
  • Body Contouring
  • Medical Skincare
  • Medical Terminology
  • Home Care
  • Medical Billing
  • Laser Resurfacing
  • Dermaplane
  • Microneedling
  • Chemical Peel
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Restylane
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Implants

Showcase Your Technical Skills

As a medical aesthetician, you need to be proficient in the use of various software programs and systems. This might include experience with medical billing and coding software, electronic health records (EHR) software, and appointment scheduling software. Additionally, medical aestheticians need to be familiar with the various types of treatments and procedures offered.

Some of the programs and systems that medical aestheticians are typically expected to be proficient in include: medical billing and coding software, electronic health records (EHR) software, and appointment scheduling software.


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