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Medical Assistant Cover Letter Examples & Writing Tips

Use these Medical Assistant cover letter examples and writing tips to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

Medical assistants help physicians and other healthcare professionals. They are the first point of contact for patients, handling tasks like answering phones, scheduling appointments, updating patient records, and performing administrative duties.

Use these examples and tips to write a cover letter that highlights your medical assistant skills and demonstrates your ability to help a healthcare provider run smoothly.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Example 1

Having contributed as a valuable employee in healthcare administration and services, I am writing to express my enthusiastic interest in the medical assistant position currently listed. As demonstrated on the enclosed resume, I have been highly effective in applying my extensive knowledge of medical procedures and equipment, customer service and operational management to substantially improve performance and productivity while promoting optimal outcomes. My analytical and innovative skills will facilitate my immediate contribution to your organization’s sustained growth.

Acute application of my broad-based healthcare competencies and administrative skills has enabled me to achieve stellar results in challenging dual roles. I know my technical skills, administrative expertise, leadership, and insight make me a valuable investment to propel strategic initiatives for your company.

Specific highlights of my accomplishments and qualifications include:

• Concurrently delivered comprehensive administrative, operational, and medical services
• Enhanced patient relations, providing vital communication and information
• Accelerated quality and performance of health treatments, prevention, and maintenance
• Reduced critical wait times by efficiently triaging patients
• Developed and initiated cost-effective, time-saving procedures
• Trained and developed staff to elevate the delivery of quality healthcare services

I am confident my performance-driven healthcare administration and technical skills will be extremely beneficial to your company, enabling me to thrive in a medical assistant position. Should you have any questions or wish to talk further about my credentials and qualifications, please contact me at the above e-mail address or phone number. Thank you in advance for your valuable time and consideration; I genuinely look forward to speaking with you soon to explore the possibilities.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Example 2

This is in response to your ad for the job of Medical Assistant you have listed. Given my qualifications and 2-year prior experience in a reputable pediatric clinic, I am confident that I will be able to contribute much to your esteemed pediatric clinic if given an opportunity. I am attaching my resume with this application for your perusal.

Upon receiving my CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) certificate in May 2009 I did a 6-month externship at the renowned Mercy Brothers Hospital. Following which I joined the pediatric department of California Kaplan Hospital, where I am currently working.

My current job involves assisting Dr. Sunre, a pediatric specialist. Among other things, my job duties include:

  • Interviewing patients to obtain their medical information and registering this information in the administrative software
  • Measuring vital signs, height, and weight of pediatric patients and recording this information
  • Preparing pediatric patients for examination
  • Maintaining medical records
  • Preparing and administering medications as directed by the pediatrician
  • Collecting blood and other samples
  • Explaining treatment procedures, physicians’ instructions, diets, and medications to patients
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Managing finances
  • Preparing correspondence

In addition, I am proficient in computers and possess in-depth knowledge about Medical practice management software and working knowledge about MS office applications, specifically MS Word and MS Excel.

My resume, attached to this cover letter, provides detail information about my professional experience and skills. I hope you will take some time out to consider my application and resume and will give me an opportunity for an interview.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Example 3

Based on my experience I know I will be an asset to your office. My experience includes 12 years of medical assisting in an OB/GYN office. I am presently employed in an Internal Medicine practice. This entails front and back office knowledge. In addition, I have 5 years of transcriptionist experience.

Examples of my experience include triaging, obtaining medical records, setting appointments and documentation in the electronic health record. To begin with patient intake: I am skilled at vital signs, setting up for and explaining various procedures, injections, blood draws, and performing EKG’s. I have assisted/chaperoned in-office procedures such as mole treatment and removal, arthrocentesis, colposcopies, IUD insertion and removals, pelvic exams, pap smears, and polyp removals. I have knowledge of insurances/ABN for Medicare. Additionally, I am skilled in office logistics of equipment sterilization, ordering, inventory, and stocking.

I am highly motivated, work well under pressure, and am able to multi-task. I possess superior communication skills and am able to maintain professional working relationships with coworkers, physicians, and patients. My multifaceted experience makes me the ideal candidate for your office. I look forward to hearing from you.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Writing Tips

Open with a strong introduction

You want your opening paragraph of the cover letter to do the work for you and make it easy for hiring managers to understand how you’re a great fit.

Not only should it summarize your experience and qualifications, but it should also show how you would be a good addition to their team.

To start off strong, here are some tips for crafting an attention-grabbing introduction:

  • Include a brief summary of what makes you qualified for the role as well as what distinguishes you from other candidates who may have similar qualifications. For instance, if there is anything in particular that sets you apart such as a background in customer service or education in medical science.
  • Include concrete numbers when mentioning years of experience or professional achievements; this is especially important if these statistics are uncommon amongst other applicants who have applied for this position.
Show your passion for medical work

Medical assistants are responsible for a variety of tasks that make sure patients have a good experience at the doctor’s office. The employer wants to hire someone who is passionate about the role and will provide a high level of service to their clients.

In your cover letter, explain why you’re passionate about the job. For example, mention how you were inspired by your mom who was a nurse and how she provided support during a difficult time in your life and this inspired you to pursue a career in medical assisting.

Emphasize your attention to detail

Many responsibilities of a medical assistant involve ensuring accuracy — from administering treatments to preparing patient records. Therefore, employers seek candidates who are reliable, efficient, and detail-oriented.

In your cover letter, emphasize your attention to detail to show hiring managers you can handle the demands of the job. For example, talk about your experience entering patient data into a computer system and completing insurance claims, which required you to understand each claim and correct inaccurate information.


Medical assistants must be detail-oriented and precise in their work if they want to ensure their patients do not experience pain or discomfort due to an error on their part.

Prove your ability as a medical assistant by presenting hiring managers with a cover letter free of error. You can either ask for assistance from friends who are well versed in the English language, attend workshops where you can receive feedback on your writing skills, or purchase proofreading services available from various companies online.


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