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What Does a Modell’s Sporting Goods Sales Associate Do?

Find out what a Modell's Sporting Goods Sales Associate does, how to get this job, and what it takes to succeed as a Modell's Sporting Goods Sales Associate.

Modell’s Sporting Goods is a retail chain that specializes in sporting goods, apparel, and footwear. They have over 150 stores in the United States and are known for their wide selection of products and competitive prices.

A Modell’s Sporting Goods Sales Associate is responsible for providing excellent customer service and helping customers find the products they need. They must be knowledgeable about the products they are selling and be able to answer any questions customers may have. Sales Associates must also be able to process payments and handle returns and exchanges. Additionally, they must be able to keep the store clean and organized.

Modell’s Sporting Goods Sales Associate Job Duties

A Modell’s Sporting Goods Sales Associate typically has a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  • Greet customers in a friendly and professional manner, providing assistance with product selection
  • Provide accurate information about products, pricing, availability, and promotions
  • Process customer transactions accurately and efficiently using the point of sale system
  • Maintain store appearance by stocking shelves, organizing displays, and cleaning merchandise
  • Assist with inventory management, including receiving shipments, restocking shelves, and tracking stock levels
  • Ensure compliance with all company policies and procedures
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current sales and promotions, as well as special events
  • Respond to customer inquiries and complaints in a timely and courteous manner
  • Upsell additional items or services when appropriate
  • Participate in team meetings and training sessions
  • Follow safety protocols for handling hazardous materials
  • Monitor security within the store, reporting any suspicious activity to management

Modell’s Sporting Goods Sales Associate Salary

The salary of a Sales Associate at Modell’s Sporting Goods is determined by a variety of factors including the individual’s experience, the store’s location, the store’s size, the store’s sales volume, and the individual’s performance. Additionally, the company may offer incentives or bonuses based on sales performance or other criteria.

  • Median Annual Salary: $39,932 ($19.2/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $49,220 ($23.66/hour)

Modell’s Sporting Goods Sales Associate Job Requirements

To be hired as a Sales Associate at Modell’s Sporting Goods, applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Previous retail experience is preferred, but not required. Applicants must also have excellent customer service skills and be able to work in a fast-paced environment. Additionally, applicants must be able to lift up to 50 pounds and stand for long periods of time. Modell’s Sporting Goods also requires applicants to be able to work flexible hours, including nights and weekends. Finally, applicants must be able to pass a background check and drug test.

Modell’s Sporting Goods Sales Associate Skills

Modell’s Sporting Goods Sales Associate employees need the following skills in order to be successful:

Customer Service: Customer service skills are an important aspect of a sales associate’s responsibilities. You should be able to answer customer questions, help them find the right products and provide them with a positive shopping experience. Providing excellent customer service can help you build relationships with customers and encourage them to return to the store.

Prospecting: Prospecting is the process of finding new customers. As a sales associate, you may be responsible for generating your own sales, so it’s important to know how to prospect. This involves identifying potential customers and approaching them to make a sale. You can do this by asking customers if they need help, offering promotions and hosting events.

Telephone Etiquette: A large part of your job involves communicating with customers over the phone. You should be able to answer questions, take orders and resolve issues with customers in a professional and courteous manner. You should also be able to identify when to escalate a call to a manager or supervisor.

Handling Objections: When a customer is hesitant about a purchase, it’s important for you to be able to handle their objections. You can do this by asking them questions about their hesitations and then providing them with information to help them make a decision. For example, if a customer says they don’t have enough money to make a purchase, you can ask them what they do have and then offer them a payment plan or a discount.

Product Demonstrations: Model’s Sporting Goods often hosts product demonstrations for their products, which means you may need to learn how to demonstrate certain products. Demonstrations are a great way to help customers understand how a product works and how it can benefit them. You may also need to demonstrate products for customers who are unsure how to use them.

Modell’s Sporting Goods Sales Associate Work Environment

Sales associates typically work in retail stores, where they interact with customers and help them find the products they need. They may also work in call centers, where they take orders over the phone. Sales associates typically work a 40-hour week, although they may be required to work evenings and weekends. The work environment can be fast-paced and stressful, as sales associates must be able to handle customer complaints and inquiries quickly and efficiently. Sales associates must also be able to work independently and as part of a team. They must be able to work with a variety of people, including customers, co-workers, and supervisors.

Modell’s Sporting Goods Sales Associate Trends

Here are three trends influencing how Modell’s Sporting Goods Sales Associate employees work.

Mobile-First Marketing

Mobile-first marketing is an emerging trend that focuses on creating content and experiences tailored to mobile devices. With the rise of smartphones, sales associates must be aware of how their customers are using them to interact with brands.

Sales associates need to understand how to create a seamless customer experience across all channels, including mobile. This means optimizing websites for mobile, developing apps, and leveraging location-based services. Additionally, they should be familiar with mobile advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, which allow them to target potential customers based on their location or interests.

Going Digital

As the world moves towards a more digital-first approach, sales associates are also adapting to this trend. Digital tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) software and ecommerce platforms have become essential for sales associates to stay competitive in today’s market.

Sales associates must be able to use these tools effectively to track customer data, analyze trends, and create personalized experiences for customers. Additionally, they must understand how to leverage social media and other digital channels to reach potential customers and build relationships with them.

By understanding the importance of going digital, sales associates can better position themselves to succeed in an increasingly digital marketplace.

Focus on Customer Experience

Sales associates are increasingly focusing on customer experience as a way to differentiate their products and services from competitors. This means understanding the customer journey, anticipating customer needs, and providing personalized experiences that meet those needs.

Sales associates must be able to identify customer pain points and develop solutions that address them. They must also be able to use data-driven insights to inform decisions about product development, pricing, and marketing strategies. By leveraging technology such as AI and machine learning, sales associates can create more meaningful customer interactions and build stronger relationships with customers.

Advancement Prospects

Sales associates who demonstrate a strong work ethic and a commitment to customer service may be promoted to a supervisory role. Supervisors are responsible for managing the sales floor, training new associates, and ensuring that customer service standards are met. With additional experience, sales associates may be promoted to a managerial role, where they are responsible for overseeing the entire sales team. With even more experience, sales associates may be promoted to a regional or district manager role, where they are responsible for overseeing multiple stores in a given region.

Interview Questions

Here are five common Modell’s Sporting Goods Sales Associate interview questions and answers.

1. If there was one thing you could change about the culture here (at Modell’s), what would it be?

This question is a great way to see how you fit into the company culture. It also helps employers understand what your expectations are for the workplace and whether or not they align with their own. When answering this question, it’s important to be respectful of the current culture at Modell’s. Explain what you would change in a positive manner that shows you’re invested in making the workplace better.

Example: “I think one thing I would change about the culture here is the lack of communication between management and employees. I’ve noticed that there aren’t many opportunities for us to ask questions or voice concerns. If I could change one thing about that, I’d start weekly meetings where we can discuss our goals as a team and get feedback from management.”

2. Tell us about a time when you didn’t meet sales goals, what happened, and how did you fix it?

This question can help the interviewer understand how you respond to challenges and learn from your mistakes. Use examples of times when you faced a challenge, but also used your skills to overcome it.

Example: “I once had a customer who was looking for a specific type of shoe that I didn’t know much about. I told them I would find out more information and get back to them later. When they returned to the store later in the day, I wasn’t able to answer their questions as thoroughly as I wanted to. I apologized and offered to give them a discount on the shoes so they could try them on at home.”

3. How do you handle a customer that is unhappy with their purchase?

This question can help the interviewer determine how you handle customer complaints and whether you have experience with handling them. Use your answer to highlight your problem-solving skills, communication skills and ability to remain calm under pressure.

Example: “When a customer is unhappy with their purchase, I first try to understand what they are dissatisfied with. Then, I offer solutions for resolving the issue. If it’s something that can be fixed or exchanged, I will do so immediately. If it’s something that cannot be fixed or exchanged, I will offer a refund or store credit. In all cases, I am sure to apologize for any inconvenience.”

4. What would you say to encourage someone to buy something they were unsure of?

This question can help the interviewer understand how you might approach selling to customers who are hesitant about a purchase. Use examples from your previous experience in which you helped someone overcome their hesitations and made them feel more confident about buying an item.

Example: “I once had a customer come into the store looking for a new pair of cleats for their son, but they were unsure if he needed ones with studs or not. I asked him what kind of field he was playing on and what position he played. After hearing this information, I told him that his son would probably be better off with regular cleats since he wasn’t playing on a turf field. He ended up purchasing the cleats and left happy.”

5. What makes you want to work at Modell’s?

This question can help the interviewer learn more about your interest in working at Modell’s. You can answer this question by explaining what you like most about the company and how it fits with your career goals.

Example: “I’m interested in working for Modell’s because of its reputation as a family-friendly sporting goods store. I’ve always wanted to work somewhere that values teamwork, so I know that Modell’s would be a great fit for me. I also love the idea of helping customers find exactly what they need when shopping for sports equipment.”


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