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Nursing Cover Letter

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Nursing Cover Letter Sample 1

Nursing is a calling. It is one that I have felt from an early age. It has always been my dream to help to care for others. The sick and injured are at their most vulnerable, and it is vital that they are cared for well. The desire to preserve human life is something that drives me to seek perfection in doing my job. The overriding skill my work experience has taught me is compassion. Knowledge makes a good nurse. Knowledge combined with understanding and empathy makes a great nurse.

A nursing career involves being able to work on high alert. In an emergency, a nurse must assist in the prioritization of patients for treatment. By far one of my most interesting positions was working as a nurse for a cardiothoracic surgeon. Surgery is risky and does not always go according to plan. Being calm in the face of panic is something nursing has taught me. It allows me to do my job professionally, regardless of the circumstances. This heightened sense of focus is one of my core strengths.

My varied nursing experience offers me insight into this multifaceted profession. It also allows me to adapt to any position. I can fit into any part of a healthcare organization and put my skills to use saving patients’ lives. Having worked with many different people in a variety of settings, I find it easy to adapt to a new working environment and new co-workers. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss my experience and how it will be an asset to your organization.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to receive a favorable response from you soon.

Nursing Cover Letter Sample 2

I have been working as a nurse ever since I graduated from medical school five years ago. Since then, I have slowly built my nursing experience working in different facilities and different capacities. I have also been fortunate to have as my mentors some of the most distinguished medical professionals this side of the continent, and I have learned a great deal from each of them. In addition to all the major skills required of nurses worldwide, I am also proficient in first aid, emergency care and palliative care.

I have always loved caring for people, and when I discovered it could be a worthy career, I embarked on becoming a professional. I have since cared for my fair share of patients in varying facilities, including government and private hospitals, hospices, special palliative care clinics and more. It gives me such joy and satisfaction to nurse a patient back to life, or to make them comfortable as the end approaches.

I am motivated by the belief that the world can be a better place if we all sacrifice and do good by one another. I also believe that like Florence Nightingale showed the world, nurses can contribute as much to a better world as any other medical professional and that our role is vital for survival. I know that you need a nurse that’s mentally, physically and emotionally fit for duty, in addition to having the necessary training and academic qualifications. I am confident that I fit that description well enough to be the ideal candidate for the job.

I am always available to answer additional questions should you have any. I hope my application is positively considered, and hope for your feedback very soon.

Nursing Cover Letter Sample 3

I am confident that I am the perfect candidate to join your staff given my qualifications and experience as a registered nurse. I have qualified with a master’s degree in nursing followed by the proven experience of over six years. My experience includes managing both staff and patients with great efficiency and effectiveness.

Personality traits that have served me well in this profession include patience, calmness, leadership and organization. I am also equipped with excellent healthcare skills. I am passionate about providing my patients with the best possible care.

In my current role, I have had the opportunity to embrace a role of leadership, overseeing other nurses during my shifts. I have been able to inspire and motivate my co-workers to provide care to our patients that goes above and beyond the standard level of care required. My current day-to-day tasks consist of evaluating and caring for up to 20 patients, creating a system to manage patients care on a rotational basis as well as coordinating staff management.

My employers and co-workers have described me as ambitious, reliable and dedicated to the nursing profession. Additionally, I have proven that I can complete daily tasks without supervision. During my career, I have developed the skills to handle difficult situations with both patients and families alike.

I believe that my skills, qualifications and experience put me in good standing to work in your hospital. I am confident that I can be an asset to your staff and bring friendly and high-quality care to your patients.

I would like to thank you for both your time and consideration, and I look forward to meeting with you at your earliest convenience to discuss my resume further.


Registered Nurse Cover Letter

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