Post Office Clerk Salary: What You’ll Make and Why

Post office clerks make around $38,872 to $51,974 on average in the US, depending on experience, location, skills, and other factors.

According to various salary aggregate websites, a post office clerk’s salary in the US ranges between $38,872 and $51,974, with an average salary of $42,316. As of June 2022, the base salaries for post office clerks are listed as follows:


Keep in mind: Salary aggregate websites typically rely on data submitted anonymously by individuals using their site. Some websites may have received larger amounts of data of either higher or lower than average salaries, which may affect the site’s calculated average.

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What influences a salary?

The salary of a Post Office Clerk is determined by a variety of factors, including the size of the post office, the location of the post office, the type of post office, and the experience of the Post Office Clerk.

Years of experience

Salary increases are generally tied to your experience level. In general, the more years you spend working as a post office clerk, the more you can expect to earn. Here’s how experience can impact your post office clerk salary, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Compensation Survey.

Level of experienceSalary
Entry-level (less than 1 year)$34,170
Early career (1 to 4 years)$37,234
Mid career (5 to 9 years)$43,564
Experienced (10 to 19 years)$52,060
Late career (20+ years)$53,109

Where you live can also impact how much you can make as a post office clerk. Typically, working in a large metropolitan area correlates to a higher salary, as well as a higher cost of living.

Here is a list of some major cities with their corresponding average post office clerk salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

CityAverage Salary
Portland, OR$45,233
Phoenix, AZ$44,944
Charlotte, NC$44,886
Denver, CO$44,671
Boston, MA$44,365
New Orleans, LA$41,489
Los Angeles, CA$41,382
St. Louis, MO$41,134
Columbus, OH$40,795
Las Vegas, NV$39,605

How does this compare to similar jobs?

Here’s how a post office clerk’s salary stacks up against similar jobs.

Related JobsAverage Salary
Postal Service Clerk$38,186
Postal Service Mail Carrier$38,266
Postal Service Mail Processor$35,838
Postal Service Distribution Clerk$37,285
Office Clerk$30,200
Data Entry Clerk$39,571
File Clerk$29,424

How to increase your post office clerk salary

Now that you have a better idea of what you could expect to earn as a post office clerk, let’s look at ways to boost your salary.

1. Strengthen your skills

Pursuing and improving in-demand skills could make you more competitive for promotions and higher-paying positions. These skills include:

  • Data Entry: Enter data quickly and accurately into postal system databases
  • Scanning: Use scanners to track packages and mail
  • Sorting: Sort mail and packages by destination
  • Labeling: Label mail and packages with the correct postage
  • Weighing: Weigh mail and packages to determine the correct postage
2. Negotiate your job offer

When you’re offered a job at the post office, be sure to negotiate your salary. This is especially important if you’re offered a job that’s above your current pay grade. It’s also important to keep in mind that the post office is a government institution, so there may be limits to how much you can negotiate.

3. Take more responsibilities

One way to increase your salary as a post office clerk is to take on more responsibilities. This could involve training new employees, working overtime or taking on a leadership role. By showing your value to the company, you may be able to negotiate a higher salary.

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