Post Production Coordinator Resume Example & Writing Guide

Use this Post Production Coordinator resume example and guide to improve your career and write a powerful resume that will separate you from the competition.

Post-production coordinators are the glue that holds film and video projects together. They coordinate the post-production process, which includes everything from organizing the final cut of a film or video to overseeing the creation of DVD extras to preparing the final product for distribution. Post-production coordinators are often the first point of contact for filmmakers, producers, directors, writers, and other creatives who need help getting their projects off the ground.

If you’re looking for a job in film, television, or video production but don’t have much experience in the field, you might have trouble breaking into the industry without a reference from someone in the business. Luckily, post-production coordinator is a relatively new role in the industry, so there aren’t many established best practices or resume templates to follow.

To help you write a fantastic post production coordinator resume, we’ve put together an example for you to follow plus tips for writing a great post production coordinator resume.

Michael Garcia
New York City, NY | (123) 456-7891 | [email protected]

Film and video post production professional with over 10 years of experience. Skilled in managing all aspects of video post from start to finish. Excels at collaborating with teams to deliver high-quality content on tight deadlines.

New York University Jun '10
B.A. in Film and Television Production
Company A, Post Production Coordinator Jan '17 – Current
  • Managed the post-production process for a team of 10+ editors and assisted with managing projects, scheduling, and client communication.
  • Created detailed project notes to ensure that all deliverables are accounted for in the editorial workflow.
  • Assisted with transcribing audio recordings into written scripts and organized media assets for each production.
  • Maintained an organized storage system for video files using various file structures based on content type and date created/received.
  • Provided support to producers by creating rough cuts from raw footage as well as logging tapes upon receipt to maintain proper documentation of our library’s contents.
Company B, Post Production Coordinator Jan '12 – Dec '16
  • Worked with the producer and director to ensure that all post-production tasks were completed on time
  • Managed a team of 10 interns, scheduling their work assignments and making sure they stayed on task
  • Supervised editing process for 5 short films, ensuring that each one met its intended vision
  • Collaborated with the editor to create an efficient workflow for production and post-production processes
  • Scheduled meetings between producers, directors and editors to discuss project progress
Company C, Production Assistant Jan '09 – Dec '11
  • Monitored, evaluated and reported on the efficiency and effectiveness of production processes.
  • Worked with production managers to develop and implement process improvements.
  • Assisted with the development and implementation of quality control procedures.

Industry Knowledge: Audio Editing, Audition, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro
Technical Skills: Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Pro Tools, Adobe After Effects, Logic Pro
Soft Skills: Communication, Time Management, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Attention to Detail

How to Write a Post Production Coordinator Resume

Here’s how to write a post production coordinator resume of your own.

Write Compelling Bullet Points

When you’re writing bullet points, it can be tempting to just list your responsibilities. But that can make your resume boring and hard to read.

Instead, use your bullet points to tell a story about your work. And make sure that story is clear and easy to understand. So rather than saying you “managed project budgets,” you could say that you “managed $10M+ annual budget for 100+ projects, ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery for all projects.”

The second bullet point is much more specific and provides more detail about what exactly you did and the results of your work.

Identify and Include Relevant Keywords

When you submit your resume for a post production coordinator role, it’s likely that it will be scanned by an applicant tracking system (ATS) for certain keywords. ATS programs rank resumes based on the number of relevant keywords that are found in the job posting. If your resume doesn’t include enough of the right terms, your application might not make it past the initial screening process.

To increase your chances of getting an interview, use this list of common post production coordinator keywords as a starting point to help you optimize your resume:

  • Video Post-Production
  • Video Editing
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Post-Production
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Video
  • Film Production
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Video Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Film
  • Editing
  • After Effects
  • Camera Operation
  • Television
  • Television Production
  • Entertainment
  • Writing
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Music Production
  • Media Production
  • Broadcasting
  • Social Media
  • Media Management
  • Adobe Audition
  • Copywriting
  • Public Relations
  • News Writing
  • Documentaries

Showcase Your Technical Skills

As a post production coordinator, you need to be proficient in a variety of software programs and systems in order to effectively do your job. This might include video editing software, like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, as well as audio editing software, like Pro Tools. Additionally, you need to be familiar with file formats, like AVI and MPEG, and have a solid understanding of video and audio codecs.

Recruiters are also looking for post production coordinators who are comfortable with technology and are willing to embrace new ways of working. For example, many post production coordinators are now using cloud-based storage and collaboration platforms, like Google Drive and Dropbox, to manage their projects.


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