Safety Associate Salary: What You’ll Make and Why

Safety associates make around $47,270 to $56,629 on average in the US, depending on experience, location, skills, and other factors.

According to various salary aggregate websites, a safety associate’s average salary in the US ranges between $47,270 and $56,629. As of March 2022, the average base salaries for safety associates are as follows:


Keep in mind: Salary aggregate websites typically rely on data submitted anonymously by individuals using their site. Some websites may have received larger amounts of data of either higher or lower than average salaries, which may affect the site’s calculated average.

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What influences a salary?

The salary for a Safety Associate can be impacted by several factors, including experience, education, and certification. Here’s a closer look at how these factors can affect your earnings potential.

Years of experience

Salary increases are generally tied to your experience level. In general, the more years you spend working as a safety associate, the more you can expect to earn. Here’s how experience can impact your safety associate salary, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Compensation Survey.

Level of experienceSalary
Entry-level (less than 1 year)$31,651
Early career (1 to 4 years)$38,164
Mid career (5 to 9 years)$47,614
Experienced (10 to 19 years)$60,388
Late career (20+ years)$76,019

Where you live can also impact how much you can make as a safety associate. Typically, working in a large metropolitan area correlates to a higher salary, as well as a higher cost of living.

Here is a list of some major cities with their corresponding average safety associate salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

CityAverage Salary
Boston, MA$68,407
Atlanta, GA$65,156
Miami, FL$59,440
Washington DC, DC$59,008
Portland, OR$58,509
Cincinnati, OH$44,919
Birmingham, AL$44,267
Dallas, TX$43,369
Phoenix, AZ$39,542
Las Vegas, NV$38,738

How does this compare to similar jobs?

Here’s how a safety associate’s salary stacks up against similar jobs.

Related JobsAverage Salary
Environmental Health and Safety Specialist$72,054
Industrial Hygienist$72,580
EHS Specialist$64,037
Safety Manager$70,806
Safety Specialist$59,580
Risk Management Specialist$68,116
Loss Control Specialist$86,192
Safety Coordinator$49,543

How to increase your safety associate salary

Now that you have a better idea of what you could expect to earn as a safety associate, let’s look at ways to boost your salary.

1. Strengthen your skills

Pursuing and improving in-demand skills could make you more competitive for promotions and higher-paying positions. These skills include:

  • Emergency Management: Understand how to plan for and respond to emergencies
  • Risk Assessment: Conduct assessments to identify potential safety hazards
  • Accident Investigation: Investigate accidents to determine root cause and prevent future incidents
  • Safety Training: Develop and deliver safety training programs to employees
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that the company is compliant with all applicable safety regulations
2. Take more responsibilities

One way to increase your salary is to take on more responsibilities at work. If you’re able to show that you’re capable of handling additional tasks, your boss may be more likely to give you a raise. You can also try to negotiate for more responsibility when you’re first hired for a position.

3. Know Your Value

When it comes to asking for a raise, knowledge is power. Do some research on what safety associates in your area with your experience level are making. This will give you a better idea of what you should be asking for. You can also use this research to negotiate a higher salary when you’re applying for a new job.

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