Salary Guides: What You’ll Make and Why

Finding the right career and making an informed career decision requires relevant and reliable information. Below you'll see salary guides for 1000+ professions to help you make the right decision.

Accounting & Finance Salary Guides

There are a number of rewarding careers for people who like working with numbers and money. Whether you like planning and overseeing budgets, analyzing and interpreting financial information, or working directly with people in financial services, you’ll find a great career in accounting and finance. Show all

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Salary Guides

If you’re interested in working with plants, animals, or the land, you might find a career in agriculture, food, or natural resources to be a good fit for you. Show all

Architecture & Construction Salary Guides

Architects and construction professionals use their creativity, technical skills, and hard work to design and build the homes, offices, and other structures where we live, work, and play. Show all

Arts, Media & Communications Salary Guides

Careers in the Arts, Media & Communications field involve using your creativity and communication skills to entertain, inform, and persuade people. Show all

Education & Training Salary Guides

People with a passion for sharing knowledge and developing the next generation of leaders will enjoy working in the education field. Show all

Government & Public Administration Salary Guides

Working in government or public administration can be a very rewarding way to serve your community or country. Show all

Healthcare Practitioners Salary Guides

Healthcare practitioners provide vital services to patients in a variety of settings. From diagnosing and treating illnesses to providing preventative care, these professionals make a difference in the lives of others every day. Show all

Healthcare Support Salary Guides

Healthcare support occupations include a wide variety of jobs that help keep our healthcare system running smoothly. Show all

Hospitality & Tourism Salary Guides

The Hospitality & Tourism industry offers a wide range of career opportunities for people who enjoy working with others and providing first-class service. Show all

Human Services Salary Guides

The human services field is all about helping people. If you’re passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, you might find a career in human services. Show all

Information Technology Salary Guides

If you’re interested in working with computers and technology, you’re likely to find a career in information technology rewarding. It’s an exciting field that allows you to use your creative and analytical abilities in a variety of ways. Show all

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Salary Guides

A career in law, public safety, corrections or security will allow you to help keep your community safe while also enjoying a challenging and rewarding profession. Show all

Maintenance, Installation & Repair Salary Guides

In a world that needs to run smoothly, there are a number of jobs that focus on installation, maintenance and repair. From cars to buildings, there’s a career path you’ll love. Show all

Management Salary Guides

If you’re a natural leader and like to be challenged, you might find a rewarding and lucrative career in management. Show all

Manufacturing Salary Guides

The manufacturing industry produces the products we use in our everyday lives. If you like working with your hands and have a knack for problem solving, you might enjoy a career in manufacturing. Show all

Office and Administrative Support Salary Guides

If you enjoy working with people and thrive in a fast-paced environment, you might want to consider a career in the field of office and administrative support. Show all

Personal Care Services Salary Guides

People in the Personal Care Services field provide a variety of services to help people look and feel their best. Show all

Restaurants and Food/Beverage Services Salary Guides

If you have a love of food, you’ll find careers in food service to be rewarding. Workers in this field prepare, cook, serve and present food to people in a restaurant or other venue. Show all

Sales & Marketing Salary Guides

Sales and marketing careers exist in every industry and facet of society. These careers allow you to help people and organizations obtain and retain what they need and want. Show all

Science, Engineering & Mathematics Salary Guides

Professionals in the Science, Engineering & Mathematics field use their knowledge of math, science, and practical experience to help develop and improve everything from our communications to our transportation. Show all

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Salary Guides

Whether you’re moving people or products, you can be part of an exciting career in transportation, distribution and logistics. These are jobs that are vital to our everyday lives. Show all