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Sales Associate Cover Letter Examples & Writing Tips

Use these Sales Associate cover letter examples and writing tips to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

Sales associates sell products to customers and promote the products and services of their employers. Their main job is to help customers find what they need and close the sale.

To show you’re the right person for the job, you need a cover letter that’s both compelling and informative.

Follow these examples and tips to write a sales associate cover letter that highlights your skills and makes hiring managers want to learn more about you.

Sales Associate Cover Letter Example 1

I am writing in response to your advertisement for the position of Sales Associate, and would like to submit my resume for the position. With over 3 years of experience in sales and a 2-year diploma in Sales and Customer service, I believe I have all the capabilities required for becoming an integral part of your sales team.

For the past two years, I have been associated with Big Shop, a Boston-based discount retail store. In my current position as a Sales Associate, I am responsible for generating sales, maintaining outstanding customer service, merchandising products, and supporting the in-house store management team.

My major responsibilities include the following:

  • Ensuring each customer receives quality service
  • Maintaining awareness of all advertisements and promotions
  • Executing the daily day-to-day goals and priorities set by the management
  • Upholding the store’s high cleanliness standards
  • Participating in the processing of new shipments
  • Assisting the warehouse team in keeping the stock receiving area and the back stock area organized and clean
  • Assisting in training, monitoring, and development of new recruits
  • Ensuring compliance with safety policies defined by the store management team
  • Assisting customers in locating items and answering their queries related to products sold in the store
  • Providing information to customers on store’s procedures and policies

Conscious of customers’ needs, I always strive to provide them with prompt and high-quality service. On numerous occasions, I have received recognition from the management for my ability to go out of the way to serve customers better. I possess excellent listening and oral communication skills, two qualities that I believe are paramount for this job.

My resume, attached with this application, highlights my professional skills, achievements, and qualifications in greater detail. I hope you will grant me an opportunity to meet you in person to discuss my application further.

Sales Associate Cover Letter Example 2

Your advertisement for the job of Sales Associate caught my attention, as the listed requirements match perfectly with my professional background. I have three years of experience in commercial real estate industry. This along with my educational background, a 4 year Bachelor degree in Sales and Marketing, I believe will allow me to bring the expertise you need for this job.

During my tenure with Red Street Corporation, with whom I have been employed for the last 2 years, I have established myself as a successful salesperson. My current key responsibilities include, among others, the following:

  • Upgrading services to allow the inclusion of other product offers
  • Discussing research, subscription pricing offers, and service levels
  • Setting up conference calls between the company’s clients and research team
  • Acquiring and effectively communicating responses to questions asked by clients
  • Assisting with transitioning of new clients from salespersons to account managers
  • Assisting the Marketing team in the creation of new marketing ideas.
  • Assisting the Marketing team in the development of effective client programs
  • Providing feedback from clients to evaluate possible refinements to offered products and the requirement for new products

In addition to the above job-related skills, I offer you:

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Proficiency with computers (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access)
  • Well-developed presentation skills
  • Key understanding of the financial industry (hedge funds, bonds, mutual funds, stocks, etc.)
  • Fundamental knowledge of the commercial real estate industry

My inherent competitive nature and sales-driven personality work to my added advantage and allow me to successfully achieve, and often surpass the set sales targets. On several occasions I have been rewarded by the management for my outstanding work, the most notable being the ‘Sales Person of the Year’ award in 2012.

I am excited about working with such an esteemed firm as yours and hope to meet you soon to discuss your specific needs and my ability to meet them.

Sales Associate Cover Letter Example 3

I am very interested in the opportunity for employment with your company as an Entry Level Sales Associate.

I am a young, enthusiastic, and self-motivated individual who is eager to succeed. While this would be my first time working in sales, I am confident I can learn quickly and make an immediate impact on the team at your company. I am looking for a young and energetic work environment, one in which will allow me to demonstrate and grow my skills which I feel your company can provide.

My previous work experience has supplied me with the knowledge that can be easily applied to the retail sector. I am a proficient user of Microsoft Excel, a program in which I spent countless hours during my Psychology studies. I have been put in high-stress, fast-paced, and dynamic situations and I work very well under pressure. As an employee in the restaurant industry, I have learned the value of providing excellent communication and customer service which are skills that directly correlate to the retail Industry.

Going forward, I feel as if my background, personality, and drive are suitable for employment within your store. I hope to have the opportunity to grow my professional career with your company and I’m confident that I can be an asset to your growing team.

Thank you for taking the time to review my application and cover letter. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sales Associate Cover Letter Writing Tips

Talk about what you can offer

If you’re applying for a sales job, show the employer why they need to consider your application. Tailor your cover letter based on the position and highlight how your skills match their specific needs. For example, if you’re applying at an electronics store, showcase how many years of experience in IT support you have or mention that you worked with a similar clientele as one that would be servicing at the retailer. You want to make it clear that you will provide value in this position.

Be enthusiastic and confident

The best cover letters for sales associate positions are those that show enthusiasm in the position, a passion for working with customers, and confidence. To make them want to keep reading, mention how much you love working with people or detail some of your past experiences where you excelled as a sales associate. Showing how passionate you are about serving others will help sell them on being interested in learning more from an interview perspective.

Demonstrate your self-motivation

It’s important to show hiring managers why you’re a good fit for the job, especially if they are looking at many applicants with similar qualifications. Employers want enthusiastic employees who will work hard and be proactive without being asked. Self-motivated candidates also show that they can complete tasks independently and meet deadlines; this is exactly what employers need in their sales associates.

Use your cover letter to demonstrate how you will contribute to the success of the company as well as how you would benefit from working there. For example, say that by working for their organization, you hope to become an avid learner who will continue developing his or her skillset and eventually earn even more responsibilities within the company or industry. That way it’s clear that not only do you want this position but will put forth effort outside of normal business hours when needed.

Don’t miss an opportunity to impress

Your cover letter is your first impression. If you leave a negative impression on the hiring manager, you may never be introduced to him or her at all. Therefore, it’s important to give careful attention to detail when composing your cover letter.

Follow the directions provided in the job listing and include a list of references if asked. Be sure that your resume supports what you state in your cover letter and highlight any accomplishments that relate directly to the job description. Finally, proofread carefully as spelling and grammar errors are easy mistakes to make.


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