20 Sharecare Interview Questions and Answers

Prepare for the types of questions you are likely to be asked when interviewing for a position at Sharecare.

Sharecare is a digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one place. Their platform allows users to track their progress, set goals, and connect with doctors and other health professionals.

If you’re interviewing for a job at Sharecare, you can expect to be asked a mix of questions about your qualifications, experience, and skills. To help you prepare, we’ve gathered a list of sample Sharecare interview questions and answers.

Sharecare Interview Process

The interview process at Sharecare can vary depending on the position you are applying for. For some positions, like Health Coach, you may only have to do two phone interviews. However, for other positions, like Senior Test Engineer, you may have to do multiple rounds of interviews, both in person and over the phone. Overall, the interview process is fairly straightforward and easy to navigate.

1. What is your experience in the health care industry?

Sharecare is a health care company, so it’s likely that you’ll be working with patients in some capacity. Employers ask this question to make sure you have the experience necessary to succeed in their role. Before your interview, read through the job description and highlight any skills or qualifications they mention. Use these to talk about your own experience and how it matches up.

Example: “I’ve worked as a nurse for five years now. I started out as an ER nurse before moving into urgent care. Throughout my career, I’ve learned many valuable skills that I think will help me excel in this position. For example, I am very good at communicating with patients and helping them understand what they need to do to get better.”

2. Are you comfortable coaching people over the phone?

Sharecare is a remote work environment, so you may need to coach employees over the phone. This question helps employers understand if you’re comfortable with this type of communication and coaching style. Use your answer to highlight your ability to communicate clearly and provide feedback effectively.

Example: “I have experience coaching people over the phone in my previous role as an HR manager. I find that it’s important to be able to speak clearly and use active listening skills when coaching someone remotely. I also make sure to give clear instructions and expectations for employees so they know what I expect from them. In addition, I try to schedule regular check-ins with employees to ensure they are on track with their goals.”

3. Sharecare is a company that promotes healthy living, what are some ways you can incorporate this into your daily life?

This question is a great way to show the interviewer that you understand what Sharecare’s values are and how they can help you in your career. When answering this question, it can be helpful to talk about specific ways you’ve made healthy choices in your life or how you plan to do so in the future.

Example: “I believe that being healthy is something we should all strive for. I try to eat well by eating lots of fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed foods as much as possible. I also make sure to get plenty of exercise every day, whether that’s through walking or other activities like yoga.”

4. Do you have any experience working with Salesforce CRM?

Sharecare uses Salesforce CRM to manage their clients and the data they collect. The interviewer may ask this question to see if you have experience with similar systems in the past. If you do, share your experience briefly. If you don’t, explain that you’re willing to learn a new system.

Example: “I’ve worked with other CRMs before, but I haven’t had any experience with Salesforce specifically. However, I’m eager to learn a new system if hired for this position.”

5. How would you handle an upset customer on the phone?

This question can help the interviewer determine how you handle stressful situations and your customer service skills. Use examples from previous experience to show that you have strong communication skills, patience and empathy when dealing with upset customers.

Example: “I once had a customer call me who was very upset because they were having trouble using our website. I listened carefully to what they said and asked questions to make sure I understood their issue. Then, I explained how to use the website in more detail so they could find what they needed. They thanked me for my help and apologized for being rude earlier.”

6. Describe a time where you had to prioritize and how did you decide which tasks were most important?

Sharecare is a fast-paced environment, and the interviewer may ask this question to see if you can prioritize your tasks in a timely manner. Use examples from previous work experiences where you had to prioritize your tasks and how you did so effectively.

Example: “In my last role as an account manager, I was responsible for managing multiple clients at once. One of my main priorities was making sure all client deadlines were met on time. Another priority was ensuring that any issues with our products or services were resolved quickly. In addition to these two priorities, I also made it a point to communicate regularly with my team members about their projects.”

7. Tell me about a time when you worked with someone who was difficult or frustrating. How did you handle it?

This question can help the interviewer understand how you handle conflict and challenges. Use examples from your past to explain how you handled a challenging situation, what steps you took to resolve it and what skills or values helped you succeed.

Example: “In my last position as an HR manager, I worked with several different departments that had varying opinions on company policy. One of our policies was to allow employees to work remotely one day per week. Some managers wanted to change this policy because they felt their teams were more productive when everyone was in the office. I met with each department head to discuss their concerns and find compromises. In the end, we decided to let employees choose whether they wanted to work remotely or in the office.”

8. Why do you want to work at Sharecare?

This question can help the interviewer get to know you better and understand why you are a good fit for their company. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention something specific about Sharecare that interests you or what drew you to apply for the position.

Example: “I want to work at Sharecare because I am passionate about helping people live healthier lives. I have always been interested in nutrition and fitness, so working here would allow me to use my skills and knowledge to help others achieve their health goals. I also love how easy Sharecare’s app is to navigate and find information on. It seems like an innovative way to provide healthcare services.”

9. In what areas of healthcare are you interested in?

Sharecare is a healthcare company, so it’s important that you’re passionate about the industry. Your interviewer wants to know what areas of healthcare interest you and how your skills can benefit Sharecare. Use this question as an opportunity to show off your knowledge of the healthcare field and explain why you are qualified for the position.

Example: “I am very interested in mental health care because I have seen firsthand how much it impacts people’s lives. In my last role, I worked with patients who were struggling with anxiety and depression. I helped them develop coping mechanisms and find ways to manage their symptoms. It was rewarding to see these patients make progress and feel better.”

10. How do you stay up to date on the latest trends in healthcare?

Sharecare is a healthcare company that focuses on providing the latest information and research to its employees. The interviewer wants to know how you stay up-to-date with industry news, trends and advancements in technology. Show them that you are passionate about your career by sharing some of the ways you keep yourself informed.

Example: “I am an avid reader when it comes to health and wellness topics. I subscribe to several newsletters and blogs that provide me with new insights into the world of healthcare. I also attend conferences and seminars where experts share their knowledge and experiences. I find these events very helpful for learning more about the newest technologies and treatments.”

11. What qualifications do you think make you a good candidate for this position?

This question is a great way for employers to learn more about your qualifications and how you feel they align with the job. When answering this question, it can be helpful to list out any relevant skills or experience that you have that make you a good fit for the role.

Example: “I think my background in healthcare makes me an excellent candidate for this position. I’ve worked as a nurse for five years now, so I am familiar with many of the procedures and protocols used at Sharecare. Additionally, I believe my communication skills are quite strong, which would help me work well with other members of the team.”

12. What are your short term and long term goals?

Sharecare is a growing company, and your interviewer may want to know that you’re interested in helping the organization grow. Sharecare wants employees who are motivated by success and willing to work hard to achieve it. When answering this question, consider what you can do to help Sharecare reach its goals.

Example: “I’m excited about working for a growing company like Sharecare. I think it’s important to be part of an organization that has ambitious goals. My short term goal is to learn as much as I can about Sharecare and how we can improve our services. My long-term goal is to become a valuable member of the team and contribute to the growth of the company.”

13. Have you ever had to deal with a situation where a patient’s privacy was compromised? If so, how did you handle it?

Sharecare is a healthcare company that focuses on privacy and security. As such, they want to ensure you have the experience necessary to handle sensitive information. In your answer, explain how you would approach this situation and what steps you would take to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Example: “I’ve had patients who were concerned about their privacy before. I always make sure to reassure them that all of their information is safe with me. If there was ever a breach in security, I would immediately contact the patient and let them know what happened. Then, I would work with my team to determine what went wrong and how we could prevent it from happening again.”

14. Can you tell us about a time when you exceeded expectations?

This question is a great way to show your potential employer that you are capable of going above and beyond. When answering this question, it can be helpful to think about a time when you were able to exceed the expectations of your previous manager or supervisor.

Example: “At my last job, I was tasked with creating an infographic for our company’s blog. My manager wanted me to create something that would help explain complex medical information in a simple way. After working on the project for several days, I presented my work to my manager. He loved what I had created and shared it with his colleagues. The infographic ended up getting over 10,000 views.”

15. Tell me about a time you made a mistake and how you handled it.

This question is a great way to learn more about how you respond to challenges. It’s important to be honest in your answer, but also show that you learned from the mistake and are eager to avoid making it again.

Example: “When I first started working as an accountant, I was so excited to get my work done quickly that I didn’t double-check all of my math. When I submitted my report, my boss noticed some mistakes and asked me to redo the entire thing. I spent several hours rechecking everything before submitting it again. My boss was happy with the final product, but I learned to always triple-check my work.”

16. Would you be able to coach patients through potentially embarrassing situations?

Sharecare is a healthcare platform that allows users to ask questions about their health and receive answers from medical professionals. The interviewer may want to know if you have experience coaching patients through potentially embarrassing situations, such as discussing sexual health or other sensitive topics. Use your answer to show the interviewer that you can be empathetic and compassionate when working with patients.

Example: “I’ve worked in several customer service roles throughout my career, so I’m used to helping people who are uncomfortable asking for help. In one of my previous positions, I helped customers find information on how to treat common ailments like colds and headaches. While some of these issues were easy to diagnose, others required more complex solutions. I always made sure to coach my patients through any difficult questions they had.”

17. Do you have experience working with electronic medical records?

Sharecare is an EMR, or electronic medical records, company. This question helps the interviewer determine if you have experience with this type of software and how it might apply to your work at Sharecare. If you do not have experience working with EMRs, consider mentioning that you are willing to learn about them and gain experience using them.

Example: “I have worked with EMRs in my previous role as a nurse practitioner. I am familiar with many different types of EMRs, including Epic and Cerner. However, I would be happy to learn more about Sharecare’s system if needed.”

18. What is your take on the current state of healthcare in our country?

This question is a great way for the interviewer to get an idea of your political views and how they align with Sharecare’s. It also gives them insight into whether you’re passionate about healthcare reform, which can be a good indicator of how hard you’ll work in your new role.

Example: “I believe that our country has made significant progress when it comes to healthcare reform. However, there are still many issues that need to be addressed. For example, I think we should focus on lowering costs while improving quality of care. We should also make sure that all Americans have access to affordable healthcare.”

19. What does HIPAA stand for?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of an individual’s medical records. It also ensures that individuals can keep their health insurance if they change jobs. Your answer should show that you understand HIPAA regulations and how to follow them.

Example: “HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which was enacted in 1996. The purpose of this act is to protect the privacy of patients’ medical information. I have worked with Sharecare since its inception, so I am well aware of the importance of protecting patient data. I always make sure to safeguard confidential information by using secure passwords and avoiding public Wi-Fi networks.”

20. What type of environment do you feel most comfortable working in?

Sharecare is a fast-paced environment, and the interviewer wants to make sure you’re comfortable with that. If you’ve worked in similar environments before, share your experience. If this type of work environment is new to you, explain how you would adapt to it.

Example: “I thrive in an environment where I’m constantly learning and growing. In my last role, we had weekly meetings where we discussed our progress on projects and what we learned from them. This helped me feel more confident in my abilities as a marketer and gave me ideas for future campaigns.”


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