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16 Short Order Cook Skills for Your Career and Resume

Learn about the most important Short Order Cook skills, how you can utilize them in the workplace, and what to list on your resume.

Short order cooks are responsible for preparing food quickly and efficiently in a restaurant setting. They must have strong organizational skills and be able to work well under pressure. If you’re interested in becoming a short order cook, it’s important to understand the skills that are necessary for success in this position.

Knife Skills

Knife skills are necessary for short order cooks to prepare ingredients and garnishes. They use knives to cut meat, vegetables, cheese and other food items into smaller pieces that can be cooked quickly in a fryer or on a griddle. Knife skills also include the ability to sharpen blades and maintain them so they stay sharp and don’t pose a safety risk.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is the ability to use your hands and eyes together. This skill is important for short order cooks because it allows them to prepare food quickly and accurately. It also helps them when they’re cooking with a grill or other equipment that requires precision. For example, hand-eye coordination can help a cook flip an egg without breaking the yolk or burning the outside of the egg.


Sanitation is the process of keeping food safe and clean. As a short order cook, you should be familiar with proper sanitation practices to ensure that your customers’ food is free from contamination. You may also need to instruct other kitchen staff on how to properly sanitize their work areas and tools.

Stress Management

Stress management skills are important for short order cooks because they often work in fast-paced environments where they may experience high levels of stress. It’s important that these professionals know how to manage their stress so they can stay focused and perform well at work. Stress management skills include meditation, breathing exercises and other techniques that allow you to relax when you feel stressed.


Multi-tasking is the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Short order cooks often need to multi-task, as they may be preparing several orders at once and also interacting with customers who are waiting for their food. It’s important that short order cooks can handle many responsibilities at once so they can ensure all of their patrons’ needs are met in a timely manner.


Plating is the process of arranging food on a plate. As a short-order cook, you may be responsible for preparing and plating meals for customers in a restaurant or cafe. This skill requires attention to detail as you arrange different types of food together on one plate. You also need to ensure that your plates are clean and free of any food particles before serving them to customers.


Teamwork is the ability to work with others in a positive and productive manner. As a short-order cook, you may need to work with other kitchen staff members or waiters to complete tasks. For example, if you’re working as a team member of a restaurant’s dishwashing crew, you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively with your coworkers and share responsibilities.

Time Management

Time management is the ability to plan and execute tasks in a way that ensures you meet your work obligations. Short order cooks often have many duties at once, so time management skills are important for completing all of their responsibilities on time. For example, if an order comes in during breakfast service, short order cooks may need to prepare the food quickly while also ensuring they complete other duties like cleaning the kitchen before lunch service begins.


Creativity is the ability to think of new ideas and solutions. Short order cooks often use creativity when creating unique dishes for customers. They may also need to be creative in how they prepare food, such as by using different cooking methods or ingredients than usual. This can help them come up with new recipes that their restaurant patrons enjoy.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is a skill that can help short order cooks ensure they prepare food correctly and consistently. This may involve following recipes accurately, measuring ingredients precisely and ensuring the right amount of time passes between steps in cooking processes. It also involves paying attention to customer requests when taking orders, such as noting any special instructions or preferences customers have regarding their meal.


Cooking is the ability to prepare food. Short order cooks need cooking skills because they often cook for customers who order specific dishes, such as a hamburger or grilled cheese sandwich. Having cooking skills allows short order cooks to know how to prepare these dishes and ensure that they taste good. It also helps them understand what ingredients are needed to make certain dishes.


Baking is the process of cooking food in an oven. Short order cooks use baking skills to prepare dishes like baked potatoes, which they cook in a convection oven or microwave. They also use baking skills when preparing desserts such as cakes and pies. Short order cooks often bake their own bread for sandwiches and other dishes.

Food Preparation

Food preparation is the ability to prepare food for customers. Short order cooks often work in fast-food restaurants, where they cook and assemble sandwiches, burgers and other meals. They also may be responsible for preparing side dishes like fries or onion rings.

Food preparation skills include knowing how to use kitchen equipment such as grills, deep fryers and ovens. It also includes knowledge of cooking methods, including sautéing, broiling, baking and frying.

Customer Service

Customer service skills are important for short order cooks because they interact with customers on a regular basis. They need to be friendly and welcoming, as well as knowledgeable about the menu items and ingredients. Short order cooks should also be able to answer questions about the restaurant’s food and drink options.

Customer service skills can help short order cooks provide excellent customer service that keeps their patrons coming back. It’s also important for them to remember details about their customers’ orders so they can prepare them quickly and accurately.


Safety is an important skill for short order cooks to have because they work in a kitchen where there are many hazards. They need to be aware of the dangers and how to avoid them so that they can keep themselves safe while working. Short order cooks also need to know what safety precautions to take when handling food, cleaning equipment and cooking with fire.

Inventory Management

A short order cook needs to be able to manage their inventory, including knowing what ingredients they have on hand and how much of each ingredient is needed for a particular dish. This can help them prepare the right food quickly and accurately. It’s also important that they know where all of their kitchen equipment is located so they can find it when they need it.

How Can I Learn These Short Order Cook Skills?

There are a few ways that you can learn the necessary skills to become a short order cook. First, you can take a cooking class or two at a local community college or cooking school. This will give you a basic foundation in cooking techniques and knife skills. You can also learn a lot by simply watching cooking shows and reading cooking magazines and books. Additionally, it is important to be able to work well under pressure, so learning some stress management techniques would be beneficial. Finally, it is also important to be able to work well as part of a team, so learning some teamwork skills would be beneficial.


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