Technical Support Resume Sample & Guide

Use this Technical Support resume example and guide to improve your career and write a powerful resume that will separate you from the competition.

Technical support is a rapidly-growing field with increasing job opportunities. The growing field is, however, becoming increasingly popular with those entering the job market. Competition is expected to intensify. Your resume is your first impression to prospective employers, make it count. A purposeful, error-free resume highlighting your technical and communication skills will go a long way to making you stand out from the crowd.

Technical Support Resume Sample


Highly motivated, team-oriented Information Technology professional with over ten years of experience. Adept at multitasking in demanding time-sensitive environments while managing priorities. A fast learning, self-motivated, analytical professional who possesses a diversified background in a wide variety of highly technical and computer related fields. Experienced problem solver able to resolve software and network performance issues with urgency, ensuring service sustainability and business continuity.

Work Experience

Technical Support Specialist
Latrix – Atlanta, GA
July 2019 to January 2021

  • 35-40 inbound calls per day for technical support issues 
  • Provided technical support for mobile operations 
  • Remote technical support for Delta airlines, Southwest airlines, Enterprise Car Center 
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues for client’s handheld devices 
  • Maintained software for handheld devices and applications within the devices 
  • Set up Outlook for employees to access email on their personal mobile devices 
  • Performed hardware repairs and replacements 
  • Assisted in the tracking of lost or stolen devices 
  • Updated and reset password and PIN numbers for clients

Help Desk Support
Visys – Atlanta, GA
July 2018 to July 2019

  • Reset Domain passwords 
  • Created tickets for users for on-site service 
  • Strong communication and phone skills 
  • Experienced with Terminal Services and SQL Database 
  • Business and technical writing experience 
  • Installed configured, and troubleshoot networks and hardware 
  • Experience with hardware, server, workstations and peripherals

Technical Support Specialist
Maradon Eye Clinic – Marietta, GA
January 2015 to July 2018

  • Handled 40 – 50 inbound calls per day in a call center environment 
  • Technical troubleshooting of computer software and hardware 
  • Proficient in computer software installs (Next Gen) 
  • Diagnosed and resolved LAN connectivity problems, phone and server models 
  • Remained within customer service standards and quality assurance compliance 
  • Programmed desktops and laptops in preparation for deployment and tested them for proper operation 
  • Provided proactive technical support by monitoring alerts in an effort to prevent potential system issues before service levels were impacted 
  • Responded to moderately complex technical issues surrounding desktop/laptop hardware and software 
  • Complete understanding of computer networking, operating systems, protocols, and databases 
  • Customized and deployed new/upgraded hardware and software internally and to off-site locations 
  • Trained team members on hardware and software installs and functions

Technical Support
IBM (CGS Lenovo) – Atlanta, GA
June 2013 to January 2015

  • Customer service compliance handling 
  • Answered 60 – 70 inbound calls per day in a fast paced call center environment 
  • Answered user inquiries regarding computer software/hardware operation to resolve problems 
  • Diagnosed phone and online support for server models 
  • Conducted classroom training and consulting on related technology products and services


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Old Dominion University – Norfolk, VA

Technical Support Resume Tips

Take Care

If you are applying to a technical support job, you are applying to a job that requires spotting and solving problems. A prospective employer will not be impressed with an error-ridden resume. Take care to scan your document for any spelling or grammatical errors. Also bear in mind that technical support specialists require strong communication skills, as they need to explain complex, technical matters to people with little or no technical or computer knowledge. Exemplify this trait by ensuring that your resume is efficient, clear and concise.

Be Specific

It is a good idea to renovate your resume from the ground-up for each job you apply to. Though most technical support specialists perform similar work, job postings should reveal specifications that you could demonstrate through a revised resume. Does the office use PC or Mac? Computers or mobile devices? Will you be interacting with clients over the phone or face-to-face? Target your resume to the job you are applying to by addressing the platforms and devices used by the employer.

Since you are editing your resume anyway, include a focused objective statement toward the top. Tell your prospective employer what you hope to achieve by giving them your resume. Don’t be afraid to use the company name and position title. Feel free to include any relevant skills you could bring to position—this will give your prospective employer a sense of your eligibility from the start.

Objective: To acquire the position of Technical Support Representative with Omega Technologies, bringing my expert technical and customer relations skills.

Highlight Your Skills

Consider adding a “Main Skills” section toward the top of your resume. Think about keywords that employers in the field want to hear—teamwork, communication, mobile devices, computer networks, troubleshooting, customer service—if you are not sure what these may be, look for them in the job posting. Use bullet-points to list a few of your primary skills most relevant to this particular job, and then try to include as many of those key words as possible. This section will essentially summarize your resume. Gear it toward the position you are applying to by including only relevant items.

Main Skills:

  • Robust technical knowledge
  • Team player with great interpersonal skills
  • Expert with mobile devices
  • Shrewd troubleshooter
Elaborate With Professional Experience

List your professional experience in another section. This is your opportunity to outline what jobs you have worked in the past. It also allows you to ground those abstract keywords in concrete experience. Try to include those relevant skills mentioned above in the “duties” points. Again, be concise. Only include what is relevant to the job. Be sure to include any personal accomplishments. Begin with your most recent experience.

Technical Support Specialist, Wonderland Robotics, Des Moines, Iowa. September 2014 – May 2016

  • Identified and resolved customers’ technical problems over the phone
  • Resolved complaints and other issues with superior communication skills
  • Provided excellent customer service, maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings.
Outline Your Education And Training

The education requirements for technical support specialists are as broad as the jobs themselves. Always make sure that you meet the requirements stipulated in the job posting. If you have a bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree, it would not hurt to list it, even if it is not specifically mentioned in the job posting—some of the other applicants might include theirs, and thus appear better qualified. Include the degree title, institution and year of completion. If you are studying toward a degree, include the projected year of completion.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – 2014. McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.

Technical Support Job Description

Across all jobs in the field, technical support specialists may do a great number of things. In simplest terms, technical support specialists help customers or clients by identifying, limiting and resolving issues with hardware or software, generally concerning computers, mobile devices, telephones, televisions or other digital devices. Technical support specialists may provide their service in person, over the phone, or through email, app or other tool. One of the more familiar incarnations of the job is the technical support representative who works out of a call center, though some technical support specialists—like computer network support specialists—will work actively in an organization’s IT department, performing maintenance and addressing issues as they arise.

Technical Support Earnings And Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics states that the median annual wage for computer support specialists was $55,510, as of May 2020. Of these specialists, the highest earners were making over $110,450. Comprehensive data is unavailable for the entirety of the field, but it is reasonable to assume that these figures are representative of the highest-earning technical support specialists.

The future is looking very good for those looking to enter the field. Technical support jobs are expected to grow by 8% between 2019-2029, much higher than the average across the job market. This increase can largely be attributed to advancing technology, which will cause organizations and individual consumers alike to upgrade to more complex technologies, thus requiring greater technical support.

Technical Support Training And Qualifications

As mentioned above, the higher-level technical support jobs, particularly those involving advanced computer skills, require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, information technology, or similar. In general, as with most positions, preference would likely go to applicants with bachelor’s degrees. Aside from that, necessary qualifications run the gamut. An associate’s degree is sufficient for many employers, and for certain positions a high school education may suffice. Technical support specialists may be required to stay up-to-date on current technology by continuing their education even after landing a job.

Certification programs exist for many technological products, and employers may require their technical support specialists to be certified in the products they use.


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