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Truck Driver Cover Letter Examples & Writing Tips

Use these Truck Driver cover letter examples and writing tips to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

Truck drivers are essential to the transportation industry. They transport people and goods across the country by driving large trucks. They must have excellent driving skills, be able to deal with demanding situations, and have a great attention to detail.

To become a truck driver, you need to prove you’re reliable and ready to go the extra mile. One way to do that is by writing a strong cover letter.

Follow these examples and tips to craft a truck driver cover letter that’s sure to catch the attention of hiring managers.

Truck Driver Cover Letter Example 1

I’d like to express my interest in the truck driver position that you have posted. With six years of experience on the road, I believe I’m more than qualified to join your team at Speedy Delivery Inc.

I’m a responsible, hard-working heavy truck driver with a CDL Class A license and special certification in Hazardous Waste Transport and Disposal. I have a spotless driving record without any accidents or failure of delivery, and I was also awarded 2014’s Employee of the Year at a company with more than 500 drivers. This award is only given to those who have flawless records both on the road and with the company.

In terms of practical skills, I can lift cargo up to 75 pounds and operate both hoists and forklifts for anything exceeding that weight. I’m also adept at handling receipts, invoices, signature forms and all other paperwork associated with the job.

You said in your ad that you’re looking for three things specifically:

  • Conscientious drivers
  • Basic mechanical skills
  • A follower of rules and company policies

As previously stated, I’ve never let anything stop me from making my deliveries. I have a completion rate of 100 percent. If you entrust me with your company’s goods, I give you my word that they’ll reach their destination on-schedule and undamaged.

As for my mechanical skills, I worked in an auto body shop during high school, and I retain those skills to this day. I’m capable of changing flats and rewiring engines with the best of them. Efficacy on the road is one of my greatest priorities, so I make it a point to know what’s going on under my hood.

Finally, I’m a firm believer in following OSHA guidelines and company procedures. I recognize that these policies were put into place for both my benefit and the benefit of our clients, and I strive to uphold them every day.

Driving a truck is more than my job. It’s my calling. I love the open road and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done, and should you hire me, I’ll bring this passion to Speedy Delivery Inc.

I’d love the opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you in person. If you’d like to arrange an interview, I can be reached at 555-555-5555 any day of the week between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm. I’m also available through Skype or [email protected]

Truck Driver Cover Letter Example 2

I’m writing to express my interest in the truck driver position you advertised on XXX. With more than seven years on the job, I believe I have both the skill and the experience to make a great addition to the ABC Delivery team.

I meet all the requirements for truck drivers in California; in addition to holding a class B license, I’m also certified in HAZMAT and waste removal services due to my previous experience as a dump truck driver. Not only will I be able to deliver ABC’s goods promptly and efficiently, but in the event of any spills, accidents or leaks, I’ll also be able to clean up in accordance with all health department procedures.

You stated in your job listing that you’re looking for a few specific traits in your employees, and I’d like to go on record as meeting all of them:

I’ve driven trucks containing more than 15,000 lbs, including some with materials that were hazardous or otherwise delicate. I’m also capable of making up to 30 deliveries a day depending on the goods needing transport and the lengths of the routes. I’m not afraid of hard work or heavy trucks.

I’ve accomplished many things at my current company and received a number of awards and accolades. My current customer approval rate stands at 97 percent, and I’ve also been awarded both Employee of the Month and Driver of the Year.

My vehicles have never failed inspection. I keep a vigilant eye on my trucks and am able to make small, necessary repairs even miles from the nearest mechanic. I perform safety checks before and after every delivery.

I’ve never been in any kind of traffic accident. My record is completely clean. I’ve never even made an insurance claim.

As you can see, I’m quite qualified to join the team at ABC Delivery. Truck driving is both my life and my passion; I’ve been on the road for almost a decade now, and there’s nothing else I’d rather do. I’m only leaving my current company because I’m moving to another district where they don’t operate.

I’d love to sit down with you and discuss my resume in person. I can be reached at 555-555-5555 or [email protected] any day of the week after 8am, and I can also arrange for a Skype interview if necessary.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Truck Driver Cover Letter Writing Tips

Show your dedication to safety

In trucking, the number one priority is safety. To demonstrate how dedicated you are to safety, include a brief mention of how you’ve been a safe and responsible driver. Or, talk about a time when you identified a potential risk or hazard on the road and how you handled it safely.

You can also talk about your training and certification in high-risk driving situations such as transporting hazardous materials or navigating narrow tunnels.

Explain how you enhance the company’s bottom line

A truck driver’s primary objective is to deliver goods and services safely and efficiently. Therefore, when highlighting your qualifications in your cover letter, be sure to focus on how you add value by enhancing the company’s bottom line.

To showcase your ability to add value, provide specific examples of how you improved the efficiency of a company by increasing revenue or decreasing expenses. For example, if you reduced fuel costs by 20%, it shows that you pay close attention to detail and are committed to keeping costs low.

Highlight your ability to work independently and solve problems

Regardless of the industry, most companies don’t want employees who need close supervision. They prefer workers who can operate independently and solve any problems that arise with little direction.

To highlight your self-sufficiency in your cover letter, describe a time when you’ve tackled a difficult task (that was not assigned to you) and how you were able to complete it independently. By doing so, you’ll show hiring managers how reliable and resourceful you are at solving problems.

Proofread your cover letter

Use proper grammar and spelling in your cover letter, as these two elements can speak volumes about yourself. Ensure you have completed all of the sentences with periods and avoid using improper punctuation, as these mistakes will undermine your hard work.


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