17 Walgreens Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Learn what skills and qualities interviewers are looking for from a Walgreens pharmacy technician, what questions you can expect, and how you should go about answering them.

Pharmacy technicians play an important role in the pharmacy by helping the pharmacist with the day-to-day operations. They may also work with patients to provide information and counseling on their medications.

In order to be a pharmacy technician, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent. You must also be registered with the Board of Pharmacy in the state where you will be working.

Before your interview, it is important to review the most common pharmacy technician interview questions and answers. This will help you be prepared to answer questions about your experience, education, and training.

The following are some of the most common pharmacy technician interview questions:

-What experience do you have working with medications? -What type of pharmacy technician training have you received? -How would you handle a situation where you were unable to fill a prescription? -How would you handle a situation where you had to contact a doctor? -What is your understanding of the role of a pharmacy technician?

Common Walgreens Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions

Are you familiar with the most common types of medications and treatments that you’ll encounter in this position?

Walgreens is a large pharmacy chain that offers many different types of medications and treatments. The interviewer wants to make sure you have the knowledge necessary to perform your job duties safely and effectively. In your answer, list some of the most common medications and treatments you’ve encountered in previous positions.

Example: “I worked at a small independent pharmacy for two years where we only offered basic prescriptions and over-the-counter medication. However, I also worked at a hospital pharmacy for one year where I learned about more advanced medications and treatments. For example, I know how to administer injections and blood transfusions. I am confident that I can handle any situation that arises while working at Walgreens.”

What are some of the most important skills that a pharmacy technician needs to provide quality customer service?

Walgreens is a large pharmacy chain that offers many services to its customers. The company wants to hire technicians who can provide quality customer service and ensure the safety of their patients. When answering this question, you should highlight your interpersonal skills and ability to communicate with others.

Example: “I believe that communication and organization are two of the most important skills for a technician to have. I am always sure to clearly explain any questions or concerns to my patients so they understand what I’m doing. This helps them feel more comfortable in the store and ensures that they know how to use their medications properly. As someone who has worked in retail before, I also know how important it is to keep everything organized. I make sure to put away all supplies after using them and clean up messes as soon as possible.”

How would you respond if a customer was unhappy with the price of their medication?

Walgreens is a pharmacy that offers affordable medications, and the company wants to ensure their technicians can handle customer concerns. Your answer should show your ability to empathize with customers and help them understand why they need to pay for certain medications.

Example: “I would first ask the customer if there was any way I could lower the price of their medication. If not, I would explain our pricing structure and how we offer discounts on many of our products. I would also let them know about our rewards program so they can save money in the future.”

What is your process for verifying the accuracy of a prescription before filling it for the customer?

This question is an opportunity to show your attention to detail and ability to follow company policies. Your answer should include a step-by-step process for verifying prescriptions, including the specific steps you take to ensure accuracy.

Example: “I always verify the prescription before filling it because I want to make sure that I’m giving the customer exactly what they need. First, I check the name of the patient and their ID number on the prescription against the information in the computer system. Then, I read the entire prescription to make sure there are no mistakes or missing information. Finally, I compare the medication with the one listed in the database.”

Provide an example of a time when you had to help a customer who was unsure about the proper dosage of their medication.

Walgreens is a pharmacy that offers prescription services, so the interviewer may ask you this question to assess your customer service skills. Use examples from previous experiences where you helped customers understand their medication and dosage instructions.

Example: “When I worked at my last job as a pharmacy technician, I had a customer who was unsure about how much of her medication she should take each day. She didn’t know if she needed to take it all at once or if she could split up the dosage throughout the day. I explained to her that she could take the entire dose in one sitting or divide it into two smaller doses per day. She decided to take the full amount in the morning and evening.”

If a customer needed to speak with a pharmacist about their medication, how would you help them make the most of their visit?

Walgreens is a pharmacy that offers more than just prescription medication. They also offer health and beauty products, photo services and other items to their customers. As a Walgreens pharmacist technician, you may be responsible for helping customers with all of these different aspects of the store. An interviewer may ask this question to make sure you understand how important it is to help your customers get what they need from the pharmacy.

Example: “I would first try to answer any questions they have about their medication or treatment plan. If I didn’t know the answer, I would find the pharmacist on duty and let them know the customer needed assistance. The pharmacist could then speak with the customer directly and provide additional information.”

What would you do if you noticed another pharmacy technician making a mistake when filling prescriptions?

Walgreens wants to know that you can work well with others and help them improve their performance. Your answer should show your willingness to help a colleague learn from their mistake and avoid repeating it in the future.

Example: “If I noticed another technician making a mistake, I would first ask if they needed any help. If they said no, I would wait until they were done with the prescription before asking what went wrong. Then, I would explain how to fix the problem so they could remember for next time. This way, I’m helping my colleague without embarrassing them.”

How well do you perform under pressure?

Walgreens is a large company that operates in many locations. Pharmacy technicians may be required to work under pressure when they are short-staffed or when there are long lines of customers waiting for their prescriptions. Employers ask this question to make sure you can perform well under stress and help the pharmacy run smoothly. In your answer, explain how you handle stressful situations and provide an example of a time you performed well under pressure.

Example: “I am used to working in high-pressure environments because I worked as a barista at a coffee shop where we were always busy. When things got hectic, I would stay calm and focused on my task at hand. For instance, if I was making a latte and someone ordered a cappuccino, I would put the latte aside and start making the cappuccino. This helped me keep up with all the orders while also ensuring quality.”

Do you have experience working with inventory management software?

Walgreens uses an inventory management software system, and the interviewer may ask this question to see if you have experience with similar systems. If you do not have experience working with inventory management software, consider describing your ability to learn new technology quickly.

Example: “I’ve never worked in a pharmacy before, but I am familiar with several inventory management software programs. In my previous job as a retail associate at a department store, we used a program called Retail Edge that helped us track our sales and monitor our inventory levels. I learned how to use this program quite easily, and I think I could apply those same skills to Walgreens’ inventory management software.”

When would you notify a physician about a patient’s medication reaction?

Walgreens wants to ensure that you know when it’s appropriate to contact a physician about a patient’s medication reaction. This is an important part of the job, and Walgreens wants to make sure you have the knowledge necessary to do so effectively.

Example: “If I noticed any changes in a patient’s behavior or appearance while they were taking their medications, I would immediately notify the physician who prescribed the medication. If there was no change in behavior or appearance but the patient reported feeling ill after taking their medication, I would also notify the physician. In both cases, I would provide as much information as possible about the patient’s current condition and what happened during their last visit.”

We want to improve our customer service scores. What ideas do you have to help us reach our goals?

Walgreens wants to make sure their customers have a positive experience when they visit the pharmacy. They want to know that you can help them improve customer service scores and provide an excellent experience for all of their patients.

Example: “I think one way we could improve our customer service scores is by making sure every patient has someone available to assist them at all times. I also think it’s important to be friendly and helpful, even if there are long lines or other challenges. If we’re kind and compassionate, it will show in our interactions with patients.”

Describe your experience with working with insurance companies.

Walgreens is a pharmacy that offers insurance services, so your interviewer may ask you this question to learn about your experience with working with insurance companies. Use your answer to highlight any specific skills or experiences you have with working with insurance companies and how they helped you in the past.

Example: “I’ve worked with several different insurance companies throughout my career as a pharmacist’s assistant. I’m used to navigating through the various systems of each company and know what information I need to gather from patients before submitting claims. In my last position, I was responsible for filing all of our insurance claims electronically, which saved us time and money.”

What makes you the best candidate for this position?

Employers ask this question to learn more about your qualifications and how you can contribute to their team. Before your interview, make a list of all the skills and experiences that make you an ideal candidate for this role. Focus on highlighting your soft skills such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving abilities.

Example: “I am passionate about helping others, which is why I became a pharmacy technician in the first place. Throughout my career, I have developed strong customer service skills that allow me to provide excellent care to patients. In addition to my passion for helping people, I also have extensive knowledge of Walgreens products and services. This makes it easy for me to answer questions from customers and help them find what they need.”

Which pharmacy software programs have you used in the past?

Walgreens uses a proprietary software program called RxWorks, which is the primary system technicians use to fill prescriptions. The interviewer may ask this question to make sure you have experience using their company’s specific software and that you can adapt quickly if needed. In your answer, let them know what systems you’ve used in the past and how comfortable you are with learning new ones.

Example: “I’ve worked with several different pharmacy software programs in my previous positions, including Medi-Touch, PCS and ePharmacy. I’m very comfortable working with new systems as long as they’re user-friendly and efficient. I enjoy learning new things, so adapting to new software would be easy for me.”

What do you think is the most important aspect of being a pharmacy technician?

This question is an opportunity to show your interviewer that you understand the responsibilities of a pharmacy technician and how they can benefit patients. When answering this question, it can be helpful to focus on skills or qualities that are important for any healthcare professional, such as customer service, communication and organization.

Example: “I think the most important aspect of being a pharmacy technician is providing excellent customer service. As a patient, I would want to feel like my technician was friendly and knowledgeable about the medications I needed. In my experience, I have found that technicians who take pride in their work provide better care than those who don’t. I am committed to always doing my best at work so that I can help patients get the treatment they need.”

How often do you update your knowledge of medications and treatments?

Walgreens is a pharmacy that offers many different types of medications and treatments. The interviewer wants to make sure you are committed to learning about the latest developments in the industry so you can provide excellent customer service. Show them your dedication by mentioning how often you read medical journals or attend conferences.

Example: “I am always looking for ways to improve my knowledge of medications and treatments. I subscribe to several medical journals, which I read every week. I also regularly attend seminars on new medication releases and treatment methods. This helps me stay up-to-date with the latest information and ensures I can answer any questions customers may have.”

There is a recall on a medication that many of your customers regularly purchase. What is your process for informing them of the recall?

Walgreens is committed to providing safe and effective medications for their customers. This question helps the interviewer determine how you would handle a situation that could impact your customer’s health. In your answer, demonstrate your ability to prioritize safety while also being empathetic to your customers’ needs.

Example: “If I were to encounter this situation, I would first inform my manager of the recall so they can inform the pharmacy team. Then, I would call each customer who regularly purchases the recalled medication to let them know about the recall. I would offer an alternative medication if possible or refer them to another Walgreens location where they may be able to purchase it.”


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